Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny Or What ?

Hey everyone! I just had to tell you all about this! It's so funny i nearly wet myself when i read it haha! Okay well there's this girl on stardoll called THE.FASHIONGURU who has her own blog okay so here's the funny part. She accused Heidi for ''copying'' her blog and her blog is nothing like ares anyway. Just because Heidi named Isabella.Arci the Layering Queen this ''Fashion Guru'' said she was copying our blog. It was 3 words woman, 3 WORDS! And Heidi hasn't even read your blog, Haha! So i would aprechiate it fully if you would stop this because accusing is so last month in the fashion world honey, and i don't know why you do it? Jealousy, perhaps.. emm? Anyway Im not sure but you can keep ''accusing'' us if you wish but you know it means nothing because its lies and all the so called ''proof'' you have is this below which shows u wrote Layering Queen which means nothing, Honey. So see you all soon!thing fo
Update from Heidi:Actually Allyallyallyall was the one who accused me of copying THEFASHION.GURU,and i believe they're the same person,knowing ally's style and spelling mistakes.Also i never been to her blog because simply when i tried today for the first time they said page not found!and if she's so pathetically annoyed by me calling Isabella.Arci "The layering Queen" i'll change it and i't'll be "The layering godess" it's even better! unless if the word "Layering" became TF.G personal private possession...uhmm i guess not!!and thank you Marie for clearing things and for standing up for me!
Update n°2:the problem is resolved,Ally said she regrets what she said and TF.G apologized in a post in her blog and we accept their apology and as Ally asked i'm going to delete her precedent comments,but would ask her to assume her reactions and actions in the future,and that not every time,she can make a step back!


hottie-roshe said...

haha i know i read her blog and its so pathetic!

MODELplace said...

FREAKS. Omg you SO copyed her! I dont even read her blog but I went and checked it out and you are so full of it you fucking schum bag! She did that artical first, Heidi went to her page and even looked at the blog! Yall are pathetic wanna be's.

Much Love,

ps- Your blog sucks balls.

allyallyallyall said...
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allyallyallyall said...

Oah My Gawd Heidi I am not the.fashionguru you are SO mistaken! And They're aren't any spelling mistakes on the blog because there is a built in spell check! You should know you blog on the smake freaking site...

Heidi-di said...

ally if u want to find hottie-roshe go to Marie best friends list and you'll find her.
no i expected from a "friend" a-that sucks!or ok i'll check it!or even why r u sending me this? but to accuse me for something i never done,i wld never expected that!!i tought you were possibly overreacting at the couture.models fight with the owner but now i just understands her feeling,and thank you Amelia!!
how lucky i am feeling!!to have such great friends as you!!
tons of love and friendship

Heidi-di said...

i actually don't use spell check neither would spend my night arguing with you
you said what you have and i did so via dollmail!now i'm moving on and making a new post and don't have time to waist on you!!

Babii-Mariex said...

Okay Fashion.Guru, this is pretty sad. Accusing some one of copying 3words off you, come on woman 3 words which are... The layering Queen.
Heidi didn't copy you END OF Story. Me and heidi aren't low enough to fight over 3 words, Thank you very much. We will carry on our blog and we wish your blog sucess in the future. Thank you for reading our blog. Goodbye.

katrina. said...

modelplace, get your facts right darling, before you start hurling abuse at heidi and marie.. :) their blog rocks my socks off and everyone else thinks so too, so you need to calm down and curse at someone else.

and everyone who is accusing, its pathetic, un-attractive and sooo last month :X

love ya grls keep up tha good work :)

katrina x

ally said...

I would just like to comment saying that I regret what I said and that I just wanted to help a friend, when really I was over reacting. I never meant for it to become this big.


Babii-Mariex said...

Thank you Katrina.
Ally, we accept your apoligie but please think before you speak next time as it may mean nothing to you but it can be hurtful to others eg. Me and Heidi. And Modelplace and THE.FASHIONGURU also apoligied and we also accepted their apoligies so everything is resolved.

Lots Of Love,

SD-BeautyPagent said...

modelplace is so rude. this blog rocks and even the fabulous members like isabella.arci, noelle_page, fakeshake3 and more love it so think about that girlie! and we all know you said sorry in the end so yeah this blog ruless!!