Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get The Looks

Hello there!!! Well this morning i had nothing to do,and i was so so so bored that i decided to make a tour at the starplaza and wake up my make-up talents!!lol jk no seriously;to have fun creating different not traditional looks on my medoll!! So i created three looks:the peacock inspired eyes mdr,candyliscious babe, and the surprise......TA DA a make-up look for non superstars!!! well,here's the first: 1-Apply the light green eyeshadow in the corner of the eye 3 or 4 times to have consistant color,and the same for the blue/purple-ish one,then display the Kat Von D medium plum eyeshadow and lighten it a bit with a white or light pink eyeshadow. 2-Apply two or three times Mascara,a blue eyepencil,and the grey eyeliner. 3-As a final touch add some diamond earring to soften the look. I know it's not easy,but if you want to have the grace and majesty of the peacock,you know what to do!!! and here comes the second: 1-apply the jumbo eyepencil purple in the corner area of the eye,then many times(3 or 4) the light blue eyeshadow. 2-display the eyepencil white on all the outline of the eye ,and a layer of mascara. 3-give your medoll a sweet touch by this pink lipstick Maniac This one is easy huh?in 3 magical steps you have a sweet candyliscious face!! And finally *pheww* there's a make-up created for non superstars and from Splendid!!!some tears and fake eye-lashes put together and TADA......>>>

I'm not a professional in make up,not even an amateur,i just wanted to express my creativity in new ways!this make up isn't perfect,far from that,but it's just to tell express yourself by every way you can and let your creative vibes shine!!!lmao!and please tell me if i should stop my make up career,and waisting my time and yours!!

till the next post Ciao

*hugs and kisses*



You've Been Invited!

Hello Gorgeous.
I have been invited and now i am inviting you to Eternity Magazine's realease party.
I hope you can make it, it's going to be a night to remember!
I think that's all you need to know. Be there :)
Over && Out.

Trendsetters Lotto!

Hey everyone!
Do you need a giftcode ?
Do you need superstar gifts ?
Do you want prizes ?
If so, you should defiantly take part in the Trendsetters Lotto!
Just join our official club (SD-Trendsetters) and pick a number between 1-150 and post it in the topic ''Trendsetters Lotto.'' Heidi & I will be chosing the numbers and I will be awarding the prizes to the winners. Good luck to you all and let the Trendsetters be with you.
Marie Over && Out.
More Posts Coming Your Way Later Today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creativity Bloom

Dreamma A Style Mantra with a Wild Imagination and a Creativity with no limits!

Have you ever seen something like that?come on admit it the answer is NO,well that is Dreamma and what she calls "The Museum",a place where you can find items that you have never seen like those partywigs,and thousands of accessories or some brilliantly designed clothes.It might seem first like a total randomness (lol)but when you keep looking at it you can see that she expressed wildly her creativity an crazy style trough it and it looks amazingly stunning!!and in a way very organized!! Apart from that,Dreamma is a huge supporter of uniqueness and encourages everyone to express his/her creativity and to show it to the world with no fear of being rejected!!!She also mixes the colors and layers her outfits like no one!Can anyone alse wear that huge amount of colors and still looks chic distinguished and stylish?well?Dreamma can!and she's doing it brilliantly!Also Her make up and hair dye is always unique,fresh and exquisite!! She also owns a blog that i personnally adore,where she gives make up and fashion tips,designers,and her personnal view of stardoll and stardoll's virtual life!! Go Dreamma!paint that stardoll monochromatic world in wild hot colors!!

Till the next post Ciao



Get The London Look.

NOTE: All of the clothes used in this post are still in the starplaza so they are still able to be bought.
Hey everyone! I know that alot of you are either big Topshop fans, big Kate Moss fans or both! So that is why i have created this post. If i get enough positive comments i might even do it with another collection or celeb sometime. So let's get started...
1. This first look is a simple but stylish black dress from Kate's Topshop Collection.
How To Create This Look On Stardoll?
This is a simple outfit to create. We start off with a the Black Rio Dress from Rio (You might have guessed). Then add some accesories so it doesn't look very plain. I have chosen this cute black purse from Voile and some DKNY Black shoes. Though, the accesories are your choice and remember to use accesories to make the outfit unique and to suit your style.
2. This Is A Cute, Casual Look From Kate's Collection.

How to create this look on Stardoll?

