Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eternity Undercover - Sneekpeek!

Yes, SD-Trendsetters is bringing you the latest from Eternity Magazine! Everyday 2-4 days I will post an exclusive interview from different members of the Eternity Team who will reveal Eternity secrets, their opinions, spoilers and more! The first interview will be with the creater.. The one, the only Writemarycat!

At the end of the interviews we will let YOU ask them questions! If you wish to ask someone in the E-Team a question leave your question and who it is for in a comment under this post!

It's juicy, it's fierce.. It's Eternity Undercover!

Be prepared!

New Found Talent!

Hi Everyone. Can I just inform you about my New (Old, but the first time I used it so...) banner created by my kind friend gudmunda92. Anyway, onto the post, Haha!
Have you been searching for that one girl,
That one girl with talent and style ?
That one girl who turns heads,
That one girl with the sweetest personality ?
That one girl, That one girl ? I've Found Her,
She is called Verojun.
This girl isn't like any girl,
This girl is 'thee' girl,
The one we have been searching for,
The one girl, the one girl.
With outfits so fresh,
With style so new,
With talent so rare,
Its the one and only,
The one girl, the one girl.
(Do not ask, I am bored and decided to write a poem thing.)

(Images above from Dina's blog. Click here to see them for yourself!)

Yes, that one girl is the one and only Dina! I frooze when I seen the amazing graphics she produced. Amazing much ? I think so, you think so, we all think so!

Not only does she produce amazing articles and beautiful graphics ( Best on stardoll ? ;] ) but she also has that trendsetting style that Heidi and I search for all the time! (Talking about Heidi, where the roast turkey dinner is she ?) Also, Dina even creates amazing designs which are extremely popular and her suite is envyable! She even has that sweet, kind, warm personality. It's not often you find someone like this.

I don't think I can say anything else about Dina, I am speachless (apart from the whole big post I wrote.) Yes, i am feeling ok today. :<)

Overall, I just HAD to write about Verojun. She is so talented and a true inspiration in my eyes. What do you think of Verojun's new blog ? More importantly, What do you think of my new banner ? (Jokes) Anything else to say ? Tell us in a comment!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone. As you all know, the Christmas season is here and Christmas is so very soon. Excitement has been stirring in my stomach for Christmas ever since Halloween was over! Now, Stardoll has brought us more and more Christmas specials to get excited about starting with the Stardoll Christmas count-down Calendar! We receive gifts for everyday we log on starting from December 1st until December 25th! By the look of the Calender, I am guessing we have some brilliant things in stock for us and guess what? They are all free!

One of the second little 'Presents' stardoll has given us is to be able to get superstar membership for a present for Christmas, which isn't such a big thing but I guess it's pretty good for some people. Money making stardoll working their money making schemes again.

Stardoll defiantly has more in store for us, I can sense it! Haha. I will keep checking the *spolier cheat* to see if I can see any sign of Christmas clothes or even Winter clothes. They will most likely be realeased after the sale.

Bye For Now.

What do you think will be given to us in the Calender ?

What type of clothes are you expecting to be realeased ?

Tell us in a comment!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fashion TV (part 1)

Photobucket Coco Chanel once mused: "...Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live..." As evidenced by the proliferation of TV series, we are a generation that is constantly tuned into the tube. Gradually becoming relevant in the shows that we've all fixated on is the on-set fashion-costumes especially mulled over by stylists to adhere to the plot and characters. May they be preppy schoolgirls, sexy secretaries, quirky assistants, or sophisticated Manhattanites, the bearing on these characters' style is constant. Lets take a look into these reel trends and how they've inspired looks going down the runway (and vise versa), and turn a keen eye to key items that are well within our (and even or medoll's) reach... out here in the real world. As my very first post here in Stardoll Trendsetters, join me, Noelle Page as we see how the Lights, camera, action! Television programs put the spotlight on fashion, in three special installments. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Some of the graphics courtesy of Vittorio

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter Prom, Ice Princess - Best Dressed

