Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Exotic Diva


the philipinos beauty...

Her Style is absolutely unique,her ensembles are sorted with grace and elegance,her medoll is naturally fierce,and appears in her suite majestically adorned in elaborate dresses always harmoniously paired with the right accessories!

Doesn't she deserve the title of trendsetter?...Duhh!

She is a fashionista,and an amazing suite's designer,she expresses her divalisciously impressing personnality and origins trough every part of her page!from the exotic philippines islands to her insatiable shopping desire!

She is role model for all the stardoll-ers not only because of her uberly developped fashion sence,and sophisticated creations,what makes the real difference is her very elaborate writing skills and the way she magically plays with the word to analyze her personnality!Noelle is always confident,charismatic and simply stunning!

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Babii-mariex said...

I love the way she matches colours but doesn't match patterns. She is defiantly "The Exotic Diva"

- Marie 0x

hottie-roshe said...

thats such a gorgeous outfit!