Personally, this is one of my favourite ''Kate'' looks on a medoll. It looks cute, stylish and casual all in one. To create this look start off with the Candie's Grey Solid Tee from Kohls. Then add the gorgeous Black Blouse from Stardoll Girls and the black Fudge jeans, from Fudge. Then of course it's accesorize time. I have chosen a small grey bag from Fudge and some cute grey pumps. Overall this outfit looks great on any medoll.

3. The ''Waistcoat'' Look.

How to create this look on stardoll?

To create this look on stardoll you start off with the DKNY Classic shirt or any other shirt which suits the look. Then you add the Carrie vest from Pretty in Pink to give it that Kate look. For the bottoms you can add any type of demin shorts but the only demin shorts in the starplaza at the moment are the Grey Jean Shorts from Rio, which don't look as good as some other demin shorts to which were previously in the starplaza. Finally accesorize. I added a Rio bag and some brown Voile heels.

I hope you enjoyed this post. This is just an example to see if our wonderful readers like getting the Look of other stars/collections. If the post gets enough positivity i might just post more. ;]


Over && Out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New banner!!!!

Hello there!! If you didn't notice it we have a new banner for our blog! I was talking to Mary (writemarycat) this afternoon, and she kindly proposed to make a new banner for our blog! And here's the chef d'oeuvre! I love the colors and what Marie and i are wearing (so me)! Thank you Mary! Alsom we're starving to read the upcoming issue of Eternity!

I simply love it! Thank you so much Mary ! Also, last time Marie (my Marie: babii-mariex) left you confused with her brilliant riddle "The BBOF Is Nothing To Fear, All Featured Will Be Drawn Near'', some of you were really near, and some not...keep thinking about it! You'll discover the answer very soon! Finally do you like our new banner? Or prefer the old one (certainly not)! Express your opinion in a comment or find the answer to Marie's riddle! Till the next post Ciao my dears!!



Monday, July 28, 2008

Style Addiciton

An addiction to Style....and to everyone who is tempted by visiting her page!!
i was first attracted by her distinguished,a bit haughty and stunning look when i saw her on someone's best friends list,then went to her page,and was astonished by so much beauty,poise and elegance.Simplicity and sumptuousness are the key words of Addiktion.x's style.
The splendid blondie glittens and glows,and appears looking at you out of her sunglasses in an ultra shining look,mixing different tones of white and silver,and accessorizing the whole with bright pearls and diamonds.
Her suite,you may notice is quite simple,but if you pay attention to the details,it seems like every room is perfectly decorated,and every item is in it place,avoiding the "too much" and the "not enough".
I'm definitely addicted to Addiktion.x and so you'll be if you visit her!
Till the next post Ciao!

New SD-Trendsetters Club.

Hey everyone! Recently (Literally An Hour Ago) I Created A New Stardoll Club For This Blog. It's Called SD-Trendsetters And We Already Have Over 50 Members. We Would Apprechiate It Alot If All Readers Would Join As Updates, Competitions And More Will Be In This Club. When We Have Over 80 Members We Will Be Holding A Giftcode Competition Where You Can Win A Giftcode! And Lots Lots More.
Currently We Have 2 Managers, Heidi-di And Isabella.Arci And We May Add New Managers If They Do Good For The Club.
Anyway Tell Us What You Think Of The Club In A Comment And Join.
Marie 0x
Over & Out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

TeenStyle Vs. Eternity!!

As you might know,Style will be releasing a teen sister of her magazine whose editor-in-chief is no one other than the uber talented Model-selena,and one of the writers is the brilliant Isabella.Arci.TeenStyle will be released for the first time August,1st and so is Eternity's August issue!!
TeenStyle promises the same quality and prestige of Style,with fresh articles written basically for teenagers and less formal than the original version,and "will venture into waters that Style has not yet explored" as Style_magazine says,while Eternity,proposes freshness,simplicity and the same amazing graphics with of course new articles!
Marie and I,being both fans of Style and Eternity didn't really know wich release party we will be attending,neither wich one we will be reviewing!So we decided that I'll review TeenStyle and she'll do the same with Eternity!!We only have to wait 5 more days!
Are you excited by the first ever issue of TeenStyle and/or Eternity's August issue?do you have any expectations or preferences?Don't hesitate to tell us in a comment!!
Till the next post Ciao
Update:As Mary Walkerson said in the comments,Eternity will be releasing August,3rd and Eternity's Staff took this decision weeks ago.ah when we thought something inetersting was going around *yawn*,anyway,we're excited for both TeenStyle and Eternity,and expect some incredible issues.Hoepfully we could attend both!!even if when i asked Model-Selena about TeenStyle's release party she said"Yes, there will be a release party, but it still isn't announced."