Hey Everyone! As you may know, last night TrendLounge held a Winter Prom party themed Ice Princess. It was a great sucess and I'm so glad everyone had a great time. I would like to take this time to show you some of the best dressed from the party.
Maria looks like a very stylish Ice Godess in this elegant, chic outfit. Her hair, make-up, accesories and outfit form together to create a very beautiful and graceful outfit. Overall, Maria looks absolutely stunning. Great job! 5/5
vnvi - Once again the guys show us they have style, and a lot of it! Alex looks like he could rule the world with this creative, stunning outfit which i fell in love with at my first glance! The hair, make-up and outfit is perfecto! Great Job! 5/5
Callie_a737 looks more like the Ice Queen instead of the Ice Princess is this outfit. The outfit has been so beautifully accesorized and layered and overall looks gorgeous! Great Job! 5/5

yaelalon -

This outfit is simply beautiful. The whites bring out the elegance and gracefullness in the outfit and the blues and pinks bring out the fun and life in the outfit. Once again, hair, make-up, accesories and outfit match perfectly and overall look promising! Great Job! 5/5

Springate -

Anthony proves once again that he is one of stardoll's most stylish! He has created this icy outfit with items from starplaza and minishop items. It is simply genius! Overall, Anthony looks fashion forward and ready to hit the runway. Gorgeous! 5/5

TatCinderella -

Laura has put together a show stopping outfit which makes her look like royalty! Let's be honest here, we all know that she could easily strut down any runway looking like this. B-e-a-utiful! Great Job! 5/5

MissDiorCherie. -

Kendra has created a simple yet adorable outfit and it looks great! Less is more, i say! With the long dress (perfect for a prom), the pretty jacket and the accesories it looks fabulous! Well done! 5/5

Ms.Brigitte -

As you can see Ms.Brigette has put alot of effort into this outfit and it was totally worth it. She defiantly looks like an ice princess and has totally dressed to impress! Moi J'adore. 5/5


Sarah has put together an extremely beautiful outfit was just screams out elegance! Her make-up and accesories make the outfit that bit more special. Tres Chic! 5/5

Angel-Stylin -

Jessie has created a cute outfit and has added a mysterious touch (webs) to give it that bit extra! Her hair compliments the outfit and overall, she looks lovely. Great Job!

A special thank you to our wonderful waitress Kenzie (InnerBeautyMag) who made the party that extra bit special. She did such an amazing job and every single one of us valued her presence! Also, a thank you to everyone who came. Everyone looked amazing but as you know i can't put everyone that looked good on the best dressed list, if i did it would be ever so long!
That is all for now!
Before I leave..
The DKNY is for sale.
Most of it half price!
Just wanted you all to know ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party Time!

Hey Hey Hey!
Are you in a party mood ?
Then come on down to the fierce nightclub we like to call TrendLounge tonight and part-ay!
Here is all the information you need..
Date: Sunday, 23rd November (Tonight)
Time: 7pm GMT
Location: TrendLounge Guestbook
Theme: Winter Prom, Ice Princess.
Girls, get your prom dresses on, get that make-up fixed and ruffle that hair!
Boys, get your finest tux on, make sure that hair is perfect!
Remember to add a touch of ice to your outfit.
Be There!
:) xOx

Saturday, November 22, 2008

December Hotbuys

Another month, Another selection of Hotbuys.
This month I am very pleased with the Hotbuys, they are very stylish and fun!
Stardoll has even added some designer pieces including an Alexander McQueen necklace, Miu Miu shoes, Pink Soda top and skirt, Asos clothing and jewellery and more! What do you all think of this month's Hotbuys ?
Tell us in a comment :)

Talking about clothes, you all must have realized by now that we have two brand new stores. The amazing Philosophy and the adorable Evil Panda.

Philosophy by Alberta Feretti has some of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen and to see them here on stardoll is almost a dream! Yes, the prices may be very expensive but believe me, they are worth it! And besides, in a few months time you will probably have to pay $60 for them! Why? Simply because they are the first collection and any first collection of a RB will sell for alot of money eg. DKNY. May we forget about the store for a second and think about our new RC.. Alberta Feretti (The fashion designer for Philosophy.) Are we lucky.. or what! Haha.

