Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eden's Release Party.

Hello darlings, You're invited to Eden Magazine's (by sf.magazine and I) first issue: September/October's release party! It would mean so much for us if you come and invite some of your friends, we worked so hard on this issue and we would like to hear your thoughts and opinions about the issue to progress and be better in the future! Here's the official invitation:

It's at 7:00 p.m. GMT ,8:00p.m. GMT summertime(which means GMT+1 as in GB now)14:00p.m US central time tomorrow! I can't wait yay! For more time information visit I hope you guys can come! xx


p.s 1 I'm not saying Eden is going to be great,but i admit being very proud about making it with Rita^^

p.s 2 welcome back Marie,and congrats for being stardoll's Harper's Bazaar Covergirl!

P.s 3 do you guys like the new theme on stardoll? Everything is sparkling ,diamonds, sapphires pearls and gems everywhere from the clothing line to the jewellery(with HUGE gems) and even furnitures! Me likey especially the two Christian Dior dresses! What About You?


Funk said...

Excpect me there!
I love the new team, after all diamonds are a girls best friend, after chocolate ofcourse :D
And the Dior dresses are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

i'll defiantly be at the realease party, i love seeing new magazines and i will invite lots of my friends also. and i would also like to say that i really like the new theme and i love the dior dresses!!

Anonymous said...

How do you get such clear graphics? My blog doesn't even start with yours! :)

Heidi-di said...

thank you guys
see u there^^