Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trendsetters Lotto!

Hey everyone!
Do you need a giftcode ?
Do you need superstar gifts ?
Do you want prizes ?
If so, you should defiantly take part in the Trendsetters Lotto!
Just join our official club (SD-Trendsetters) and pick a number between 1-150 and post it in the topic ''Trendsetters Lotto.'' Heidi & I will be chosing the numbers and I will be awarding the prizes to the winners. Good luck to you all and let the Trendsetters be with you.
Marie Over && Out.
More Posts Coming Your Way Later Today.


Hannah said...

i've chose a number in your club!

puccapo said...

sounds great.

Heidi-di said...

oh yeah that sounds great!!i can't wait!!!!