Saturday, May 29, 2010

1..2..3...TADA!! Here it comes!

Hey there! after a bunch of busy weeks, where i couldn't do much, I decided to open the blog without the usual ceremony, and start blogging naturally! So to make it up to you, I decided to do two competitions with a reward of 50sd each! So the first, you see the inspiration of the day! you have to make an outfit (in your album, so you can use items more than once) that looks exactly as that one, or inspired from it! You printscreen it, put it on and post the link here in the comments with your username. The second, is creating a scenery where you express yourself freely, you printscreen it, put it in and post the link in a comment with a user name or if you want create it in the club SD_ Trendsetters More posts are coming later!!and don't forget to join the club and to follow the blog, only one minute to do that and a lot of joy for us ;) Another competition coming soon for the commenters! xx Heidi

Friday, May 28, 2010

Phenomenon Lolita

It's not an outrageous trend invading Stardoll neither some a new technique making have all the desired rares. But she's worth that and more.
If you didn't guess already we're talking about Lolita, known on stardoll Miss_LolitaF. The last months, everyone was speaking about that girl who made herself a way to sd's royalty.
Today, she owns one of Stardoll's most popular projects, the most entertaining, and the most creative one: Big Brother Stardoll , a fresh concept and a very tough competition.
But who is Lolita? That's a question that was trotting in my head!
Lately, she invited me to her new club that was surprisingly...about her!! With a presentation revealing her parcours , her drops and her way to success in a very autobiographic style.
But yet we learned about Miss_LolitaF but not "Lolita" . And That's why I suggested her to answer some questions and a chinese portrait, and here's what she answered !
-What are the words that describes you the most?
= Creative fashionable and unique.
-What are you doing in your real life and what are your hobbies?
=I am studying, I finihsed my last year at high school, I like playing guitar, and going out with my friendsfor ice skating.
-Who's your idol,role model or adored fashion designer ?
=My idol has always been my sister, even if we don't always get along with each other, she is unique for me. My role model, I would say lady GaGa, with her the time when people only liked models is gone, everyone is pretty, only the inside matters. McQueen!
To the chinese portrait( idk if you call this way, but that's the name I know!
If she was a feeling she would be Crazyness.
If she was a place she would be Australia.
If she was a season she would be Summer.
If she was a song she would be DHT- listen toy your heart.
If she was a motto she would be live your life as it comes, you will have that chance once in a lifetime.
So I hope that this post helped you to know more about Lolita!
Don't miss the BBS party tonight, especially with the new thin gs that troubled the competition and the new concepts Lolita spoke about on her last post!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's day at Stardoll!

Openning my doll mail box and hop! another stardoll ad!
It's about about Mother's day! (OMG I totally forgot 'bout it), Stardoll is giving a gift a rose and a card that we can find in our suites and claims that more is coming! Sorry that the picture is in french, it's what they sent me :p
So Happy Mother's day to all my mom, yours and all the mothers in the world, even if sometimes we disagree, argue and fight on some things, we love you!
Did you do anything special for your mom today to celebrate it, if so tell us in a comment, and if you celebrate the mother's day another day than the last Sunday of May, tell us also!