Sunday, August 3, 2008

The New Kohls Collection.

I was in starplaza when i noticed Kohls was back so i clicked on it. When it was completely loaded i noticed there was a new collection already! I looked around a bit and i found some nice and useful pieces and some others which i just didn't like. My ultimate favourite was the Tier Skirt because it is really useful for layering and makes some outfits look that bit better. My least favourite was the purple lightening bolt top because it didn't really go with anything and it was quite useless. What do you think of the new collection? Whats your favourite and your least favourite?
Eternity Magazine realease party today at 7pm GMT.
In EternityCouture's Gb! It's going to be one to remember.
I'll also be posting a review on the magazine and the best dressed list for the party later on today so stay tuned.
Marie. Over && Out.


hottie-roshe said...

my favourite is the tier skirt and my least favourite is the dot pants. they're horrible. and i'll be at the party! thanks for reminding me and i can't wait for your review and best dressed list! xx

Stardoll Style said...

I love it, it's so my style! Yes, the purple shirt and trousers are hideous, but the rest is all totally cool. ;)

amy-babyeex said...

hiya! i really like kohls! its cheap and non superstar so it kinda rocks for me lol! and i'll try to be at eternitys party!! oxoxoxoxoxox