Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shutting Down!

Hey everyone. The only real reason why I stayed at this blog was for Heidi but she rarely logs on anymore and the blog is beginning to bore me so, Michelle and I have decided to open a new blog for all you readers called: The blog hasn't started yet but I hope you can follow it now so when it starts we'll have your support. The blog will be nothing like you've seen before. It will be very active and fun to read. We have so many great ideas for posts and lots of great ideas for the blog altogether. A few things coming your way: New posts, Monthly guest writers, New layouts/banners, Weekly-Monthly competitions (BIG comps), More parties, Better graphics and so much more! We really can't wait to start. Don't be upset for us not writing here on this blog because the new blog will be so more improved, I promise! There will even be new ways for you all to get featured! I can't give too much anyway, but great things will be happening. LOVE YOU ALL! oxoxoox.