Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spelling mistakes.....

I would like to apologize from all of you for my spelling mistakes,and I'll try in the future to make a better use of my English,and use more the spellchecking! Actually,English is not my main language,i only speak it here on stardoll,i normally speak french,and i only started learning english in high school,and what english could i learn in school,when my classmates(and i) were completely careless about the grammar and vocabulary,the only thing we wanted is to have good grades and then we forgot everything we learned. and also excuse me for sometimes using french words as magnifique or spanish as perfecto,and that could be considered by some ignorant as a spelling mistake.


Gossip Girl said...

So it seems my word means a little more then people want to give credit for. Either way, one of the problems I discussed is being fixed. Now, to fix the second. My advice is to lose the Shania skirt, it makes the sillouette of the dress look to "pearish."

One of fashions greatest rules: Always lose one piece before you walk out the door; in your case the frumpy dress.

Your welcome.

Gossip Girl

Isabella.Arci said...

Typos are but a natural thing. Don't worry too much about that especially if your 1st language isn't English.

English isn't mine, as well & I've been wanting to learn more French. You can just imagine how hard it was for me when we had to memorize 24 different recipes in French & its ingredients & techniques when I had no basics knowledge of the language!

J'mapelle Isabella.

Good enough?



Heidi-di said...

Oh yeah,i can imagine it,but i'm sure you were excellent and your french is parfait Isabella!as everything about you!^^

and to gossip girl:my fashion taste and choices aren't here to be discussed.Find a better thing to do,we're done here i guess.

Gossip Girl said...

We're so not done here. After my comment was published, your outfit seemed to make a miraculous change. It appears you do care about what I think a bit more then you're letting on.

Changing a wannabe trendsetter's style, one person at a time? All in a days work.

Gossip Girl

Heidi-di said...

i didn't change my outfit because of you i changed it because i found that there's too much black in it,and it was quite plain!
and i hesitated so much on changing it,because i tought you wld say that!but i had some hope!
and i don't have to justify my actions to you or to anyone else!
plus,i'm not a wannabe trendsetter,i'm a wanna be blogger!
SD-Trendsetters aren't Marie and I,it's the fabulous fashionistas out there on stardoll,as Isabella.Arci!
and why are you so seeking attention from me,if i care about your opinion or not,get over it!
enough was said,if you want to express your personal opinion about me then do it trough your stardoll account so i wld know who am i talking to,not an unknown gossip girl blogger ID.

Gossip Girl said...

Your over-explanation of such a simple thing as changing your outfit just proves my point. Don't worry, most people care what others think of them, I'm just the opposite case.

As much as you try to deny it, my presence here is only giving you some of the attention you so desperately want and long for.

Again, you're welcome.

Gossip Girl

Babii-Mariex said...

Gossip girl, Get over yourself.

We honestly do not care what you think, especially me.

Heidi is one of the most stylish people i know and she defiantly wouldn't change an outfit because some mysterious person (who could be anybody) told her to.

Please stop this nonsence, thank you very much.

We are happy with our medolls and extremely happy with our blog. :)

Much Love,
Marie ox

Lola.Dahlin said...

gossip girl *rolls eyes and moves on because she is so pathetic*

girlies, your blog is one of the best!!

that gossip girl needs to get a life, seriously lol.

lots of love, lola.dahlin (your number one fan)