Friday, August 29, 2008

Eternity Release Party Best Dressed

And as promised here are the best dressed, the people that sparkled in Eternity September's issue release party at EternityCouture.
Don't forget to visit this blog,made by eternity team to keep you updated during Eternity's break!
Here we go...
-Elegant Sophistication-
WriteMarycat, modelisous
WriteMaryCat sported a very chic and elegant look using a mix of the timeless duo black and white in a scintillating outfit that breathes witt and poise.
Modelisous: Floaty and elegant, this outfit is definitely one of a kind. Layering with simplicity the black skirt under the one of a kind Faith Hill dress and accessorized in perfection!

-Creativity Explosion-

To_Royal, JustMissHilton

To_Royal and JustMissHilton had a creativity bloom and made flawless gracefull outfits in Ivory, white and saumon tones. The outfits are very similar concerning the colors but the details and general theme are so different. Props to the both for their creativity!

-Hollywoodian Glamour-
babucci1992 and YouLoveLorie both showed in a exquisite sparkling outfits with a touch of glamour and for some extravagannce, brilliant color mix and outstanding creations.
Sorry for the short post (i have to go to sleep haha) and short listbut not everyone did make it, i'm sorry if you deserve to be best dressed and i didn't visit you or saved your outfit maybe next time ;D
Stay tuned!


Britney ox said...

They all look fabulous.

Paris.Freche said...

everyone looks so chic and elegant, i wish i had got on the list...... maybe next time as you said ;]

lil-bit-me said...

wow they're outfits are stunning!!