Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Book Of Fashion Update!

I've been getting lots and i mean lots of mail from all you BBOF Fans asking for another update! So here it is. It's not a riddle like last time. It's simply me telling you something about it. So here goes something:
We have a new brilliant graphic designer Mary Walkerson! She will be doing the graphics for The Big Book Of Fashion. Mary Walkerson is the owner of Eternity Magazine and as you can all see Eternity Magazine has amazing graphics so expect good graphics from the book!
More updates coming your way in a few days!
More posts coming your way today!
What you know about the book so far:
1. You've seen the cover.
2. All featured in the blog will be in it.
3. Mary (Writemarycat) will be doing the graphics.
More coming soon!


SD-BeautyPagent said...

i can't wait for the realease of this big book of fashion. it sounds great! with marie and heidi's writing skills and fashion sense and mary's fashion sense and graphic skills this book is bound to be amazing! also please read my blog and tell me what you think. it would mean so much to here what you (marie and heidi) think. love the blog im addicted

fakeshake3 said...

Mary is working with you. That's great. When is the book going to be realeased?


Anonymous said...

sounds great.

thereviewer said...

sounds excellent. i will be reviewing it when it is realeased. you have a strong, talented team and i hope it works out to plan.