Friday, August 29, 2008

Eternity released And better than ever!

Eternity's September issue is out and better than ever! Flawless! Could you imagine Mary and Eternity Team did it in ONE week? It's truly amazing! The issue is perfect. Mary might be leaving us for 4 months but she left us a pure chef d'oeuvre. Every column and article is perfection with of course the usual high quality but with new writers such as the talented Modelisous(Gina)who wrote a sans faute brilliant articles: Role Models and also the usual columns that make Eternity what it is now! Always the closest possible to it's readers with the perfect look, my doll and person of the month parts and presenting the last sights of fashion especially stardoll's fashion with the shop guide and top ten trends! There's also this outstanding new column "Just Look Stunning" with multicultural make up looks and of course a marvellous covergirl GabY--!! I know you already probably read the issue but read it again by clicking here or on this link Mary, we'll miss you so much and don't forget to give me my monthly dose of crack very soon i'm not sure i could wait till January ;D p.s.i mean by crack Eternity's issues! i'll be posting the best dressed list in minutes.... xx Heidi


Anonymous said...

This months issue was my fav and it is amazing that they made it in a week.

Britney ox said...

i just read the issue, it is absolutely fabulous. i love it. its one of the best so far and they made it in one week... amazing!!!

Hottie-Roshe said...

Mary&Team Did A Brill Job This Month And To Make Such A Brill Issue In One Week Is Fantastic. She Is My RoleModel

Roshe xxxx

Paris.Freche said...

best issue so far!
eternity are the best mag on stardoll.
im going to miss it for the next few months