Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Party Party Party TODAY!

Hey everyone. As you know, this blog is currently shutdown but that doesn't mean we can't inform our brilliant readers about the latest parties, right? Well, this party is summer themed so get your bathing suits, flipflops or whatever on and come on down for a great time. Date: Weds. 8th July (Today) Time: 18:00 GMT (6pm GMT) Where: Babii-Mariex guestbook Theme: Summer! Dress in your fave summer looks! Why: To have a good time ! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shutting Down!

Hey everyone. The only real reason why I stayed at this blog was for Heidi but she rarely logs on anymore and the blog is beginning to bore me so, Michelle and I have decided to open a new blog for all you readers called: The blog hasn't started yet but I hope you can follow it now so when it starts we'll have your support. The blog will be nothing like you've seen before. It will be very active and fun to read. We have so many great ideas for posts and lots of great ideas for the blog altogether. A few things coming your way: New posts, Monthly guest writers, New layouts/banners, Weekly-Monthly competitions (BIG comps), More parties, Better graphics and so much more! We really can't wait to start. Don't be upset for us not writing here on this blog because the new blog will be so more improved, I promise! There will even be new ways for you all to get featured! I can't give too much anyway, but great things will be happening. LOVE YOU ALL! oxoxoox.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Accesories!

Florals You've seen it in Chanel, you've seen it on the high street. Now, its time to go floral! Mix&Match floral accesories with polkadots for a sweet outfit! Glam Metalics We've seen many precious metals in Prada collections, now you can try these precious metals: gold, silver and bronze! It's all about the accesories, a great colour to match it with is black. You'll look like a superstar! Bubble gum pop Gucci and Marc Jacobs have went big&bold with accesories now its your time to touch the rainbow! Go for a block solour and then mix and match, there's no boundries! Sophiscated Luella is all about pearls, lace and fascinators now, you can give the look a go! Smokey eyes and messy hair will look great with this prim look! Vintage Grannys jewellery box isn't a choice! Get these vintage charms and you'll look stunning! Make sure your outift has a vintage feel, go for ruffled blouses, gold colours and faded checks. Wild and Western Do a Louis Vuitton and pile on the tassels, layer the beading and add a couple of feathers! Think Native American, the more beads the better! [PS. New layout, banners, posts, guest writers, features and more coming later this week]

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Right round, Right round!

BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION! - New Layout - New Look - New Features - New Competitions - New Surprises - New Writers and much more! Be prepared, we're spinning this blog right round!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PHILOSOPHY di Alberta Ferretti

It's been realeased so suddenly, I wasn't expecting it so soon but Im not complaining! The clothes are of good quality and they have chosen some great pieces from the collection! I love the Belted bead dress and the Jewel waist dress but there are alot of great pieces. I prefer this collection from the first, it's more me, i guess you could say. What do you think? [Below is only a few pieces from the collection]
Tell us your opinions in a comment!

Cause I'm TNT

The first Polyvore/Polywhore set I ever saved. Cause I'm TNT! Including my latest craze, Lanvin, that awsome Balenciaga futuristic jacket, many more, and... A Balmain. A apperenetly I'm not 100% sick of it yet. Enjoy! xoxo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do it yourself - Best Dressed!

