Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Say On The Newest Hotbuys..

This is what we get? Pathetic. Stardoll has let us down with the hotbuys... once again. Here's what i think about these hotbuys:
Red Jeans: These are horrible, no affence to anyone that likes them but i would never buy these even if they're hotbuys or not. They could have looked okay-ish if it wasn't for those ugly gold dots around the pockets but i suppose with a long enough top or dress they wouldn't look too bad. But still, hotbuys should be hot.. well at least nice and these defiantly are not.
Muliticoloured Top: What were they thinking? Thats pretty much all i can say. It's horrific and i don't even think the most fashionable fashion designer could make that look good.
Earrings: These I Like. They are quite funky, yet fashionable but stardoll has them at a wopping $12. These earings are re-realesed hotbuys and they are very rare so stardoll thinks they can bump up the prices, huh! But yet again i still bought them at $12 ... so stardoll it's working!
Leaf Dress: To be honest, this dress isn't too bad. With the right accesories and maybe a bit of layering it could work!
Orange Hair: And when i thought they couldn't get any worse. Have we not already got shades similar to this?
Multicoloured Romper - In a different colour.. with less colour it could look quite nice. The way it is isn't too appealing. I don't think i'll ever buy this.
Necklace - Is it me or has the necklace not already been a hotbuy? Anyway it's okay i guess, nothing special and its not mega horrifying. Im not going to buy it but im not going to diss it to much either. Its on the safe side.
Red Dress - Is that Vivienne Tam? Ohh Nice. I think it's nice enough but it isn't my favourite Vivienne Tam piece.
Blue Dress - I guess it isn't that bad but the colour of the pattern at the bottom doesn't suit the blue at all and ruins it. I just wish they would have left it blue.
Shoes/Boots - What What What? I am speachless and not in a good way! What possessed stardoll to create these, let alone but them as a hotbuy! I don't think anyone would buy these, no affence. They should call this one a ''cold''buy instead of a ''hot''buy.
Marie Has Spoken!
- Hope Yuu Enjoyed My First Post.
Marie 0x


Roisin said...

Your so right Marie! Keep up the good work!!

Jessie said...

so far this is the best post i've read on any blog about hotbuys! It was a great read. keep sending posts about clothes aswell pleaseee!! thankssss xxxx jessie x0x0x

Isabella.Arci said...
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LilMrsRich said...

I loved this post. It is my favourite so far!

Heidi-di said...

i love your review!your critic was perfect darling!!

dedy said...

excellent review!

Nicolle-1993x said...

Marieeee i loved that post! keep up the excellent work!


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SD-BeautyPagent said...

excellent review girl!