Saturday, September 27, 2008

One In A Million.

Dont Cha Wish You Had Style Like That ? To Be Able To Put Simple Outfits Together + Make It Look Unbelievably Gorgeous. Jenai (goodgal7) Is A Really Kind, Down To Earth Girl With Fashion Sense Like A Superstar! Her Personality Is So Lovable And She's Such A Great Friend To Everyone. Not Only This But Her Suite Is Oh So Fabulous, The Type Of Suite That You Look At And Go.. Wow I Wish My Suite Was Like That! Her Outfits Are Always So Youthful, Exciting+ Trendy And Always Make Me Want To Come Back To Her Suite To See What She Comes Up With Next. Jenai's Medoll Always Looks Stunning And Shows Her Originality And Creativity. Jenai Also Co-Owned Liquid-x, Which Is One Of The Most Popular Nightclubs On Stardoll With Hazy_Cloud121. This Girl Is Defiantly One In A Million And Stardoll Wouldn't Be The Same Without Great Girls Like Her.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Get the looks and Updates.

Hello darlings!

I have another get the looks on the way but before that, did you see the outfits that will come in VT's next collection? Those that were most voted by all the stardollians, I personally voted for one or two, my favourites were the dresses n°15 and n°22!

Which ones are your favourites and are you satisfied by the results of the vote? Also do you like the winning dress n°38 in black? Personally I like it, but it has an air of deja vu!and a little too ordinary, not a dress that stand out in the crowd!

And in the category of the news, today the stardollar purchases value was doubled, whatever is the amount of stardollars you buy.. you got it doubled! Plus a cute free dress tempting ehh?

Now to our looks!

For this make up session, I created two looks inspired by the deep ocean's contrasts and colors, that vary between mysterious darkness and shining beauty!

The first symbolizes the treasures of the ocean with gold and precious pearls, and the calm blue azure water, that sparkles when the sun rays are reflected on it. Let's move to the steps!

1) Trace the contour of eye with the white eyepencil and over it the Kat Von D silver eyeliner .

2) Display both mascaras and some Eyebrow pencil Khaki on the eyebrows to soften the look!

3) Spread the Jumbo eyepencil blue on the outside area of the eyelid, then the Jumbo eyepencil Flesh and over it the Kat Von D Cornsilk eyeshadow on the inside are of the eye to have a glowing golden effect.

4) Acessories are playing a major role in this look, it makes it shine and scintillate and also add some glamour and wit on it, the choosen accessories are from CC chanel released jewellery collection at Splendid for 5 sd or less plus of course the must have headband,that go with all the looks and that you can purchase for only 3sd.

The second look is inspired from the ocean's anger and darkness, when the waves revolt and the thunder rumbles. I have used dark colors represented by royal indigo and a grey-ish blue mixed with a tiny flash of light that consists in the touch of white.

1) Display the white eyepencil, and tons of mascara!

2) Spread the Kat Von D Rad purple eyeshadow, using many layers on the outside zone of the eyelid and the Jumbo eyeshadow blue using only one layer! And Voila..rumble and snarl only by small look at your opponent! I hope it's not me haha!

hat is all for now! And oh god today is my first day of school, and Monday i have the end of Ramadan holidays!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Hotbuys!

Yes, it's that time again.. the time the new hotbuys are realeased! The time where we all quickly go to the Fashion section of the magazine and search until we find and view these new upcoming hotbuys. And this month I must say that stardoll have done us proud! I absolutely love them.

From the Oh so chic black bow to the Fendi purse, it all looks so stylish and exciting. Stardoll has defiantly upped their game this month and we are all falling for the fashion! Personally, i think this may just be the best hotbuys we have had in a long time and i bet most of you agree. My favourite items are the Fendi purse and the Skirt. What's yours ? Tell us in a comment. :) Oh stardoll, you've put a smile on all of our faces haha.

-- Marie xox

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live Chat With Fanny Pak.