This Gangster's Got Style

Male Elegance with a Gangster Style in a world made for girls....
In this world wich is stardoll,you might find a lot of stylish girls,but when it comes to find a boy who have style and is interested by impressing others by his creativity,style and fashion sense,it's really hard!!
Thanks god,there's ChrisFresh,a guy with a star style,poise,and ambition,he shines in Stardoll by his innovative projects,and fashion awareness.As he says,he is the first and only male on stardoll to have a modelling agency,and his agency CMA_Models will be always the BEST!!
He stands in his suite like a gangsta star in one of those hot luxurious r'n'b and hip hop video clips,an Usher,or a Chris Brown of Stardoll dressed simply but with a dose of style,and a touch of luxe and allure,and his appartment is incredibly well decorated with a sense of proportions,creativity and witt.
Ahh finally a boy who is worth to be admired!!and who stays humble!!
Till the next post Ciao

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Elegant Perfection.

The glamourous and talented Mimi_Mami has never stopped wowing me! She looks absolutely marvellous in every outfit she creates! Her style is so elegant, stylish and oh so unique. She could easily go down the Runway anyday with looks like hers! You couldn't find anyone like her even if you searched the whole 19,346,589 members of stardoll! In the outfit Mimi is wearing above she has created an elegant and very stylish dress by layering 4 dresses, a blouse, 4 belts and accesories and she has done it brilliantly! Not only is Mimi's clothing style simply one of the best i have ever seen, have you seen her make-up! Her make-up is simple, yet beautiful with simple colours which bring out the best in her. Not only has she got the looks but this fashionista has also got the touch. Every room in her suite made my jaw drop! Okay so lets see here, Amazing Style, Beautiful Make-up & Medoll, Jaw Dropping Suite, A Designer Wardrope, Lovely personality... This girl has got the whole package! She most defiantly deserves to be featured in this blog and I hope she keeps making my jaw drop at her amazing suite and outstanding fashions!
Over && Out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Book Of Fashion Update!

Hey! I know all you readers are dying to know what this Big Book Of Fashion is! Me and Heidi are being so evil to you all by not telling you haha. But in the end we will eventually tell you all about it, But until then i will be sending updates and little bits about it so you all don't go mad tehe. Okay so my last update was showing you the cover of the Book, today i am going to give a kind of riddle. If you solve it leave a comment saying the answer and if you can't solve it, comment anyway! So here it goes:
The BBOF Is Nothing To Fear,
All Featured Will Be Drawn Near.
Has your brain been twisted yet?
Over & Out.
More BBOF Info Coming Your Way Soon. ;]

Stunning Stylista!!

Steelone...pure style dose!!!
this stylista has never stopped surprising me,she dares the difference,and expresses her style and wild imagination trough prodigious and astonishing ensembles as the one above,when i first saw it i asked my self,what could it possibly be,then i found out!it's pure genius dears!!She layered three dresses that give the witt,elegance and a luxurious effect and added the McQueen dress to add a touch of fantasy and extravagence!brilliant huh?without talking about the perfect accessorizing and the personalized gloves.
Steelone is uber talented,and makes every outfit she creates unique!she is also the editor-in-chief of Done! magazine that we featured before in our blog!!
You might say why the same person again!!well we simply love her and consider her as one of stardoll most stylish and creative trendsetters!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


As the last of every month stardoll have the -50% sale for what we're saving a pathetic dollar after dollar day after day to save up enough money to buy the dearly loved pixelled clothes for half the price!!But when the sale comes we're incredibly disappointed because almost all the things that we like or want to buy are not discounted!!!
But come on it's always a sale,we love it,and it let place to our shopping spree mania!
i visited all the shops in a quest for descent clothes to buy,that would be easily mixed,matched and layered,and here's my selection!....i know i'm not a superstar but it cost nothing to dream or to have fun!!!

-the forest fairy dresses are definitely my fav's especially the one created by Erin Fetherson.

-Beatrix flower hat:i simply love it on Marie(babii-mariex)and it makes you look chic and elegant.

-The inspired by Ralph Lauren skirt and top,they'll look great for an afternoon at the park or an english green tea at 5:00p.m. lol

-AJ's scarf:you can wear it with everything and makes you look distinguished

-Voile Dress:yes it's not very well designed and don't emphasize our medolls body but it's still inspired from Dior and it's enough to be in my selection!!