Moving on to another new store.. Evil Panda. Evil Panda is full with fun and surprises. Most of the clothes are from the London Punk theme and the Tokyo theme currently on stardoll not forgetting some pieces from Agyness Deyn's wardrope! The prices are average and the store has some beautiful items!

Which store do you prefer.. Philosophy or Evil Panda ?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!

Stardoll, Stardoll, Stardoll. As Much As I Love You,
You Cause So Much!
As you all know, Many people here on stardoll lie about their real selves. People can lie about anything. From things as big as ''I am uber rich with a massive house and millions of dollars in the bank'' or as simple as age or gender. Some times these lies can make the person (who lied) a worse person but most of the time it makes them a better person.
Take one of the most stylish people on stardoll Mr Anthony Springate (Springate) as an example. He started off being Blair Springate who was disliked by many due to not replying to comments and ignoring others etc. When ''Blair'' let out his secret about being a boy, some people were annoyed by this but the promptly got over it and Blair became one of my favourite stardoll people.. Anthony! Just think of this, if Anthony had'nt told the truth we wouldn't have ISG and we wouldn't have someone to look up to for inspiration!
Lets take another example.. The lovely Erik aka Fashion.Fantasy. He is another boy on stardoll who started as a girl. Look at him now.. stylish, lots of friends, writing for a popular blog! I don't think it gets much better.
There are so many other girls here on stardoll who have shown us their real gender. Sometimes you may think it is quite scary if you don't know who you are really talking so if you are hiding something, let it out! You will feel much better afterwards.
Recently, and when i say recently i am like 10 minutes ago, my good friend Nika (vnvi) let out the truth about her gender. Nika is actually a boy called Alexander. I accept this as i realize how hard it must be for him to let it out. Nika/Alexander has been a great person to me, a great friend altogether so why should i just stop being friends with someone because of their gender? Its stupid. It does make me a bit confused why he hid it in the first place but i am sure he has a good reason.

Boys Will Be Boys!

No, No Drama.

Isn't it strange?
One second gossip blogs have nothing to talk about, the next second the gossip is coming in quicker than lightening!
During this drama packed few days so much has happened. If you missed any bit of goss, do not fear! Marie has it here!
Ps.. I just thought this picture was perfect for this post, haha!
This is where the drama began!
We all know the famous stardoll blog Perezhiltonofstardoll, right? Well, Fag_Puff & team decided to hire a new writer to add some juicyness to the blog. The person they choose was the infamous creator of the burn book. Her first post was suppose to tell why she began the burn book but according to her we already knew that so she decided to give us a little bit of something else that would change stardoll.. alot. What she did? Well, not much just TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE SPOILER CHEAT! Okay, I lied.. she told us alot! She told every reader of Perez's blog (pretty much the population of how to find the spoilers which we loved seeing on blogs such as SFF. After this she blamed it all on Ellie (fakeshake3). When i read this i did not know who to believe. Ellie or the Burn Book B***ch ? The Burn Book B***ch made is so believable but when i read Ellie's article on theacidcrowd she showed us the pictures of mail between the two and this made her article more believable. To read the article which started this (written by the Burn Book B***ch click here.)
We all have our favourite magazines from all around the stardoll world no matter if it's a presentation magazine or a graphicized magazine and we all wish we could have a great magazine like the magazines we read. We all think, Wow! wouldn't it be great if I owned a sucessful magazine that i could share with my friends and family! The reality of stardoll magazines is that it's hard work, alot of hard work and it's even harder owning a popular magazine! And guess what ? Now, stardoll magazines are breaking up friendships, how stupid, am i right or am i right? The first fall out starts with Steelone (Of Done! Magazine) and Writemarycat (Of Eternity Magazine.) It all started when Sarah (Steelone) posted a top topic in her club talking about the realease date of Done! and how Mary (writemarycat) had chosen the same date for their realease. She makes it look like Mary did this purposly, which I know for a fact she did not. Anyway, Mary then posted a post (which you can read my clicking here) onto eternitydisguise and it mentioned many things including Sarah and Mary's disagreements. For more details on this click here. Will the fight continue or will they kiss and make-up?



