Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Aggyyy!

Today, one of my stardoll wishes (you could possible say stardoll dreams) came true!

Yes, Miss Agyness Deyn is now a stardoll doll! My favourite model of all time, here on stardoll! I'm free to dress her anyway i wish, any time i wish! Her choices of clothes are so Aggy! When i seen them (By this time i was already over-excited) i just feel in love with her clothes, again!

For so long now i have been contacting stardoll for an Agyness Deyn doll. For so long now i have been wishing for an Agyness Deyn doll on stardoll. For so long i have been waiting! And then... so suddenly.. it's here!

Thank You Stardoll!

Thank Youuuuu!

What do you think of the new doll ?

Who is your favourite model ?

Any other comments ?

Tell us in a comment!


Hottie-Roshe said...


agynessdeyn1 said...

i was drolling over her closet! agyness is my favourite model of all time!

Dora said...

I'm in love :D

Also happy that they didn't choose that crappy graphic idiot that made the dolls like Ali Larter, Katy Perry, etc, 'cause they are poorly made..xD

Kenziyah said...

I'll come clean for AGGY DEYN!

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks.

Serena. said...

love the doll! its amazing and this blog rocks, one of the best and most well known blogs on stardoll so suck on that annoymous! muahahahahha

thereviewer said...

It is funny how people can be ever so jealous cof cof Anonymous. I love the Agyness doll and the clothing choice is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

yes i love agy too but the blog sucks