Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chanel Best Dressed

Hello fashionistas and Chanel admirers!
In a previous post dedicated to the Chanel Invasion i promised you a best dressed list and here it is! For this list I didn't pick people who are randomly wearing Chanel because if so you'll find in it half the stardollians or more. Also, almost all the outfits are monochromatic and starring black and gold!
The chosen ones have showed their creativity and their own style and have added the Chanel items to their own style.
Well let's start darlings...
Keziyah proposed a very romantic and innovative outfit combining delicacy, Romanticism and a rock'n'roll touch provided by the boots, fishnet tights, her uber fierce look and perfect accessorizing. It's very Parisian and looks like it is coming out from a fashion show.
She never fails to impress and to make the "it outfit"! Congrats Kez! Coco would've been proud of you haha.
Noelle, the layering diva created a wonderful ensemble, layering dozens of pieces more than 26 to be exact in ferosh gold and black tones, Luxe and Glamour characterize the outfit and Noelle's got the perfect accessories combining it to the Chanel iconic pieces. She always sets the highest level and no one can compete with her wonderful fashion sence and creativity.
Noelle is truly talented and all her outfits are a master haute couture pieces.
Stardoll's one and only masculine fashion genius, Anthony created a very chic outfit combining sailor charm and Parisian chic in an outfit that i could easily imagine in a photo shoot taking place in bridge on La Seine in Paris.
Anthony definitely recreated the Chanel spirit!


Stardoll's haute couture mantra, Style created a truly stunning ensemble. Her flawless and floaty outfit is combining minimalism and glamour and covering it all of her personal touch timeless monochromatic colors layering skirts dresses and using smartly the Chanel hair accessory as a pin or a brush on the shoulder, conferring a Grecian touch.

I would imagine it in Elie Saab or Versace's resort or haute couture collections. But Style corrected me and said it's inspired from Marchesa's Fall 2007 collection!


Our sweet fashionista has done it again and got into our best dressed list! Her outfit is the incarnation of simple chicness dismissing the too much or the not enough and the accessories are perfection, love every part of it. Well done.


Sarah has really impressed me by her mysteriously chic creation. The hat confers so much delicacy, elegance and character to the outfit with couture forms mixed with chicness and creativity. Excellent.


--Beautyxx has created a very modern outfit. She has mixed the Chanel so Parisian style and transformed it to a new-yorker chic, very luxurious and minimalistic. I love the simplicity and Harmony that she gave to the outfit! Really well done.


Sweet Delicacy and cheerful silhouette are the secrets of crazi_babi* for a unique outfit combined with witt and poise all mixed with a flawless perfection! If you look closer, you'll find that the main pieces are not clothing items but accessories as the head band, earrings and shoes- that are certainly from Chanel the couture house and the doll and that are perfectly chosen!

Congrats to all the best dressed!

Sorry if you're not included, but choosing was difficult and so many had great outfits! Maybe next time!




Undamyumbrellla said...

Wow, they all look so stunning! Especially Mehrisa, her outfit is incredible! I love it<3

Funk said...

Thanks for featuring me Heidi, your fabulous!
& thank you too undamyumbrella, I'm glad you like it! :) xo

Funk said...

& I love all the other outfits, especcialy Keziah's & Noelle's. xo

lil-bit-me said...

they all look gorgeosuss! love it

Regina said...

Stunning Darlings.

yasas10 said...

I love Mehrisa and Style's!

Paris.Freche said...

Beautiful outfits. your blog always has great best dressed! my blog will be doing alot of best dressed and you have shown a great example for me and many many others! well done.

paris x

Mimi_Mami said...

They all look amazingly pretty :)

Anonymous said...

you always put that writemarycat...

dont you think that even if you dont put her she wont be mad?

please, gimme a break!

her style is eww and her magazine: more eww!

so dont put her only to flatter her!

she is so discusting!

Heidi-di said...

Dear anonymous!
we don't put writemarycat because we want to flatter her but because:
1st-she have a great fashion sense and put out wonderful outfits
2nd-we adore her,she's one of the greatest fashionistas and friends!
3rd-her outfit was unique and youthfull!!
and her magazine is one of stardoll bestest magazines!

Serena. said...

They all look beautiful darling.

Also this is to ''Anonymous''

First of all... please give US a break. Your the one hiding behind the anonymous name. At least show us the real you.

Second of all... writemarycat is one of the most inspiring fashionista here on stardoll and her outfits look brilliant so why shouldnt she be in the best dressed AND also she has only been in this blog 3 times while others have been in it alot more.

Third of all... Eternity is one of the best magazines EVER created on stardoll and pretty much everyone agrees.



Anonymous said...

Please, gimme a break!

Yep you flatter her only to appear in her stupid magazine.
and believe me i know what bitches like her are.

they are looking for atention!
and poor heidi and marie, always trying to make Lady Mary Walkerson happy... oh how stupid you are!
mary is a liar and a total bitch. everyone can make a magazine like hers. she doesnt have anything special. but style does, so style is the best, eternity is the worst.

goodbye bitches!
you know you love me,


Anonymous said...


eternity copied style!

and said teenstyle is horrible but she appeared on the cover, didnt she?

so that is what i meant! writemarycat is a wanabe

elleo said...

Daaaaayum, I was hoping to be there. ;)
But oh well, everyone else looks 500 times better than me. Hahaah! :)

jadore_bianca said...

Are you blind? With the exception of Springate those are fashion disasters!!

Anonymous said...

Style Magazine looks pregnat.