Friday, August 22, 2008

New Interface!

Hello sweethearts!
I'm just blogging today to show you the new interface for Stardoll games and dolls. If you already didn't pay attention to it.
I actually like this new layout and I find it more organized and it is easier for us to find the desired dress up or general games. It is organized, clear and more welcoming.
I think this change is resulting than the last lack of interest from stardollians towards the stardolls, which the website is principally based about or simply some newly hired design admins that are making a great job concerning this interface and the lastly introduced clothing pieces.
So hate it? or love it? any thoughts or theories?
till the next post ciao
p.s. Style_Magazine's speech in the discussion "Grow and Learn" was so true and she proved again that she's a real role model for everyone who wants to pursuit his/her own dreams by staying strong and confident and facing every situation with courage. We wish her all the best for her both marvellous magazines.
While talking about magazines, I'm actually very sad Eternity won't be out on the usual time because of Mary's (writemarycat) forced vacation and removal to a bigger house,but i hope she had a lot of fun ^^ and we can't wait for her and Eternity's team upcoming issues.


Hottie-Roshe said...

i really like the new interface. it looks really good and it is so much easier to use.

your blog has inspired me to create my own fashion blog and i really hope you will visit it and perhaps comment. i haven't starting posting properly yet (only the intro.)

keep up the awesome job you are doing. i really love your blog and you girls are so inspiring and are fab role models to beginning bloggers.

Lola.Dahlin said...

The new templete is so much better than the one before. Less confusing and so more nice to look at. I love it, and style_magazine is old news in my eyes but that post was deep, i must admit. oh, oh and Eternity Mag is my fav. Cant wait till it comes out.

Lul, Lola.Dahlin

Anonymous said...

there is a new template thing? cool!

SD-BeautyPagent said...

oh la la. moi j'adore. et toi?

Heidi-di said...

moi aussi Paris,j'aime bien!mais pas trop la couleur!mais en tout cas c mieux qu'avant.
translation:me too Paris,i like it!but not much the color!anyway it's better than before.
and about style_magazine,it wasn't a gossip,it's just me saying that i agree with her ^^

SD-BeautyPagent said...

yes, i know.
sometimes i think people should give style a break. they're always gossiping about her, she is only human remember!

thereviewer said...

i personally love the new template on

very professional.