Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kate Moss VS Agyness Deyn

It's that time again, time for a Public Vote! Our previous Public Vote was DKNY vs VIVIENNE TAM and DKNY won.
This time it is... KATE MOSS vs AGYNESS DEYN
sweet_3094 - I think I prefer Agyness Deyn. She is more fashionable and she has that crazy style, and I love it. And now she is on Stardoll.. We can even buy some of her clothes! Unfortunately, we can't do that with Kate Moss, just yet.
writemarycat - I Can't choose, because they are different. Kate is not very beautiful, that is why most women like her - she is like everybody. Though, she has own charm... And Agyness is Unique and freaky. That is why we all like her too! She is not like everyone!
noelle_page - I'd go for Kate Moss. She is an epitome of a rebellious chameleon. She went beyond the norms of beauty and made it known to the world that there is more than meets the eye.
hrvatica_97 - Agyness Deyn, 100 %! Because her style is unique, 'funky', and she began a whole new generation of models. I mean, just look at her, and the hair, everything. Fierce much?
sheer.models - As Much As I Love And Respect Agyness, I Have To Say Kate. The Reason Being That She Has Worked Harder To Get Herself Where She Is Now. She Has Fought So Many Hard Times And She Has Survived! She Is Such An Idol To Me And Always Will Be. Oh, Did I Mention Her Being The Most Gorgeous Model Alive!
arna-rut - Agyness, Cause well kate moss is kinda gross. Also, she has more style than Kate to be honest.
hunnigall - Oh, definately Agy! Agyness has introduced to us that we can all be who we are and express ourselves even with the most glamourous or grungy lifestyles! She's an inspiration to us all - Who doesn't look up to her?!?!?!
Naive-Magazine - Altough the latest trend is Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss is still a great fashion icon to me. I can't really tell who is better. Deyn is very original and funky, while Moss is more minimalistic and "Calm". I must say, because of my personality I choose Kate Moss. As much as I love Agyness Deyn, I stick to my roots of keeping Moss at my list of favorite models, and I keep it higher than Agyness' spot. Besides, I've always had diffrent thoughts, so I won't be suprised if Deyn will win the disscusion.
Angel-Stylin - I Prefer Aygness Deyn,I Think She Is a Much Fresher,Unqiue Model.Unlike Kate Moss,She Keeps Her Private Life,Private and Doesn't Do Drugs.Her Look Is Unique,And One-Of-A-Kind,She Makes A Style Her Style and Rotates From This To That,Making Everything Look Not Just Good,But Super Stylish Too.
undamyumbrellla - I'd say Kate Moss. Trust me, I'm an enormous Agyness fan. However, I feel that Kate is a legend. She symbolizes an important time in fashion history (the 'grunge'/'heroin chic' era). She might make mistakes now and then, and I bet a lot of the other girls don't prefer her - but to me, Kate Moss is a world known fashion icon. And in a way, she paved the way for a lot of young British models (including Agyness). So, out of respect - I say the infamous, Kate Moss.
lil-bit-me - im gona come clean for agyness deyn... i prefer kate!!
Currently We Have.. 5 For Agyness

And 5 For Kate.

This Calls For The Tie-Breaker
The person I Have Chosen To Break The Tie Is..
modelisous - Hmm...thats tough because I don't really have favouritism for either of them...but I'd have to say Agyness because shes a Clash fan, has awesome taste in clothes and is just generally a very cool person.
So, that settles it!
Agyness Deyn is the Fashion Queen!
Who do you prefer.. Agyness OR Kate ?
What / Who do You think the next Public Vote should be on ?
Tell us in a comment. :)


Paris.Freche said...


i agree with the public vote.. i have to say agyness deyn. she is so much more stylish and alot classier than miss moss even though i love kate moss too.

i think they next public vote should be style magazine vs eternity magazine. that would be juicy! lol.

great post btw. love the idea

Anonymous said...

kate moss is no rolemodel. she takes drugs, she smokes, she is a alcoholic and she dates low-lives. she is anything but a role model. as for agness dean she is going to turn into kate. kate was lovely and pretty at the start too you know. these models are nothing to look up to. they wear what they are told to wear and do what they r told to do. people like beoncie knoles and mariah kerry should be looked up to not these models. i think the next public vote shud be bout music... =D

Sugar-magx said...

Agyness Deyn is easily the best, sorry to Kate lovers!!!

Regina said...

''Kate Moss VS Agyness Deyn''

1. Agyness deyn is a deserving winner of this vote. **claps**
2. I think that the next public vote should be about something big thats happening on stardoll.
3. Anonymous, Agyness is a style icon and Kate is also. They worked so hard to get were they are now, show them some credit.
4. Love the blog =P
5. Bye ....xxxx....

lil-bit-me said...

omggg! thanks sooooo much for using my one.. it means sooo much. love this blog!!!!! plzzzz join my club trendsettersfan!!!!

Hottie-Roshe said...

i was so sure that kate would win lol.

YaelAlon (Michelle) said...

I like Aggyness more, Kate looks like a skeleton...
I just dont think Take is beautirufl, and Aggyenss is gorgeous and way more original and unique.

Gosia said...

I alredy said it at the post, so that's it. :0

Silvia said...

Well,Agyness expresses herself more than anyone.She lets her spirit chose the fashion and not herself.But hovewer,as much as I adore Agyness Deyn,as much as I love her,as much as I consider her a role model I still chose Kate Moss.

Cam said...

i agree with naive-magazine's section in the post. she wrote it very well

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