Heyy everyone! It's Marie and my beautiful helper today, Amelia. Tell us a bit about yourself before we start, A! Well, to start off with, I'm amelia321, you may know me off stardoll or something :). Well today I'm going to guest post about some of the wonderful outfits made from the items in DIY boutique.
Tatcinderella A: I think I may be in love with this dress and I want to copy what she did so badly but I'm too nice ;) well Tatcinderella always creates the most beautiful outfits and I love all the detailing on this one and the shape of the dress too! Everything goes Perfectly. M: So many people have made dresses with these colours but this is by far one of my favourites. I love the bit which gets longer than the other parts, the 'fish tail' i like to call it, ha. It gives it a high fashion look, a look different from the rest. I also love the added detailing (buttons, belts, gloves, clutch) which adds to the look and makes it stand out. Marie loves it! Emma63443 A: Emma used similar colours to Tatcinderella but did a completely different outfit, I love the dress itself but what makes it stand out from all the others is the wonderful and creative detail on the sleeve. I also love the accesories that she used with her outfit! M: Emma's outfit would have been very plain and boring if she hadn't added in her own touch, which she did brilliantly. I agree with Amelia, I love the added detail on the sleeve and I also like the way she added tights to the dress which not many people have done, it looks great. Overall, a very nice outfit.
Tyrall A: Claire's look is wonderful! I love it so much! Claire stands out a lot and this outfit is a risk taker and she pulled it off! Everything about this outfit is great! the ruffles on the skirt, the top and the bottom (I am in love with the shoes and ankle braclets). Even though I think that the silver clutch shouldn't of been there but overall the outfit is wonderful! M: I just love Claire's look! It's so unlike the others.. she stands out, makes a mark, Dares to be different.. you get the point. I love the orange and the black together, mix perfectly. The silver is a bit out there, but Claire pulls it off. The see-through blouse could be a no-no with certain people, but not with Claire. Edgy and fun outfit, marie loves it! Deima21 A: I love her medoll! Although I thought it was a bit plain the detail is magnificent if you look closer! I love how a simple dress can be made into such a wonderful design when you add some bits and pieces to it. Also I love the shoes and how she used the ankle band thing aswell, in my opinion, not many people can pull it off but she did it perfectly! M: [I love her medoll!] This outfit looks simple at first, but when you look at the detail such as in the black dress sleeve (she uses the black patch and a safety pin to make it look like it was pinned on) you realize that it is better than you first thought. I love all the safety pins.. the more the merrier i think, haha! Great job!Untitled_Me A: this outfit is so adorable. I love it. Simple but cute! The colour orange is so in this Spring and she used it better than anyone I know on stardoll! I love the ruffles on the side of the dress but I also love the gladiator sandals and gold necklace with it! Overall this is a cute little dress which could be worn anywhere! She totally pulled it off! :) M: Such a cute outfit! I love the color orange and this outfit makes me love it even more. The ruffles are hot this season and the gladiater sandles are a classic spring/summer look. A perfect dress for this season! Marie loves it <3.
74Modell A: this outfit is perfect for the summer! I love her dress! I love the tights, I think they really go with the whole outfit! Although, I don't think the white gloves should have been there though. But overall, the outfit is a lovely, colourful outfit. I love it! <3> M: Ahh, this outfit adds a splash of sunshine and color to this best dressed list. She is the first person I have seen who used all 4 colored dresses for one outfit, I love it! Great job. Marie loves it!
Have you got an outfit you think deserves to be in the list? Tell us and we might add you in! Which was your favourite? What do you think of the DIY boutique? Anything else? Tell us in a comment! REMEMBER: Check out Amelia's amazing new fashion blog by clicking here.

DIY boutique

Hey stranger! If you haven't noticed, there is a new store in the starplaza which I personally am in love with. It's called DIY boutique, even the name is intriging. Firstly, the clothing you can buy here are totally gorgeous and perfect for the creative members amoung us! Secondly, it's all so cheap yet it looks great. I think it's fantastic. Like come on, it's not often stardoll gives us something like this without charging us lots of stardollars, right? There's not alot in the store, but i'm happy with what we have. I have seen some great outfits using this store but my favourites have to be Laura's (Tatcinderella) and Emma's (emma63443) beautiful dresses! Ahh, aren't they beautiful! PS. Whats taking Philosophy so long? O_o What do you think of the new store? Have you bought or made any pieces from the items? Anything else? Tell us in a comment.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Trendwatch - Afro hairstyle

Wow, I just realised that I havn't wrote a post in such a long time! I'm realy sorry, I hope it's okay.
It's always nice to see new unique trends on Stardoll. I visit many Stardoll suites daily, it's fun to see how people dress, and sometimes I even see trends when they begin, and to know who the real trendsetter is!
In the past 2-3 days, I noticed something that might become the next big trend. Be ready for a big suprise...

