Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stardoll's Style Icon.

What do you see when you look at this picture?
You see a stunning dark brown haired girl with a ravishing natural and beautiful medoll with the most inspiring style.
Who is she? This is the Trendsetter... Writemarycat. Not only is Mary a well known fashionista with style to die for but she's also a loyal and kind friend to all.
She sounds great, right?
Well, that's not all! Mary is also the creator of Eternity Magazine which is simply one of the top magazines on stardoll. She has also been covergirl on other magazines, including Teen Style Magazine!
Now, she sounds brilliant! There couldn't be anything else she can do.
Well, yes there is! She also has her own blog Waiting For Eternity at the moment which is oh so fabulous.
One of my favourites.
Mary is most defiantly a trendsetter of stardoll. Her outfits always make me smile and say Wow! Her accesorizing and layering skills perfect her perfect look. As for her suite... words can not describe this place of paradise. It is the kind of suite that makes you want to keep coming back to see it, the kind of suite that you wish was yours.
Mary is one in a million and no one can replace this chic, daring fashionista.
I do not know what stardoll would do without her.
Over && Out.


Britney ox said...

mary is my idol!
she does such a great job with eternity mag and she looked fab on the cover of style mag. she is sooo nice and i defo a trendsetter! i agree with everything you said about her marie

Hottie-Roshe said...

She Looks Great As Usual. Mary Is One Of Stardoll's Most Treasured Members.

Anonymous said...

mary mary quite contary how does your fashion sence grow?

hehe. she looks great in the pic and everythin you said.. so true!

Paris.Freche said...

Finally, mary is featured.
I just love her style.
Defiantly a trendsetter, as you said.

Paris x

Ashwy said...

Mary is an amazing aspiring teen! She is polite, lovely and as you said, SO FASHIONABLE!

Mary is amazing! Full stop.

I am honored to be featured in her August issue of Eternity Magazine.

Love ya Mary!


writemarycat said...

Aw!So nice from your side!
P.S. Hello from internet cafe to everybody! :)

Heidi-di said...

Mary Mary Mary!!a style and fashion icon?yes but more!Mary is a real hero!with incredible achievements!and such a lovely personality!
we have no choice!we can only love you my darling!!