-Manhattan socks:perfect for an old school look or a look inspied by Carrie Bradshaw.

-Carrie Blouse:i just added it because it looks cute and remebers me of western styles

that was all,tell us in your comments what's your selection or if you like ours!!!

till the next post Ciao



p.s. Marie and i are working on the BBOF and we already selected who's going to be in!!!wanna know?....well you'll found out soon or maybe not!!let's keep the suspense a little bit more haha.

Funny Or What ?

Hey everyone! I just had to tell you all about this! It's so funny i nearly wet myself when i read it haha! Okay well there's this girl on stardoll called THE.FASHIONGURU who has her own blog okay so here's the funny part. She accused Heidi for ''copying'' her blog and her blog is nothing like ares anyway. Just because Heidi named Isabella.Arci the Layering Queen this ''Fashion Guru'' said she was copying our blog. It was 3 words woman, 3 WORDS! And Heidi hasn't even read your blog, Haha! So i would aprechiate it fully if you would stop this because accusing is so last month in the fashion world honey, and i don't know why you do it? Jealousy, perhaps.. emm? Anyway Im not sure but you can keep ''accusing'' us if you wish but you know it means nothing because its lies and all the so called ''proof'' you have is this below which shows u wrote Layering Queen which means nothing, Honey. So see you all soon!thing fo
Update from Heidi:Actually Allyallyallyall was the one who accused me of copying THEFASHION.GURU,and i believe they're the same person,knowing ally's style and spelling mistakes.Also i never been to her blog because simply when i tried today for the first time they said page not found!and if she's so pathetically annoyed by me calling Isabella.Arci "The layering Queen" i'll change it and i't'll be "The layering godess" it's even better! unless if the word "Layering" became TF.G personal private possession...uhmm i guess not!!and thank you Marie for clearing things and for standing up for me!
Update n°2:the problem is resolved,Ally said she regrets what she said and TF.G apologized in a post in her blog and we accept their apology and as Ally asked i'm going to delete her precedent comments,but would ask her to assume her reactions and actions in the future,and that not every time,she can make a step back!

The Gossip Queen!

The Gossip Queen.Yes PerezStarGossip Defiantly Deserves That Name! This Multitalented Stardoll Star has now got her own fashion range with such catchy phrases such as Boo You Whore (Which is one of my personal favourites, who can't love Mean Girls?) Hugs not Drugs and also others such as Springboy, The Acid Crowd and much much more. She is defiantly a trend setter in my eyes! Her designs are worn by many all over the stardoll world and are extremely popular. No matter what she wears she can make it look good and thats a fact. She's a role model to many blog writers including myself and she's now a role model to many star-designers on stardoll! At The SweetEscape- Parties She's always looking her best at getting the theme perfect. Her mixing and matching style perfects her look aswell as her great accesorizing skills. She is unique and dares to try something different and that's why i love this girl! Perezstargossip is one to remember and she's defiantly going down in Stardoll History.
Check out Perezstargossip's blog by clicking here.
Over & Out.

Done Magazine

Done magazine, created by Steelone (Stardoll Username) is a magazine which deserves to be on top! It has outstanding graphics, interesting and fun articles, meaningful interviews, deserving covergirls and... what else could you want in a stardoll magazine? When i visited i knew it was going to be a great magazine by just looking at the cover.. even though you shouldn't judge a book by the cover, but i judged correctly! My favourite articles were probably Express Your Own Folk and Style Icon as they were interesting and very fun to read! Though, I must admit all the articles were truely magnificant! Honestly, I enjoyed this magazine even more than i enjoyed the ever so popular Style_Magazine which means i enjoyed this magazine alot. I rate this magazine 5 stars and i wish it sucess in the future and i hope you all take the time to visit the magazine by simply clicking here.
- Marie
Over & Out.
P.S Want more information on The BIG Book Of Fashion?
You'll Just Have To Wait A Bit Longer.

Talented Marcia

oh Marcia!!
Glamorous and stunning!! Behind her beautifull blonde medoll,there's a fashionista who cleverly creates outfits with simplicity and poise,as the outfit she's wearing(the blue one) made of two dresses but the final result seems like one and only flawless dress! Apart from that,she also designs magnifique cocktail dresses in floral and exotic patterns or simple with a touch of nature!and all one of a kind!!she's a real artist!and her pieces of art are incredibly fascinant! Her suite,is decorated with originality,and attention to the details,and every piece is unique,!it's such a leisure to drop by her place! .Marcia. is certainly a beautifull person from the outside and the inside,and is always modest,pleasant and friendly!!Check her out you'll be surprised by her creativity

-Some of .marcia.'s designs-

And we will be soon giving you more informations about The BIG Book Of "keep glued"!!




Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Exotic Diva


the philipinos beauty...

Her Style is absolutely unique,her ensembles are sorted with grace and elegance,her medoll is naturally fierce,and appears in her suite majestically adorned in elaborate dresses always harmoniously paired with the right accessories!

Doesn't she deserve the title of trendsetter?...Duhh!

She is a fashionista,and an amazing suite's designer,she expresses her divalisciously impressing personnality and origins trough every part of her page!from the exotic philippines islands to her insatiable shopping desire!

She is role model for all the stardoll-ers not only because of her uberly developped fashion sence,and sophisticated creations,what makes the real difference is her very elaborate writing skills and the way she magically plays with the word to analyze her personnality!Noelle is always confident,charismatic and simply stunning!

Till the next post Ciao

And thanks to all of you who visited the blog and commented our posts!!



More About The BIG Book Of Fashion.

Hello again everyone. As i could see by all of your comments most of you are uber excited about our BIG Book Of Fashion. Up until now all you knew about this book was that it would be called The BIG Book Of Fashion. Every day or days i will be posting more about this book and at the very end i will be telling you absolutely everything about it... but that won't be for a while.
All i am telling you today, or should i say showing you is the cover of the book.
As Natasha Bedingfield Said, Well Sang.. Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

KOHL'S New Store!

What do you all think about the new KOHL store? As you can see Heidi wrote about it in the last post so check it out if you wana know more about the store or simply check it out for yourself in starplaza! Why not tell us what you think about the store and the clothes in a comment under this post!
Also i have had LOADS of mail since the blog started and nearly half of it was asking who writes what in the blog. So here is the simple way to find out yourself. Under each post it should either say Posted by Babii-Mariex or Posted by Heidi-di and as you might have guessed Babii-Mariex is me and Heidi-di is Heidi.
See You All Later For My Next Post Which Will Have More Info On The BIG Book Of Fashion. Byeee

New Real Brand!!!KOHL'S!!

Yep,a new Real Brand is in Stardoll town!for Non superstars too!!
When i saw this i screamed of happyness!not really
but it's great,the prices are affordable and the collection or what i saw of the collection is awesome!!It's inspired by Hayden panettiere and worn by you!
As you see it's fashionable,well designed and cheap!
I'm loving it!!
sorry for not writing much more but i was so excited about posting it!!
Till the next post Ciao!

The Stylish Newyorker!

AudreyHep4 also known as Kayla is defiantly a stylish young lady. You never see Kayla wearing.. how could we say it.. ''Normal'' clothes. She's always layering and accesorizing different clothing items to create a brand new, ultra stylish outfit. Not only is Kayla a stylish fashionista but also an amazing interior designer, well her suite says she is! Her suite is never boring. There is always something her to make your jaw drop or to make you say wow like 100 times! This New York chick defiantly knows whats hot and what's not! There is one word for the lovely Kayla... Talented. And thats a fact. The outfit Kayla is wearing below is one of my favourite outfits that she has created. She calls it ''The White'' and it looks outstanding! AudreyHep4 is a style icon on stardoll and many look up to her! Kayla defiantly deserves to be featured in this blog as she is defiantly one of the first people i think of when i say Fashionista.

Congratz Kayla & Keep Up The Good Work! ")



My Say On The Newest Hotbuys..

