Monday, August 18, 2008

New looks for you!!

Here are some new looks for you. I just want to tell you that since this blog was created i have spent more time in the Sephora make-up section than all the period of my stardoll membership! Haha. Today i created two contrasted and opposed looks which are Fire and Ice. Let's start with the first:

-Warm and apealing glance:
1)apply the brown eyepencil,on the contour of the eye except the interior side,then Mascara Black and Mascara Volume black(only on the uper eye lash)
2)display the white eyepencil and white eyeshadow on the interior area of the eye,and some brown eyeliner
3)combine the jumbo eyepencil Flesh and Beige to get a brownish tone !
and Tada!!it really suits my medoll's blue eyes!

and now the second==>

Ice Queen:

1) apply the Kat Von D silver eyeliner on the inside area of the eye,then the Metallic Grey eyeliner on the other side.

2)Apply the white eyepencil on all the contour of the eye then many layers of the white eyeshadow on the inside corner of the eye

3)Display loads of the ice blue eyeshadow on the outside corner of the eyelid and some black mascara for a deep glance!

and now you're completely ready to freeze your vistims!

That's all for now! Which one do you prefer? Ice or Fire?

Also I'm working on the reinvention of a new/old magazine!And you'll be the first to see the cover as soon as the magazine's owner authorizes me to reveal it!

All i can say for now is that GabY-- is the Cover Girl of September's issue and oh my gosh she's so beautifull on that cover!




SD-BeautyPagent said...

o la laa. moi ja'dore :)

thereviewer said...

good contrasting and excellent make-up artisting skills.

hannah.banana said...

i prefer fire but ice is gorge too! i cant wait for the isabella.arci interview!!

Britney ox said...

awesome looks, girl.

make sure to keep posting make-up styles