Afro hairstyle! Bluegreen86 (Mel) and R1ma (Rima) are both rocking their afro hairstyle! Mel wore it in a very 70's boogy way, while Rima made it look more ethnic. They both look very chic!

I also found out that Halle Berry sported an afro too:

Personally, I don't think it looked very good on Halle.

But what do you think?

Do you think it will become a big trend?

And who do you think wore it best?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fashion Weekly #2

* Hey everyone. I have decided to cancel stardoll/fashion weekly and create a proper magazine in a few months for the blog so, here is what I had so far. Its nothing great but I hope you like it. I apoligize for not completeing the covergirl interview and for the poor graphics. Also, i only picked my favourite parts of this weeks issue to post. I also had spring trends and bring in the boys articles but found that too many other magazines have articles alike them but, i hope you still enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the first issue. The beautiful, Emma is this week's covergirl.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stardoll Designing O:

Hello stranger [;
Yes, it has been a few days since we have posted but every blog has their slow days, yes? Anywho, I was realizing that the amount of stardoll fashion designers are increasing so I decided to create some of my own (terribly suckish, incredibly bad) designs. These are the first designs i've ever made. Try to look past the horrific design and look behind the design at the hard, dedicated work, muaha! Okay, they suck, no need to rub it in my face.. Practice makes perfect, right. Anywho, anyone who designs or wants to give designing ago, tell us in a comment and maybe even leave a link to one of your designs! PS. before anyone asks, I don't use photoshop, I use paint which is a free programme with most laptops/computers. ALSO: Stardoll Weekly is done and ready to be published, we're just finishing the interview with our covergirl and we have some surprises for you all which we will be posting sometime this week including a big raffle! Comment with ideas for prizes (think BIG BIG BIG.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring - What to wear!

Spring is here, the sun is out and Summer is almost ready to take over. What to wear ? Here's just a few things which will make you shine this Spring.
The whole masculine look is still in for us ladies. For spring and summer, some masculine patterns on a pair of shorts will do the job! Try not to wear things too tight as it will ruin the look. Michelle's current look is a great example of this masculine look.
Cosmetic colours
Pretty peachy or blush colours look great this season especially on adorable dresses! Keep it simple and you'll look great!
Retro ruffles
The best way to burst into Spring! Look great, feel great, dress great.. Retro ruffles are everything a girl needs this Spring! Sorry for the bad example for the stardoll dress, I couldn't find anything better as I didn't have alot of time, but you get the idea.
Jumpsuits are still big this season with celebs, designers and style icons wearing them everyday! Bag a nice jumpsuit and accesorize to a minimum.
90s neons
Neons are a big hit this Spring. When using neon shades use only one piece of a neon colour or it will look too clashy and people will need sunglasses to take a glance at you, ha!
Large necklaces
Some people think this craze isn't something to worry about but a large necklace can complete any simple outfit and make a 'not' outfit a 'hot' outfit!
Blazers can perfect most outfits and look great on anyone! They are easy to use and are easy to match an outfit with. Give one a try (and there are lots on stardoll to choose from!)
Mix and matching patterns
Mixing patterns may sound like a big clashy, horrible risk but fear no longer, you can look great, just take a risk, whats the worse that can happen? (apart from looking a disaster) A great combo for this summer is mixing stripes and dots but try whatever you feel!
Animal prints
Meooow! Throw a fierce animal print on and look fab. Easy to find, easy to wear but don't over accesorize!
Big scarfs
Even though it's sunny, you always look great with a scarf around your neck no matter what the weather! Last year it was long, thin scarves, this year something a little bolder! You can make the perfect big scarf on star design! Florals Spring is always known for the beautiful flowers so make sure to get yourself a beautiful floral dress for this Spring. It is even told to make you feel better, ha!