Thursday, August 14, 2008

let the festivities begin!!

Hiya there!
Yay!Stardoll reached it 20millions members today!!and to award their loyal members(us) they're giving each person 20 stardollars!!(in case you didn't get yours just relog in),special offers and there's a couture dresses giveaway lottery!!!
When i saw the dresses i was fully amazed!it's so haute couture,and luxurious!and some of them have been seen on dolls as Lily Cole,Britney Spears or Kylie Minogue with designers like:Christopher Kane(patchwork of faces and colors that Kylie Minogue helped designing called "the museum dress" wow)

Do u like the dresses?Wich one you prefer?tell us in a comment!!



p.s. we want to add a playlist for our blog,and we would appreciate if you would give us some hints,and suggest some songs to add to it ;D


Kells said...

uphm i love the dresses,but i know i'll never win in that lottery :(((

SD-BeautyPagent said...

awesome dresses! defiantly something that i'd wear!

as for the playlist here's some artists to think about...

britney spears (everyone loves some britney!)
katy pery (preferably her song i kissed a girl)
the who (their song same jeans on is great with the guys and girlies!)
the ting tings (who doesnt love the ting tings)
jordan sparks + chris browns song no air

and if you want some more mail me on stardoll! my username is: paris.freche

kisses + hugs

Alphonsinne* said...

Lovely blog! Visit mine, you'll love it!

Kimberly said...

Those dresses are so chic...I want them in my closet right now!

tiatulip said...

Hope I win something out of the lottery!

For the playlist I suggest:

Mariah Carey (Bye Bye)
Katy Perry (I Kissed A Girl)
Britney Spears (Her songs are all-time faves)
Hilary Duff (maybe)
Rihanna (Umbrella, Don't Stop The Music)
The Click Five (cool songs!)

those are my faves. good luck with your playlist. love the blog!

katrina :) said...

i need the museum dress XD


noah and the whale- 5 years time
coldplay- viva la vida
madonna- like a prayer
flobot- handlebars :)

Anonymous said...

KitchiBambo won a Lottary Dress!!!

It is the Kylie Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!