Sunday, August 17, 2008

Massive Sale!!+Free Items!

Isn't too ....Early!
I was so surprised when i saw that the monthly sale started before the usual time wich means 24th or 25th of the month,and instead it started the 15th!!
Is it because of the 20M reached,or is it another marketting strategy from Stardoll admins!!
Here's my theories:
1)Sale=spending loads of stardollars,that is a fact in whenever time it is!but when the new collection of Vivienne Tam is soon to be released,it means that stardoll wants it users to be broke when it comes,so we'll want it so bad that we'll buy more and more stardollars!!
2)20M=they're becoming kind with us,and are making this prematured sale to reward us of being good you really think this could happen in the best of the worlds[as Voltaire describes ours with sarcasm in Candide....oops sorry am i missing my french litterature courses?Oh NO....maybe a little]
Anyway,this month's sale is completely wonderfull,and it was hard for me to make this selection:

-Erin Fetherson and Betsey Johnson's dresses are def a must have,for a cocktail party or simply an outfit in the air of Betsey's Prom Queen.

-Sonia Rykiel's dress(Ballerina dress) is so floaty and subtile,and could be easily layered,or worn in a fairy spirit.

-Ashley Skirt,layered to SR's dress to make it your very own and it dresses it up

-Mod Pixie Dress,a bit too Mod,but with the right accessories,a retro look is guaranteed

-Beret is my fav,it gives a frenchie artistic touch,and used to be rare(before Stardoll rereleased it)

-Carrie Skirt:so subtile and delicate!moi adore!

-From the office to the ranch,Carrie Vest,can be used differentlybut always adds chicness!!

-and last but not least:Pretty top,made of lace,could be used in a victorian outfit aswell as a retro chic one.i would see it under the BJ dress(i love it)

I hope you like my selection,if i could i would have introduced more items,but you better see it all in shopping spree at the starplaza!

Also My dearest friend ReshResh gave me yesterday a long list of....FREE CLOTHES!!that are seen with the original price,but you could buy them even if you have no stardollars!the clothes are not all wearable,but the shoes!omg fabulous,it includes Louboutins shoes from Rio(5) and the leather jacket(7)!i bought it all!!and still have my dollars!!

I might post the list in a comment,but not for sure,i don't want to be accused of encouraging young ladies on cheating!

i might also do a minishop sale's review,if you want it ask for it!!

p.s.don't forget to comment,it's what makes us continue blogging!

And we're all missing Marie,who i think is still on her Bday shopping trip!

come back soon darling!!


SD-BeautyPagent said...


Sandra said...

i tought it was weird too!:p

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!!i love the sale
pls pls pls what are the other free items? ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you!
but please put the free list! :)

Babii-Mariex said...

Free List:

Fallen Angel, girls
- leather skirt on page 5 for $5
- orange/red pumps page 6 for $4
- Fallen Angel Leather Jacket (SS) page 4 for $7

RIO girls:
- Rio Bandeau Top page 1 for $4
- Rio High Heeled Sandals page 5 for $5
- Rio High Waist Shorts page 5 for $5
- Rio Hotpants page 6 for $4
- Rio Stiletto Pumps page 12 for $4

FUDGE girls
- Fudge Inspired By Philip Lim Skirt page 10 for $5
- pink Fudge Pumps on page 15 for $5
- Fudge Racer pink skirt on page 15 for $4

- Folk Bollywood Golden Shoes page 2 for $4

- olive-greenish Stardoll S/s T-shirt page 15 for $4

Heidi-di said...

it's not working anymore as a friend of mine told me!

Britney ox said...

thanks! it worked for me a few days ago but it doesnt work anymore! luckily marie sent me the list before it stopped working and i got them free! thanks xxxxxx