Stardoll has booked us another Live Chat (:
Who with this time?
It's with Fanny Pak.
America's Best Dance Group!
Personally, I just love them.
I love dancing and they're such an inspiration.
Haven't heard of them before ?
Want to see them dance ?
Click here to watch just one of their dancing videos.
Or here to visit youtube and search Fanny Pak for most of their dancing videos.
What do you think of them ?
Are you going to ask them questions ?
Tell Us In A Comment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DKNY VS Vivienne Tam

Hey everyone. Today my good friend Roisin asked me which i prefered.. DKNY or Vivienne Tam. I didn't know what to say as i absolutely adore DKNY as it's so unique and gives us something new each time but Vivienne Tam is so fresh and so loveable. Then it hit me.. Idea! I would add a new section to the blog which is.. Public Vote. This is where i create a subject and ask around 10-20 people which they prefer and the results will be posted here. The very first section is... DKNY VS Vivienne Tam and here is what my lucky chosen ones said..
Fayasi - Vivienne Tam. It's fresher, more flowery.. My style totally.
hrvatica_97 - I prefer Vivienne Tam. It's much more colorful, unique && Haute Couture.
hottie-roshe - Wata toughie. Probably Dkny, it has much rarer clothing items and is more city like and i'm a city gal!
Nyangel - I like DKNY because it looks better and it has bags dresses, shirts, and shoes too!! [:
Serena.London - Vivienne Tam because I love all the clothes.

Model-Selena - Honestly, I would rather wear Donna Karan's brand, DKNY, than Vivienne Tam. This doesn't mean that I hate the Vivienne Tam collection. I like it too, but I just prefer DKNY. The reason I prefer DKNY is that, the collection is very original each season, and there is a lot of variety. The pieces Donna Karan designs for the brand are very chic, interesting, and of course fashion-forward. I'd also like to add that I am anxious to see the DKNY Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2008 collection, here on Stardoll.
FASHION-IS-LOV3 - Most defiantly DKNY. How can you question Donna's work. She has so much more unique and runway looks than Vivienne Tam also Donna Karen is far more well known. On the other hand Vivienne Tam is a nice brand and has brilliant designs but compared to DKNY it's material.
Fakeshake3 - Vivienne Tam, there is more of a range, it seems she has a more clear image in her head. DKNY just seems to be a little all over the place. And they create clothes just because they are what other designers are doing. However I hated those Vivienne Tam boots from fall 08!!
Paris.Freche - yeeouch thats a hard one. if i really really had to pick one it would be dkny. why? because just look at the past collections.. magnificent! even tho' the last collection was a kind of mess because of vivienne tam taking over it is still my fav because it's the best at heart! if that makes sense ? lol!
HulaBaby - I prefer Vivienne Tam as its very creative and chic!
Kiwigoesbananas - Mmm hard...i like the DKNY old collections more then the new onesvivienne tam looks amazing...i guess im going for vivienne tam, love the colours, and its sooo inspiring&unique in every way :]

To_Royal - Vivienne Tam. The reason is because i LOVE the colors, patterns and the shape. AND because it has an asian vibe to it and I love asian things :) DKNY is really good and all but not really my style at times
Out of the 12 i asked..
6/12 voted DKNY <
6/12 voted Vivienne Tam >
So i got one person to chose the winner...
xxdrivebylove - I prefer DKNY because the clothing is more subtle and classic. Vivenne Tam is creative, yes, but I like to stick to the old styles.
So, DKNY is our winner this time! Which do you prefer..? Tell us in a comment.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

October Is Done!

Yes, another issue and another success!
Steelone, the talented artist and magazine editor has created the IT issue, youthful, deep and delightful for a month that promises rain, clouds, trench coats and umbrellas! With a very innovative section which is the photoshoot as we all love graphics and some don't have time or patience to read the articles, Sara proposed a set of astonishing pictures starring Dina (verojun) in glamorous haute couture ensembles and with some stunning graphics!
The Cover Girl of this issue is Amelie(Delacroix) who starred in a very Parisian photo shoot on the side of Parisian iconic monuments, in gorgeous dresses accessories and poses accompanied of a very interesting interview.
I wished this issue had more articles because it is kind of short and i want to read and see more... more...and more!
Well, you can find it at
Don't forget to comment on the website and to join the club Done.magazine, knowing that readers support is important for every editor!
And I can't miss pointing out Sara's outfit, that is truly wonderful and marvelously creative!When i first saw it, i asked my the hell did she make it? Isn't it pure Art!

Really well done, it just cheers my day to see such great magazines blowing on stardoll!



P.S Do you know guys where did Dreamma,the person of the month of our club go? I tried to go to her page, but didn't find it!

UPDATE BY MARIE: Dreamma now has a new account named DiamonD-Diiva :)

My Dearest Beth.

