Thursday, July 24, 2008


As the last of every month stardoll have the -50% sale for what we're saving a pathetic dollar after dollar day after day to save up enough money to buy the dearly loved pixelled clothes for half the price!!But when the sale comes we're incredibly disappointed because almost all the things that we like or want to buy are not discounted!!!
But come on it's always a sale,we love it,and it let place to our shopping spree mania!
i visited all the shops in a quest for descent clothes to buy,that would be easily mixed,matched and layered,and here's my selection!....i know i'm not a superstar but it cost nothing to dream or to have fun!!!

-the forest fairy dresses are definitely my fav's especially the one created by Erin Fetherson.

-Beatrix flower hat:i simply love it on Marie(babii-mariex)and it makes you look chic and elegant.

-The inspired by Ralph Lauren skirt and top,they'll look great for an afternoon at the park or an english green tea at 5:00p.m. lol

-AJ's scarf:you can wear it with everything and makes you look distinguished

-Voile Dress:yes it's not very well designed and don't emphasize our medolls body but it's still inspired from Dior and it's enough to be in my selection!!

-Manhattan socks:perfect for an old school look or a look inspied by Carrie Bradshaw.

-Carrie Blouse:i just added it because it looks cute and remebers me of western styles

that was all,tell us in your comments what's your selection or if you like ours!!!

till the next post Ciao



p.s. Marie and i are working on the BBOF and we already selected who's going to be in!!!wanna know?....well you'll found out soon or maybe not!!let's keep the suspense a little bit more haha.


Babii-Mariex said...

Great choice of clothing Heidi. I think i will go buy some now. Oh and thanks for the hat compliment. =]

amy-babyeex said...

pity im not superstar, but we can still dream lol!

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know! rokin blog girlies i love it!