Saturday, November 22, 2008

December Hotbuys

Another month, Another selection of Hotbuys.
This month I am very pleased with the Hotbuys, they are very stylish and fun!
Stardoll has even added some designer pieces including an Alexander McQueen necklace, Miu Miu shoes, Pink Soda top and skirt, Asos clothing and jewellery and more! What do you all think of this month's Hotbuys ?
Tell us in a comment :)

Talking about clothes, you all must have realized by now that we have two brand new stores. The amazing Philosophy and the adorable Evil Panda.

Philosophy by Alberta Feretti has some of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen and to see them here on stardoll is almost a dream! Yes, the prices may be very expensive but believe me, they are worth it! And besides, in a few months time you will probably have to pay $60 for them! Why? Simply because they are the first collection and any first collection of a RB will sell for alot of money eg. DKNY. May we forget about the store for a second and think about our new RC.. Alberta Feretti (The fashion designer for Philosophy.) Are we lucky.. or what! Haha.

Moving on to another new store.. Evil Panda. Evil Panda is full with fun and surprises. Most of the clothes are from the London Punk theme and the Tokyo theme currently on stardoll not forgetting some pieces from Agyness Deyn's wardrope! The prices are average and the store has some beautiful items!

Which store do you prefer.. Philosophy or Evil Panda ?


Anonymous said...

The hotbuys are beautiful but I have a feeling that they have been realeased before, maybe that is just me but i have remembered seeing them before.

Personally, i dislike Evil Panda. I feel it is just a place for stardoll to add some of the clothes that don't fit into any other store.

As for Philosophy, i love it though it is very expensive so I may not be able to buy alot of what is able to be bought there.

MadWorld said...

they should really make a male section for hotbuys.

Anonymous said...

one word for philosophy....... EXPENSIVE!

yasas10 said...

If I could afford Philosophy, I would probably buy all the dresses.
They're amazing!

Serena. said...

i wish they were not superstar. other than that the hotbuys are stunning and the two new stores.. i love!

Regina said...




Hazy_Cloud121 said...

Definitely loving some of philosphy's clothes...esp the essential chanel-like peices such as the tights and shoes and jackets but honestly? The dresses just look like the usual cheap tat they bring out like every week (you know the rio crap).

I, on the other hand, LOVE Evil panda...the perfect shop for an everyday anime lover. Perfect.

Hotbuys are gorgeous (dare i say better than the elle ones? naah)...but im not AS impressed this time round as before. Still good though.

oOoOjessieOoOo said...

i love evil panda! it is so my style!

Hottie-Roshe said...

the hotbuys are so beautiful. i love them but i have to agree with hazy_cloud121 when she says the previous ones were nicer. but i still love them and i WILL be buying ALL of them muahhahaha. anyway, lol.. the evil panda is adorable. I just want to hug the shop lol! Philosophy is way over priced but nice and some dresses look cheap and tacky but other than that i love them! As for the new RC.. thank you stardoll.. THANK YOOUUUUUUU!

sirenintheshadows said...

I love the new Hotbuys.
Evil Panda- hate it.
Philosophy- Love it, but it's wayyy too expensive.