The hardest part in any friendship
is when it is time to say goodbye,
and even though i wish i could make you stay,
i know i gotta let you spread your wings and fly.
For life is a journey that needs to be travelled,
and im certain you'd make it through!
I just want you to know and never forget,
that i will ever so much miss you.
So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes come true,
for i know someday you may come back,
and i will never ever forget you.
-- Dedicated To My Dear Friend Beth Who Is Leaving Stardoll.
You have been a great friend, and i'll never forget you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Queen Of Fashion.

Just Look At That Outfit, Look At That Medoll... Isn't It Just So Perfect, So Unique, So Chic? Who Is She ? This is the stylish, one in a million.. Deirdra (Dei) also known as To_Royal. You Most Probably Have Heard Of Her Before Because Of Her Amazing Outfits, Her Suite Fit For A Queen, Her Great Writing Skills In The Glossed Blog and her loveable, funny and interesting personality. Dei Is A Natural Fashionista, Where Her Layering And Accesorizing Skills Come Naturally. You Never Find Dei In Boring Outfits.. They're Always Exciting And Daring And I Just Adore Her Style, So Inspiring! She Deserves To Be Featured Here As She Is One Definate Trendsetter And Simply A Great Person. Dei, Your Our Queen Of Fashion.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celebrations + Competitions!

Heidi and I have been celebrating as we have recently published over 100 posts on the blog and over 300 members in the blog club. Anyway, to celebrate we have a competition for you all. The competition is held in the blog's official club (SD-Trendsetters).
Click here to go to the club's page and enter.
The prize is to write for our blog for up to 1-3 weeks and you never know, if you do a good job you might just get a job here!! You also get 3 superstar gifts of your choice as a bonus, so it's defiantly worth signing up for.
That's all for now,
More posts coming later today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get The looks: Go Green.

Hey Gorgeous! It's Heidi again. Want your looks, eh? You gonna get them darling! This 'get the looks" was inspired by the go green and organic craze going on stardoll right now!The first was inspired by the earth, the second ocean with a little bonus which a third flora inspired look :) Well, lets begin.. The First Look: Earth This look was inspired by our Planet earth colors, blue and green which are the colors of life! 1)Display Metallic Green Eyeliner and over the dark green eyepencil, without covering the inside corner of the eye! 2) On the empty corner, trace the contour with white eye pencil and diplay two layers of mascara to have to strong sight. 3) On the inside area, display the Jumbo eyepencil blueand on the outside the light green eyeshadow (both many times to have a clear colour) 4) To accessorize continue in the go green and use the planet Earth earring.

The Second Look: The Ocean

This look was inspired by the oceans contrasted colors and symbols, once calm and peaceful and the other violent, wild and dangerous.

1) Display the Metallic green eyeliner and teal blue eye pencil,on all the eye except the inside corner.

2) Trace the contour with the white eye pencil on the empty inside corner and black mascara on the whole eye!

3) Spread the Jumbo eyepencil Blue on the inside half of the eyelid; and Kat Von D Leather brown eyeshadow on the outside area many time till you have the desired tone.

4) To add a youthful and graceful touch to the look accessorize it with the light grey headband.

The Third Look: Wild exotic Flora

This look as you can guess is inspired from exotic flowers that we can find in the Amazon and scintillates of cheerful colors and gives a warm sensation and also that could imagined on the mythological Amazones.

1) Display the white eyepencil on the extreme inside corner of the eye, then Metallic blue mascara and the Blue eyepencil on the contour of the eye without touching the white area.

2) Use both mascara, Black and Volume black to thick your lashes and trace the lips with the Maniac Lipstick 13.

3) On the outside area of the eyelid spread many layers of the Jumbo eyepencil flesh, then on the opposite side display two times the Jumbo eyepencil purple.

4) Since it's exotic, wild and especially inspired from Flora.. Accessorize this look with the leafs headband and for some glamour use the gold headband and flower pearl earrings.

That was all for today!

Go Green And Look wonderful !



Organic Panic!!

Hello Darlings
After the materialistic last themes,filled with gold,pearls,diamonds,gems,luxury haute couture collections including Chanel and Dior,Stardoll decided that it was time to care about earth and to go completely green with a new theme called "Organic Panic" with a new minishop items,a new released clothes including items from Missoni and Dries Van Noten's collections.
I'm very pleased by this theme as an earth lover(not that much but yeah..) and the clothing is very well made apart from the total green old reintroduced items!and the furnitures are gorgeous,i love the new interior!!
And while surfing in the website of Burberry,(the blouse i bought yesterday),i found that Stardoll was inspired by Burberry's trenchcoat to create the Nathalie one found at Stardoll(the boutique),i'm not sure it is the same,but it's very similar!And Oh gosh i love both versions!!

