Saturday, August 2, 2008

TeenStyle's Premiere.

The most anticipated event of the past weeks had finally took place yesterday,the release of the first sister magazine of Style.
The premiere's party was held in Style_magazine's guestbook,starting at 22:30GMT a bit before the official time,everybody adorned the "red carpet" in fancy luxurious gowns,with a teen touch as Style recommended before,in Teen Style: Event Vol. 2 's discussion.We waited calmely drinking champagne,and talking about everything and anything from the latest movies to our expectations or TeenStyle team's magnifique ensembles,and applausing in ovation to the persons whom without nothing from this could be possible Style and Selena.
I personally started feeling tired and sleepy around 23:55,i know we waited for more than a month,but i don't know why,the last minutes were the hardest.The countdown started,and seconds after midnight,Selena(Model-Selena) revealed the link to the website where TeenStyle was published!!we all copied and pasted the link in an incredible excitement,and as Style and Selena said before during the event,some technical problems arose,making it impossible for them to publish the whole issue,but only the cover!I was a bit disappointed,but the problem will be resolved today or the coming days.
Well,the cover was magnifique in charming colors with a graffitis as background and as covergirl the exquisite Lindsay Brocks(xxdrivebylove) in a beautifull bustier striped dress over a yellow tee shirt and...SNEAKERS!!really teen-ish as they promised with as main articles:The Life of Rami(by Isabella.Arci as Perez revealed in her blog),Cartoon Style,and Livin'In Colors(by Cataleia).It promises a wonderfull issue,and i hope more to comes in the future!!
Here's the link if you already didn't take a look at it:
We will have a complete real review when the issue in completely out;)
and i can't stop my self from posting those pictures of TS's team elegant and elaborate outfits,Style and Selena shines and glows,Ellie made it simple and very chic and as always Isabella made a master art piece!unfortunately i missed Cataleia's outfit(sorry)

- Style_Magazine,Model-Selena,Isabella.Arci,Fakeshake3 -

Till the next post Ciao


sof said...

the party sounds fun ;O
i looove the cover!Linds looks so retro chic!and like Gisele bundchen!

puccapo said...

Lindsay Looks So Retro On The Cover. I Can't Wait Until The Finished Magazine. :)

writemarycat said...

Cover looks great!
But too much drama with the magazine, cause if they uploaded the cover, they can upload everything
they are just holding more publicity

Puccapo said...

Eeeh, i wasnt the one whoe wrote that but i guess its true? XD