Yes, there is even more! This all began when Ellie left a comment about Eternity's latest issue (see below) which i totally disagree with followed by a prompt reply by Mary (see below.)

When I read these comments I could almost feel the tension! In Mary's latest post (read by clicking here) it explains the war between the both of them. The post includes how Ellie had asked to become a staff member at Eternity and also a Covergirl and how Mary had declined both offers. All other info needed are in Mary's latest post in eternitydisguise. Ellie then posted a reply on theacidcrowd to both Mary & Gina. calling them 'silly little girls.' Click here to read it.



The Betrayed.

Another Eternity based drama. I am going to make this one short and snappy because this is my least favourite to write about. Okay, so.. Eternity's promo-cover had been shown on stardollsensations which it should never had and it started caos in Eternity HQ trying to find out which of the E-Team betrayed them? After many suspects they found out who it was (sorry, im not giving names.) The reason I am not giving names is because the person who betrayed them was one of my best friends and I will not be the one to say.. ''Ohhh so and so betrayed them.. What a bad person'' etc etc. Unfortunately, this person was fired due to the Eternity rules. This is quite upsetting yet understandable. Anyway that is all i am saying about this drama! I still love both the Betrayer and the Betrayed. (Random Picture Below.)

This gossip cannot be spoken of just yet but keep checking up on the blog and I will post it as soon as I am allowed to :)
That Is All For Now My Trendsetters!
Hope You Have Enjoyed This Drama Post, Haha!
More Coming Soon.
Btw, This Is Just An Update On The Best Few Days.
Another Post Coming Soon!
Another Party At TrendLounge Coming Soon!
For Now, I Must Love Youu & Leave Youu!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kate Moss VS Agyness Deyn

It's that time again, time for a Public Vote! Our previous Public Vote was DKNY vs VIVIENNE TAM and DKNY won.
This time it is... KATE MOSS vs AGYNESS DEYN
sweet_3094 - I think I prefer Agyness Deyn. She is more fashionable and she has that crazy style, and I love it. And now she is on Stardoll.. We can even buy some of her clothes! Unfortunately, we can't do that with Kate Moss, just yet.
writemarycat - I Can't choose, because they are different. Kate is not very beautiful, that is why most women like her - she is like everybody. Though, she has own charm... And Agyness is Unique and freaky. That is why we all like her too! She is not like everyone!
noelle_page - I'd go for Kate Moss. She is an epitome of a rebellious chameleon. She went beyond the norms of beauty and made it known to the world that there is more than meets the eye.
hrvatica_97 - Agyness Deyn, 100 %! Because her style is unique, 'funky', and she began a whole new generation of models. I mean, just look at her, and the hair, everything. Fierce much?
sheer.models - As Much As I Love And Respect Agyness, I Have To Say Kate. The Reason Being That She Has Worked Harder To Get Herself Where She Is Now. She Has Fought So Many Hard Times And She Has Survived! She Is Such An Idol To Me And Always Will Be. Oh, Did I Mention Her Being The Most Gorgeous Model Alive!
arna-rut - Agyness, Cause well kate moss is kinda gross. Also, she has more style than Kate to be honest.
hunnigall - Oh, definately Agy! Agyness has introduced to us that we can all be who we are and express ourselves even with the most glamourous or grungy lifestyles! She's an inspiration to us all - Who doesn't look up to her?!?!?!
Naive-Magazine - Altough the latest trend is Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss is still a great fashion icon to me. I can't really tell who is better. Deyn is very original and funky, while Moss is more minimalistic and "Calm". I must say, because of my personality I choose Kate Moss. As much as I love Agyness Deyn, I stick to my roots of keeping Moss at my list of favorite models, and I keep it higher than Agyness' spot. Besides, I've always had diffrent thoughts, so I won't be suprised if Deyn will win the disscusion.
Angel-Stylin - I Prefer Aygness Deyn,I Think She Is a Much Fresher,Unqiue Model.Unlike Kate Moss,She Keeps Her Private Life,Private and Doesn't Do Drugs.Her Look Is Unique,And One-Of-A-Kind,She Makes A Style Her Style and Rotates From This To That,Making Everything Look Not Just Good,But Super Stylish Too.
undamyumbrellla - I'd say Kate Moss. Trust me, I'm an enormous Agyness fan. However, I feel that Kate is a legend. She symbolizes an important time in fashion history (the 'grunge'/'heroin chic' era). She might make mistakes now and then, and I bet a lot of the other girls don't prefer her - but to me, Kate Moss is a world known fashion icon. And in a way, she paved the way for a lot of young British models (including Agyness). So, out of respect - I say the infamous, Kate Moss.
lil-bit-me - im gona come clean for agyness deyn... i prefer kate!!
Currently We Have.. 5 For Agyness

And 5 For Kate.

