Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!

Stardoll, Stardoll, Stardoll. As Much As I Love You,
You Cause So Much!
As you all know, Many people here on stardoll lie about their real selves. People can lie about anything. From things as big as ''I am uber rich with a massive house and millions of dollars in the bank'' or as simple as age or gender. Some times these lies can make the person (who lied) a worse person but most of the time it makes them a better person.
Take one of the most stylish people on stardoll Mr Anthony Springate (Springate) as an example. He started off being Blair Springate who was disliked by many due to not replying to comments and ignoring others etc. When ''Blair'' let out his secret about being a boy, some people were annoyed by this but the promptly got over it and Blair became one of my favourite stardoll people.. Anthony! Just think of this, if Anthony had'nt told the truth we wouldn't have ISG and we wouldn't have someone to look up to for inspiration!
Lets take another example.. The lovely Erik aka Fashion.Fantasy. He is another boy on stardoll who started as a girl. Look at him now.. stylish, lots of friends, writing for a popular blog! I don't think it gets much better.
There are so many other girls here on stardoll who have shown us their real gender. Sometimes you may think it is quite scary if you don't know who you are really talking so if you are hiding something, let it out! You will feel much better afterwards.
Recently, and when i say recently i am like 10 minutes ago, my good friend Nika (vnvi) let out the truth about her gender. Nika is actually a boy called Alexander. I accept this as i realize how hard it must be for him to let it out. Nika/Alexander has been a great person to me, a great friend altogether so why should i just stop being friends with someone because of their gender? Its stupid. It does make me a bit confused why he hid it in the first place but i am sure he has a good reason.

Boys Will Be Boys!


Serena. said...

i agree one hundred percent. you shouldn't stop being friends with your friend because of gender. you are so right! and anthony is my favourite 'stardoll tranny' haha!

Paris.Freche said...

I think it is quite strange when some one suddenly says they are a different gender. They should have said the truth from the start but i think it is so sweet of people to tell the truth. I only think it is strange when people dont tell the truth and when they hide it forever. at least people like anthony, alex and erik have the guts to share it to the stardoll world! fair play guys! props to you all.

Anonymous said...

springate has changed big tyme in a gdd way. vnvi wil probz stay the same which is a gdd thing. fashion.fantasy is still a snob with no personality. dont lie. . . yar war al tinkin it.

MB Publishing said...

boys will be boys? lol!!
i think its kinda cool thats boys wana be girls..
and even cooler when they admit they are boys because it takes some courage to do that.
if you are a boy hiding the fact the admit it! its better that way.

lots of lov-a-ley love,
marie ++++ brighdin
(omg marie we have the same name!!) lol

Fashion.Fantasy said...

Thanks Marie :)

OH and Anonymous, dont start saying I am a snob with no personality, as I had the guts to tell everyone I am a boy and you dont even dare to say your name...

Mary said...

You know - men are just kids! :D

There is one more I know - AudreyHepburn.
:D he is really funny

Dora said...

I'll never stop being friends with Alex just because I found out she's a boy. :)
His personality is still the same.

And, yeah, he probably had a reason. :)

Lizzi_95 said...

I didn't realise there were so many. Anyway, it's just fun with boys at Stardoll. They are anyway the same person, even If they pretend to be someone else before.

x A

Hottie-Roshe said...

one of my good friends on stardoll recently told me he was a boy but he doesnt want anyone else to know. i want to be a good friend.. i want to help him tell the truth but he really doesnt want to. i dont know what to do. =(

Vnvi said...

Thanks Marie :)

I feel much better after i told this to everyone! :]

yasas10 said...

You can't deny it...
These guys have style!

Of course you shouldn't stop being friends because of that!