Sunday, November 9, 2008

Updates, New & More!

Hey Gorgeous! How've You Been?
As you may have noticed in my previous post about the amazing Agyness Deyn i left quite alot out as i was very busy and only got to give you a short update. Now, i am updating you to the max! Showing you rares that this Agyness Deyn doll has given us, the errors in the doll, the hots and the nots, the shops, the style and so much more! In the words of Trendlounge, Are you ready? I know i am. Haha!
I'm going to begin with the new clothing store which features most of Agyness' wardrope. Now, what would any of us do to get our hands on some of the beauties in Aggy's wardrope.. well I know i'd do pretty much anything! This new store is... (drumroll please) Bisou! Yes, our dreams have come true with Bisou! This is probably my ultimate favourite shop in the starplaza at the moment. Here's a few items from the shop and Aggy wearing them!
The famous Betsey Johnson dress, one of Agyness' well known wardrope choices! It costs us $10 which is a bargain compared to what it is in reality, believe me, its alot! In my opinion, it is defiantly worth $10, so what are you waiting for.. go buy it!

Okay, i tried my best with this one but it didn't work out as i planned but you get the idea, right? Haha. This is another outfit of Agyness' which i borrowed for a while. Personally, i like this outfit. An edgy look which i love!

Another one of Aggy's wardrope choices from stardoll in reality. I love the way it is oversized as if it wasn't i think it wouldn't look very good. I love the colours and this outfit just makes me smile.

My final choices for this post are the 3 House of Holland tees. You can find these in Fudge and don't panic if you can't find the yellow one as it is sold in Fudge Boys. Anyway, you may notice something strange about one of these tees which Its Stardoll Gossip brought to my attention. What is this strange thing ? Well, Deyn is spelt wrong in the red and white tee. Strange, huh? I can't be mad at stardoll for this because the rest of the clothes are so perfect! Haha.

These 4 jackets look very familar! Don't you agree? The only slight changes in the top 2 and bottom 2 is that the top 2 have a few pins in the bottom of the jacket. This jacket first jacket is taken from the Agyness doll, and the second the Hilary doll. My opinion is that the look almost identicle. Thanks to cheergrl181 for pointing this out to me.

That's all for now.

More posts coming later today!

What do you think of the Agyness doll, the new store and the clothes?

Tell us in a comment.


Serena. said...

i want that bestsy johnson dress now! hehe. pity im not superstar. i think i might make myself superstar just to buy the dress hehe. and the doll is beautiful but i dont like the long hair for the agyness doll because it makes it look old hehe. oh and the shop is my fav so far too. great post btw, love the blog!!


Sugar-magx said...

great post maire. i love the new shop it has so many pretty and cool clothes. the doll is pretty too because it is a model and stylish. how do u get pics on your blog????

Anonymous said...

Yes, I Agree With Your Post. A Beautiful Doll, My Favourite Shop Of The Moment And The Clothes Are To Die For. I Must Also State That The Jackets Look Identicle.

Eamon007 said...

once again, stardoll have nothing for the males lol.

diamonddarling said...

how did you find agyness wearing the clothes from starplaza? it looks really good and i love the shop.

Anonymous said...

i hate agness dean or whoever u call her

she is way 2 over rated.
and she is ugly.

i dont no why u al lik er so much.


Regina said...

my opinions-
the shop-10/10
the doll-9.5/10
the clothes-10/10
this blog-10/10
agyness deyn-10/10

lil-bit-me said...

loves the post girl. agness is amazing. love er so much my inspriation.