Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get The Looks

Hello there!!! Well this morning i had nothing to do,and i was so so so bored that i decided to make a tour at the starplaza and wake up my make-up talents!!lol jk no seriously;to have fun creating different not traditional looks on my medoll!! So i created three looks:the peacock inspired eyes mdr,candyliscious babe, and the surprise......TA DA a make-up look for non superstars!!! well,here's the first: 1-Apply the light green eyeshadow in the corner of the eye 3 or 4 times to have consistant color,and the same for the blue/purple-ish one,then display the Kat Von D medium plum eyeshadow and lighten it a bit with a white or light pink eyeshadow. 2-Apply two or three times Mascara,a blue eyepencil,and the grey eyeliner. 3-As a final touch add some diamond earring to soften the look. I know it's not easy,but if you want to have the grace and majesty of the peacock,you know what to do!!! and here comes the second: 1-apply the jumbo eyepencil purple in the corner area of the eye,then many times(3 or 4) the light blue eyeshadow. 2-display the eyepencil white on all the outline of the eye ,and a layer of mascara. 3-give your medoll a sweet touch by this pink lipstick Maniac This one is easy huh?in 3 magical steps you have a sweet candyliscious face!! And finally *pheww* there's a make-up created for non superstars and from Splendid!!!some tears and fake eye-lashes put together and TADA......>>>

I'm not a professional in make up,not even an amateur,i just wanted to express my creativity in new ways!this make up isn't perfect,far from that,but it's just to tell express yourself by every way you can and let your creative vibes shine!!!lmao!and please tell me if i should stop my make up career,and waisting my time and yours!!

till the next post Ciao

*hugs and kisses*




hottie-roshe said...

what do you mean its not perfect? it is defiantly perfect and im defiantly gona try it out! it looks gorgeous! thanks heiidii!!!

Babii-Mariex said...

Wow I Love The Post Heidi! Gorgeous Looks. I Adore It. Brilliant Darling.

Mwaaa said...

yayee i love the nss make up!i'll certainly try it!!!when i'll have nough money hehe.


writemarycat said...

Looks great!
Love it!

Stardoll Style said...

Love it, especcially the peacock look ;)