Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Hotbuys Coming Soon!

I logged on stardoll this morning when i decided to look at the new interface a bit better so i scrolled down and i saw a new poll. I looked at it and it said What is your favourite Hotbuys item? When i saw this i quickly went to the voice, clicked on shop news and seen... the same hotbuys as last time! I went back to the poll to make sure i wasn't seeing things.. it was still there. Maybe Callie published the poll before it should have been published? I'm not too sure, but look at the sneak-peek we have on the poll..
Black Bow Dress - Sounds very nice in my opinion. Im thinking of a black knee length dress with a big bow at the front, maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong.
Black/White Bag - Emm, Im not sure what I'm thinking of for this. It could be any black/white bag haha. I think it will be in a circular shape for some reason.
The other poll section is blank.
I'm really excited for these hotbuys, but confused in a way haha. Hopefully stardoll staff have woken up and seen the ''hot'' buys they have been providing us with and said, ''What have we done to these innocent people?'' Hopefully these hotbuys will make us want to buy them like they used to. BUT We should'nt get too excited, they could turn out to be horrible.
I'll be posting a review on the new hotbuys when they come out and we'll see it my guesses on the black bow dress and black/white bag are correct.


Hottie-Roshe said...

wow they sound really nice especially the bow dress. im kind of excited, the better not let us down again.

Britney ox said...

i bet callie did it on purpose so we would want them even more lol.

they sound good but they better look good too

lil-bit-me said...


SD-BeautyPagent said...

they sound so chic!

Eamon007 said...

there might be something wrong with the site... as usual. so the poll went up early. that site is always messed up these days lol.