And since,i'm in a very good mood today,i decided to make a research and show you,Dries Van Noten Real creation revealed in his Ready to wear Fall 2008 collection in Paris,and Missoni's one belonging aswell to RTWF2008 but this time revealed in Milan.

Dries Van Noten RTWF2008

Missoni RTWF2008

You can see both complete collections on those links:

Dries Van Noten-->


And be expecting a Total go green and earth lovers looks for "get the looks "later,with all this environmental craze,i can only say Alleluia!!



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vivienne Tam Competition.

Simply the easiest competition in stardoll history! In this new Vivienne Tam competition all you have to do is vote for your favourite design and voila! Your entered into the competition. It's totally worth voting as if you win, you get a Vivienne Tam dress before anyone else.. You know how jealous your friends will be haha! Anyway, it is defiantly worth it and you should go right now and vote!
Click here to vote
Remember you can only vote once a day.

(Above) Some choices to chose from.

What do you think of this competition?

What one did you vote for?

Did you enter?

Tell Us In A Comment.


Over && Out.

Stardoll Updates.

Hey everyone! It's Marie.
Okay, so there's a few things to tell you about the blog and stardoll.
Firstly, Just incase you didn't know already, you can get a free dress in the stardoll cinema by watching the trailer for the new movie (coming this fall) called Igor.
This is what the dress looks like:
What do you think of it?
I think it's nice enough.
I don't know what to think of it but it will be great for stardoll fancy dress parties.
It reminds me of the days when i was only a toddler, I dressed up in my mom's clothes and put lots of different pieces together.. it looked terrible but it was lots of fun. Then i would run around the house like a mad man and pretend i was tarzan haha! Aww good times. Anyway.. tell us what you think of it in a comment.
Second of all stardoll must be desperate for stardollars! WHY? Gosh, look at the amount of Voile Dresses they have been giving to non-superstars in the past month-2 months and guess what? They have even started giving them to superstars to. This is what i got in my mailbox today...

I love when stardoll gives you something in return as I top-up on my stardollars quite often and getting a free dress along with it does not bother me haha! Anyway it is totally worth buying stardolls as when this offer is over this dress will be uber rare and you'll probably get $60 for it.

Finally, there is a new tab in the stardoll mailing section. It is Updates (as seen below.)

When i seen this i got curious and decided to click on it thinking i would get lots of updates about the stardoll world but..

Nothing was there.. empty. I wonder what is it. Anyone know? Any ideas? Make sure to tell us.. we're dying to know haha.

Anyway that's pretty much it for now. Just some updates to keep you all tuned in with the stardoll world.

Also, i have a great idea for the blog where you can all get involved but i have to discuss it with Heidi first.

Over && Out..

Marie Ox

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chanel Best Dressed

Hello fashionistas and Chanel admirers!
In a previous post dedicated to the Chanel Invasion i promised you a best dressed list and here it is! For this list I didn't pick people who are randomly wearing Chanel because if so you'll find in it half the stardollians or more. Also, almost all the outfits are monochromatic and starring black and gold!
The chosen ones have showed their creativity and their own style and have added the Chanel items to their own style.
Well let's start darlings...
Keziyah proposed a very romantic and innovative outfit combining delicacy, Romanticism and a rock'n'roll touch provided by the boots, fishnet tights, her uber fierce look and perfect accessorizing. It's very Parisian and looks like it is coming out from a fashion show.
She never fails to impress and to make the "it outfit"! Congrats Kez! Coco would've been proud of you haha.
Noelle, the layering diva created a wonderful ensemble, layering dozens of pieces more than 26 to be exact in ferosh gold and black tones, Luxe and Glamour characterize the outfit and Noelle's got the perfect accessories combining it to the Chanel iconic pieces. She always sets the highest level and no one can compete with her wonderful fashion sence and creativity.
Noelle is truly talented and all her outfits are a master haute couture pieces.
Stardoll's one and only masculine fashion genius, Anthony created a very chic outfit combining sailor charm and Parisian chic in an outfit that i could easily imagine in a photo shoot taking place in bridge on La Seine in Paris.
Anthony definitely recreated the Chanel spirit!


