Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eternity Undercover - Sneekpeek!

Yes, SD-Trendsetters is bringing you the latest from Eternity Magazine! Everyday 2-4 days I will post an exclusive interview from different members of the Eternity Team who will reveal Eternity secrets, their opinions, spoilers and more! The first interview will be with the creater.. The one, the only Writemarycat!

At the end of the interviews we will let YOU ask them questions! If you wish to ask someone in the E-Team a question leave your question and who it is for in a comment under this post!

It's juicy, it's fierce.. It's Eternity Undercover!

Be prepared!


Anonymous said...

wow! this sounds so exciting. i can't wait to read the interviews. Can i ask a question to the whole of the e-team? how does it feel to work for such a sucessful magazine?

Hottie-Roshe said...

This is such a great idea! I want to ask a really good question so I will think of one and get back to you soon. I am so excited!

Please visit my blog!

Mary said...

sheermag, after every interview,you'll ask everything you want, to every Team member you want ;)

Anonymous said...

Mary, your style and medoll are always fabulous! And eternity definatly rocks the parade ;)
What inspires you?

arna-rut said...


Serena. said...

Oh my gosh! It sounds so exciting!!

--Beautyxxx said...

*faints on top of arna*
I can not wait.

Vicky-Cheergrl181 said...

Really great idea! This is a question for Mary: How did you go about choosing the Eternity Team?

Anonymous said...

just when she fires three people from the team here goes this lol

i hate mary.

MadWorld said...


ask-mary said...

Yey I can't wait.
Mary, what do you think of your workers? Are they too good, or too bad?

Lola.London said...

hiya. emmm.. i hvnt thought of a quwstion yet butr this sunds so asum! cant wait.xxc

MollyMasquerade said...

whoa, awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

I've got a q for Mary. Who is your favourite worker?

Sophia said...

Mary, i would like to know why you are such a bitch.
I personally think it is because you think so full of yourself you can blow every second. You were extremely nice before eternity and all those elites things weren`t heard by your ears.
You then put smiles in every sentence. Do you really think that that makes you nice? No, of course!

Your so called friends are elite, yes, true. But they are also friends of Style_Magazine. And have you wondered why "elite" are in her best friends list? Because she is nice? Stylish? Chic? Sweet? A darling? No, not at all! They suck up on her as to get in her magazine!

The people do the same to you. But you don`t deny "elites" sucking up on you and you are nice to them because if they put you on their bff list you are a someone! However, if a normal person is nice to you you immeadiatly start saying the he/she is an ass kisser. In fact, you are also an asskisser.

Congrats, byotch! You made it. You were cg for teenstyle. yep, yep. big thing. you are an elite now. happy?
I can be really mean. but the thing is you arent an elite. Well at least just not an elite. there is a word after elite. wanna guess'

*cough* wannabe *cough*

Why not be yourself? Why do you pretend someone you are not?

fuck off biatch!

Anonymous said...

sophia you are so mean! mary is extremely nice.

and hot^^

Anonymous said...

I've got a question for you Mary, why you keep fireing your team? The ones that have been with you from the very start, the ones that help make Eternity magazine what it is today... answer that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Angelica Isaksson said...

It was not just Marys decision to fire those people, all of them broke the rules and we decided, as a team, to let those people go.

Regina said...

do you not realize that everyone saying mean things is under annoymous?? yeah, well in my opininon mary rocks and she is so sweet and has the most amazing mag on stardol. she dusnt think shes an elite cus she replies to me all the time, and to be honest im not popular or anything!!!! i cnt wait to heere the inetrview it sounds amazing and exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

And what were those reasons?

GossipRoyalty said...

ohh laa laa. sounds fun

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