This Calls For The Tie-Breaker
The person I Have Chosen To Break The Tie Is..
modelisous - Hmm...thats tough because I don't really have favouritism for either of them...but I'd have to say Agyness because shes a Clash fan, has awesome taste in clothes and is just generally a very cool person.
So, that settles it!
Agyness Deyn is the Fashion Queen!
Who do you prefer.. Agyness OR Kate ?
What / Who do You think the next Public Vote should be on ?
Tell us in a comment. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Of Today

Hi Everyone. After rushing around stardoll just before lunch time I seen some outstanding, impressive and jaw-dropping outfits which i couldn't just forget about! So instead of forgetting I had even seen them I decided to post them right here!
I then decided to call this section of the blog 'Best Of Today.' This is where every so often Heidi or I will post the best outfits of the day. So, what am I waiting for? Lets Begin...


Dina looks so ravishing in this luxourious dress constructed by minishop items. The dress has been so perfectly created that it looks like one dress. Her hair, make-up and accesories completes this chic and stylish outfit. Overall, Dina looks like a supermodel with incredible style and talent!


Fiona shows elegance and uniqueness in this extravagent gown put together with many pieces of clothing. Fiona's medoll has a fresh, cute and chic look which i just feel in love with at my first look. Overall, Fiona looks simply amazing!


Isabella has done it again! Once again, another beautiful outfit created with her professional like talents, Layering and Accesorizing. This time Isabella has made a chinese themed outfit which suits this weeks latest craze... Asian stardoll! She looks completely gorgeous. (especially that to-die-for hair)


Dora has created a simple, elegant outfit which brings out the best in her medoll. Her outfit and medoll looks so beautiful. She perfects her look by using simple make-up and subtile accesories. Overall, Dora looks chic and stylish.


Alot of work has oviously went into this gorgeous outfit and Dei makes it look so easy! Dei defiantly stands out from the crowd with this unique, exciting and stylish outfit. Another brilliant outfit and a gorgeous medoll, as usual for Dei!

That is all for now.

Which is your favourite outfit ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Latest Discovery.

After a post by Kasia on Perez Hilton Of Stardoll a sudden rush ran through stardoll with many stardoll members visiting the Chinese version of stardoll and signing up by a very confusing method. Why is it confusing, may you ask? Well, it's simply because it's in Chinese! Why do people rush to sign up, why do they struggle to sign up in this complicated way while they could simply use the stardoll we all use and love at the moment? Well, the reason is because the Chinese version of stardoll gives alot more! This includes:
Free superstar membership
Cheap rares and clothing items
Free clothes
Free minishop items
Easier to win CG
And much more! Why wouldn't you want to join?
Of course, i fell for the tempation of the Chinese stardoll and decided to sign up. It took me over half an hour until i figured out how to sign up! Finally, when i signed up i went straight to the starplaza and bought the rare dirty dancing dress for only $7! Unfortunately, you cannot sell these to your own account (on the usual stardoll) as the 2 sites are completely separate, not connected at all. Strange, huh?
I think you should all sign up and add me :)
Haha! My username is the same as my usual username Babii-Mariex
I suggest you use a translator as things do get complicated!
Also, for help on signing up view Kasia's post on instructions by clicking here.
Before i finish this post I would like to say that the Chinese version of stardoll won't be replacing our original stardoll so don't feel pressured to join! It is just a little experiment :)
Look around, have some fun!
Have you made a chinese stardoll account ?
What do you think of this discovery ?
Anything else to say about this subject ?
Tell us in a comment!