Stardoll's haute couture mantra, Style created a truly stunning ensemble. Her flawless and floaty outfit is combining minimalism and glamour and covering it all of her personal touch timeless monochromatic colors layering skirts dresses and using smartly the Chanel hair accessory as a pin or a brush on the shoulder, conferring a Grecian touch.

I would imagine it in Elie Saab or Versace's resort or haute couture collections. But Style corrected me and said it's inspired from Marchesa's Fall 2007 collection!


Our sweet fashionista has done it again and got into our best dressed list! Her outfit is the incarnation of simple chicness dismissing the too much or the not enough and the accessories are perfection, love every part of it. Well done.


Sarah has really impressed me by her mysteriously chic creation. The hat confers so much delicacy, elegance and character to the outfit with couture forms mixed with chicness and creativity. Excellent.


--Beautyxx has created a very modern outfit. She has mixed the Chanel so Parisian style and transformed it to a new-yorker chic, very luxurious and minimalistic. I love the simplicity and Harmony that she gave to the outfit! Really well done.


Sweet Delicacy and cheerful silhouette are the secrets of crazi_babi* for a unique outfit combined with witt and poise all mixed with a flawless perfection! If you look closer, you'll find that the main pieces are not clothing items but accessories as the head band, earrings and shoes- that are certainly from Chanel the couture house and the doll and that are perfectly chosen!

Congrats to all the best dressed!

Sorry if you're not included, but choosing was difficult and so many had great outfits! Maybe next time!



Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heidi Klum/Jordache Best Dressed.

Hey everyone. I know you have been waiting for this best dressed list for a few days now and here it is.. Enjoy.
Gina looks great in her unique rock chick outfit. She uses each piece of clothing perfectly to create the dream outfit which deserves a place on the best dressed list. She mixes and matches her clothes and accesories very very well and overall looks fab! 10/10


Mary looks so chic in her stylish Heidi Klum/Jordache outfit. Mary uses her accesories brilliantly to add that special touch to her outfit. The thing i love about Mary is that you never know what she will come up with next.. this time she has come up with another fabulous outfit. And you gotta love them suspenders haha! 10/10


Miss Haute Couture 2008 in my eyes! Yna looks absolutely gorgeous in this outfit, which must have took a while to create. Her outfit is made up of layering a few tops and dresses aswel as adding some uber chic accesories. Yna always has something hot hot hot up her sleave and this outfit is a definate hot hot hot. 10/10


In my opinion this is one of the most brilliant outfits i have ever seen Yasmin in! Not only is she using her uber fresh layering talents but also her unique, funky style to add accesories. Yasmin looks gorgeous and defiantly deserves to be in the best dressed list! 10/10


Adrienn goes for the jaw-dropping office girl look this time and she's pulled it off. She looks brilliant and defiantly got a jaw-dropping outfit. I love it. It's not too plain and it's not too much.. perfecto! Enough said.. Fantastic! 10/10


Nora makes it look so easy with her oh so chic outfits. Nora's outfit looks great on her medoll and she goes for the city look (Which looks fab!). Her outfit makes it onto the best dressed list with a 9/10! Congrats.


Bethany and Ashwey (Joined owners of the account) have done a great job pulling together this outfit for their medoll. Their medoll looks so chic (as always) in this summery outfit and hits the big 10/10 in the best dressed list! Also, why not visit Couture.Models and become a model. It's a great agency.


Veronika did it again! Another fantastic outfit which we all love love love! This outfit is one of my favourties in this best dressed list, absolutely j'adore it. Veronika is always coming up with outfits which make me stop and stare and guess what? This is one of them. 10/10


Maria looks fantabulous (Fantastic and Fabulous in one word) in this outfit. It looks perfect for a party or a night out with friends and would defiantly get the boys looking and the girls jealous haha! Maria is a definate fashionista and i just adore her personality and style. She hits the big 10 in this list! 10/10

Congratulations to everyone who made the list! You all deserved it.

Which outfit was your favourite? Comment and let us know!

Didn't Make the List?

Do not fear, Heidi is currently creating a Chanel best dressed list so get that Chanel clothing (From Voile) on you and you could be featured next! And the best thing is.. The chanel clothing is for superstar and non-superstar so everyone has a chance getting featured!

That's all for now.