Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party Time!

Hey Hey Hey!
Are you in a party mood ?
Then come on down to the fierce nightclub we like to call TrendLounge tonight and part-ay!
Here is all the information you need..
Date: Sunday, 23rd November (Tonight)
Time: 7pm GMT
Location: TrendLounge Guestbook
Theme: Winter Prom, Ice Princess.
Girls, get your prom dresses on, get that make-up fixed and ruffle that hair!
Boys, get your finest tux on, make sure that hair is perfect!
Remember to add a touch of ice to your outfit.
Be There!
:) xOx


thereviewer said...

I will be there. I will come on my personal account (not my reviewing account.) I was at the last party and it was brilliant so i am not going to miss this one for the world!

Regina said...

i love parties! especially ones you, heiid and mary run! you can count on me being there!

Claire said...

Hope I can come!
Will do my best!

Eamon007 said...

ill be there. can i dj?

--beautyxxx said...

You will defiantly see me there

YaelAlon (Michelle) said...

Im going to make a best dressed list!

yasas10 said...

Great party!
It was awsome!