Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fashion Darling

When you say trendsetter,you immediately think about Fakeshake3! She looks absolutely magnifique in every outfit she creates,and one of her majors assets is her make up,always electric,daring and original!and i think that she is one of the first stardoll-ers,to use that eye make-up technique on her medoll. Style,an impressing fashion sense,a never ending wardrobe,and a suite deserving to be called a luxurious palace!Ellie have it all,and almost if not all the stardoll fashion world is influenced by her daily make overs,new outfits,and purchases. Her style is not monotone or boring,she dares wearing bright colors and varies her style!but she always remains chic elegant and original!!! You might have a wrong idea about her*cough* but take the time to read some pages of her gb,and you'll notice that she is nice,lovely and helpfull to everyone!even to the nasty comments!
-perfectly decorated palace-

till the next post Ciao! xx Heidi


Serena.London said...


babii-mariex said...

Ellie is a good friend of mine. She most defiantly is stylish, beautiful and extremely kind. She's a lovely person!

Heidi-di said...

yeah i believe that too Marie.

fakeshake3 said...

Im in it!! Yey ^_^