Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Falling For Fashion!

When i logged on today i noticed that something was different about stardoll...and yes, Autumn Jewels theme has gone away and substituted by a new theme "Falling For Fashion" coming along with new minishop furnitures,a deadly gorgeous gift necklace and a new doll Decade,that is quite mysterious to me because decade means a period of time lasting 10 years! Is it what they mean by it or is there a famous person called Decade? When i googled it, i only found definition of the term! Do you have any idea what the doll symbolizes?
Anyway, the minishop furnitures are combining minimalism touches and glamour with pearls, bling bling and monochromatic colors. J'adore the bow that could be actually used in outfits but i don't see the utility of the silhouettes in different poses. I would have preferred a shadow for my medoll or such...I'm sure creative spirits will find how to use it!
Also, my favourite item in stardoll's clothes history was re-released, it's the white pretty skirt that completes perfectly every Gala or Couture outfits, giving volume and sophistication! It's only for 5sd and for all! Don't miss it or you'll regret it haha.
Do you like the new theme?
And also do you like the NYFW's reporter for stardoll "misha"? I personally love her style and her last post was brilliant!!!
That was all for now!
See you soon with a new post!!


cece said...

SAME HERE! Stardoll Magazine got fashionable yay yay!!

SF.magazine said...

that new reporter is really brilliant,and i love the new theme.

Fia_fantasy said...

I love the theme, but I don't really care about the NYFW much ... I think that the decade doll looks weird ....

polkaluff said...

Hmm .. I think I know the excat response for your question. Maybe it's called Decade cause there are ALL types of Fashion in 10 years look. There is old fashion and new fashion.
Polkaluff from :)

Nat (tiatulip 4 those SD ppl) said...
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Nat (tiatulip 4 those SD ppl) said...

Oh I love the new theme! Falling For Fashion is soooo cool! Btw, it's NOT FAIR that non-SS can't give cool gifts. All the superstars recieve from their non-SS frenz is the penguin!

Hottie-Roshe said...

i love the new theme. best one yet!