Sunday, July 27, 2008

TeenStyle Vs. Eternity!!

As you might know,Style will be releasing a teen sister of her magazine whose editor-in-chief is no one other than the uber talented Model-selena,and one of the writers is the brilliant Isabella.Arci.TeenStyle will be released for the first time August,1st and so is Eternity's August issue!!
TeenStyle promises the same quality and prestige of Style,with fresh articles written basically for teenagers and less formal than the original version,and "will venture into waters that Style has not yet explored" as Style_magazine says,while Eternity,proposes freshness,simplicity and the same amazing graphics with of course new articles!
Marie and I,being both fans of Style and Eternity didn't really know wich release party we will be attending,neither wich one we will be reviewing!So we decided that I'll review TeenStyle and she'll do the same with Eternity!!We only have to wait 5 more days!
Are you excited by the first ever issue of TeenStyle and/or Eternity's August issue?do you have any expectations or preferences?Don't hesitate to tell us in a comment!!
Till the next post Ciao
Update:As Mary Walkerson said in the comments,Eternity will be releasing August,3rd and Eternity's Staff took this decision weeks ago.ah when we thought something inetersting was going around *yawn*,anyway,we're excited for both TeenStyle and Eternity,and expect some incredible issues.Hoepfully we could attend both!!even if when i asked Model-Selena about TeenStyle's release party she said"Yes, there will be a release party, but it still isn't announced."


fashion-guy said...

im more excited for teen style to be honest because its brand new!

Babii-Mariex said...

Great Post Heidi!
I Am Almost Excited To Review!

- Marie 0X0X0

Heidi-di said...

thanks Marie!I'm excited for both,but to be honest,i'm starving to know what contain TeenStyle,as all of us haha

Stardoll Style said...

Thanks for the comment in my magazine babii-mariex, I just checked out your blog and I'm totally featuring you in 'The hall of fame' article!
-And as for this post, I think that teenSTYLE will be better because it has magnificent writers and it will probably have as good graphics as the original version has.

Nicolle-1993x said...

Im SO excited for both to come out and SO excited to see what you girls think of the magazines! I just began to read your blog yesterday and im a MEGA fan! I just began my own blog so if you have any advice for me contact me on stardoll on nicolle-1993x but i have added you both anyway! LOVE you girls and ur blog! You ROCK the fashion world!!


mini-abercrombi said...

I think I am going to stick with Eternity. It is an amazing magazine, with down-to-earth and honest writers, and it has been my favourite magazine so far. I think it would be disloyal to just abandon the magazine because the 'elites' are calling.

Of course I am excited about Teen Style, but I think everyone will forget about all of the other magazines that have been running longer.

Anonymous said...

I love both,and expect great achievements from both.

Stardoll Style said...

Well I agree with mini-abercrombi too, everyone will forget about the other great magazines when teenSTYLE comes out, it's a shame because there's really talented writers and graphic designers out there!

Heidi-di said...

I don't see why will we forget about other great magazines when TeenStyle will be released as you say(mini-abercrombi & stardoll style)!Every magazine have it readers,and we can always love many magazines!
Certainly TeenStyle,will have a huge impact on Stardoll's media world but it won't make our love and admiration for other magazines disappear!I think that your fears are unjustified.

thats.her* said...

I am looking forward to TeenStyle coming out but i don't think you can get better than Eterntiy Magazine :P

I would say that, i am the Editor-in-Chief haha.

But i think TeenStyle will be different than Eternity but we'll just have to wait and see (:


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but we aren't releasing the 1st of August - our release is on 3d of August!
We decided to do that kinda a half of a month ago, so you will be able to visit both parties!

Kiss, Mary Walkerson

Anonymous said...

Woke up, people, we are releasing 3d of August, not 1st!

Angeliiicaaa__ said...

To be honset I think that TeenStyle is getting way to much media attention, I'm sure they will have fabulous graphics just as they have in Style Magazine but I would like to remind everyone that each issue of Eternity Magazine is getting better and I think that it therefore should be more appriciated since Style Magazine always keeps the same standard and because of the fact that 50% of the Style Magazine readers I've talked to admits to not reading Style and says that they just look at Style Magazines pictures.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Style and I myself am very curious of Teen Style but I don't think that it will be much better than Eternity Magazine, I think that it will be an equal standard on both the magazines. And I agree with mini-abercrombi that we should not come running each time the elites call us.

-Angelica, writer and creative director of Eternity Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Eternity is so BOOORING!