This is what we get? Pathetic. Stardoll has let us down with the hotbuys... once again. Here's what i think about these hotbuys:
Red Jeans: These are horrible, no affence to anyone that likes them but i would never buy these even if they're hotbuys or not. They could have looked okay-ish if it wasn't for those ugly gold dots around the pockets but i suppose with a long enough top or dress they wouldn't look too bad. But still, hotbuys should be hot.. well at least nice and these defiantly are not.
Muliticoloured Top: What were they thinking? Thats pretty much all i can say. It's horrific and i don't even think the most fashionable fashion designer could make that look good.
Earrings: These I Like. They are quite funky, yet fashionable but stardoll has them at a wopping $12. These earings are re-realesed hotbuys and they are very rare so stardoll thinks they can bump up the prices, huh! But yet again i still bought them at $12 ... so stardoll it's working!
Leaf Dress: To be honest, this dress isn't too bad. With the right accesories and maybe a bit of layering it could work!
Orange Hair: And when i thought they couldn't get any worse. Have we not already got shades similar to this?
Multicoloured Romper - In a different colour.. with less colour it could look quite nice. The way it is isn't too appealing. I don't think i'll ever buy this.
Necklace - Is it me or has the necklace not already been a hotbuy? Anyway it's okay i guess, nothing special and its not mega horrifying. Im not going to buy it but im not going to diss it to much either. Its on the safe side.
Red Dress - Is that Vivienne Tam? Ohh Nice. I think it's nice enough but it isn't my favourite Vivienne Tam piece.
Blue Dress - I guess it isn't that bad but the colour of the pattern at the bottom doesn't suit the blue at all and ruins it. I just wish they would have left it blue.
Shoes/Boots - What What What? I am speachless and not in a good way! What possessed stardoll to create these, let alone but them as a hotbuy! I don't think anyone would buy these, no affence. They should call this one a ''cold''buy instead of a ''hot''buy.
Marie Has Spoken!
- Hope Yuu Enjoyed My First Post.
Marie 0x


Hey Everyone! I'm Marie also known as babii-mariex (Stardoll Username). I'm one of the new writers to this blog. I'm going to be writing about people with style, amazing suites, amazing outfits and more! I'm also going to be giving you info on parties, shops, hotbuys, designers and lots lots more! My first proper post will be up soon so keep checking in.
'>here to visit my stardoll site.

The Fashion Darling

When you say trendsetter,you immediately think about Fakeshake3! She looks absolutely magnifique in every outfit she creates,and one of her majors assets is her make up,always electric,daring and original!and i think that she is one of the first stardoll-ers,to use that eye make-up technique on her medoll. Style,an impressing fashion sense,a never ending wardrobe,and a suite deserving to be called a luxurious palace!Ellie have it all,and almost if not all the stardoll fashion world is influenced by her daily make overs,new outfits,and purchases. Her style is not monotone or boring,she dares wearing bright colors and varies her style!but she always remains chic elegant and original!!! You might have a wrong idea about her*cough* but take the time to read some pages of her gb,and you'll notice that she is nice,lovely and helpfull to everyone!even to the nasty comments!
-perfectly decorated palace-

till the next post Ciao! xx Heidi

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Extravagance à la Marie Antoinette!

Marie Antoinette, Versailles queen..
marie.antoinete, Extravagance queen...
Nope,Marie Antoinette didn't resurrect trough this demoiselle,but marie.antoinete is apparently quite inspired by the last queen of france's style and the 18th century fashion and architecture,it shows in her ensembles,her suite,decorations and even her medoll.Her outfits makes you travel in the time and live in a dream where life is royalty,fancy gowns,overnight operas and masquerade balls!
She's one of a kind doll in a one of a kind fantasy world,where perfection is the watchword!

Till the next post Ciao



Artistically floral !

Latin91 ....floral designs....artistical touch.
Her designs are perfect for the summer!fresh,floaty and simple!and she have her own style!(look at that outfit perfectly accessorized without looking over)
I simply loved her creations,they reminded me Vivienne Tam's ones!they have the same touch of nature and the prints are so sophisticated and elegant,i'm not talking about the Hello Kitty ones(i'm not a fan but find'em cute) but about the floral prints designs,and i'm quite impressed,even if i find that her prices are quite high;but i suppose it's worth the time and efforts she puts in it!
This girl hits Stardoll with a big bang bang!and a floral blooming!
Till the next post Ciao my dears!

The Layering Godess

Isabella.Arci is her name.....Layering is her game.
How could i start the trendsetters saga without beginning by the uber talented,and inspiring Isabella.
This lady have style magical powers,she creates breathtaking ensembles made of dozens of clothing pieces and accessories,that show in an optical illusion like one sophisticated haute couture dress.
Yesterday,i saw her newly made gown,i was amazingly surprised by her creativity and talent.she looked luxurious,fresh,elegant,and sophisticated all in a once.*doing la hola to the meister*
And being a fashion godess,the show's cover girl twice,and stardoll's own Vogue,Style's(style_magazine) cover girl twice aswell,she stayed down to earth,kind and sweet.I hope that her creativity will keep blooming and inspiring the actual and future stardoll generations.
Till the next post Ciao amigos!


Hey stardoll-ers This is Heidi-di from Stardoll I created this new blog to present the known and unknown stardoll trendsetters,their creations,and their magnifique ensembles and sence of style. And also stardoll brilliant and talented designers. Till the next post ciao xx Heidi