Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Star Awards Nominees+ My votes

Hello, stylish people! :) Yesterday i saw the Star Awards nominees. Some of the nominees are great, some of them aren't (in my opinion). Anyway, i decided to post the nominees and my personal choices here. btw, Should i also mark the people who makes me say WTF, or it will be too offending?

Best Newcomer: Wylie1995, TheFemaleDog, Audrey_Coco, and 123Christopher.

Best Female Modell: Hunnigall, WriteMaryCat, Tyrall, and Puccapo.

Best Male Medoll: 123Christopher, Danpuffs, -cooldude, and Dodence_bt.

Best Dressed: Glamour1, Fakeshake3, Babii-Mariex(congrats Marie!) ,and IamYourFat.

Best Suite: Bella_La_Swan, MSdavies2005, FionaMcgonigle, and Woman-in-White.

Social Butterfly: Modelisous, YouLoveLorie, IluvMumble333, and Bluegreen86.

Best Personality: BeverlyHillsHei, Undamyumbrellla, Bluegreen86, and Welsh_Witch.

Best Friendship: Mik-Ma & Hunnigall, Model-Selena & Style_Magazine, WriteMaryCat & Angeliiicaa__, and Arna-Rut & Dodence_bt.

Best Magazine: Dodence_bt for Glamour Magazine, Model-Selena for Teen Style Magazine, TheFemaleDog for Dog Magazine, and Star_Awards for Eccentric Magazine.

Best Blog: Sd-Trendsetters.blogspot.com (love you guys), SeenOnStardoll.blogspot.com, Gossip-Stardoll.blogspot.com and PerezHiltonOfStardoll.blogspot.com

Best Business: Bluegreen86 for MelsModels, SingingMermaid for SingingMermaid designs, WriteMaryCat, Babii-Mariex, and Heidi-di for TrendLounge (I'm a part of TrendLounge too, no? :D), and Paulina for AskPaulinaGirls.

Special Achivement Award: Style_Magazine, Springate, Iamyourfat, and Isabella.Arci.

Biggest Role Model: Model-Selena, Bluegreen86, Steelone, and Gemma_w.

I personally have a problem with this ctagory, "Biggest Role Model". The reason is very simple: I can't realy call someone from Stardoll a "role model". So when i vote for someone in this category, it doesnt mean that she's a real role model for me. I like Mel, but as a nice person and not as a role model.

P.S: I need a new banner :S

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hackers and Liars - Experience and Tips

(Credit to halmonkey3 for this incredible banner! Thanks so much, I love it!)
You hear of scheming, cruel, horrible hackers alot here on stardoll, but you can never feel the anger and hate until you have been hacked yourself, and this, unfortunately, happened to me today. I will tell you what happened, following by some (hopefully) helpful tips to prevent ever getting hacked.

Everything was fine, chatting to friends, replying to mail and guestbook comments when I recieved a kind offer from a girl named Shannypop. Here is the whole conversation we had:

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, she fooled me big time and I was stupid enough to fall for it. She has stolen, lied and cheated me and probably has not one thing on her concious. It has happened to me once, but will not happen again.


Remember all you hackers, stealing an account on stardoll is like stealing money from someone. They have topped up many times, almost all people on stardoll's suites have cost them over $100 so stealing an account, is as equal as stealing $100+ from someone's pocket. Stealing someone's clothes is almost equal as stealing clothes from a clothing store.. It may not be as expensive, but it is still stealing. Remember this, hackers.. You all are real life theives and I would stop now.

1. If you recieve a mail such as, 'I can get you free stardollars just give me your pass' or something along them lines.. It isn't true!
2. If you believe this person (even though you shouldn't because it is a pile of crap) then, create a new account, keep it non-superstar, dont even buy stuff and give the person the password to that account and you will then see if it works. If it gains no stardollars or becomes hacked, you know it's false. (like it 100% is.)
3. NEVER give out your password to anybody. (Exceptions to 100% trustworthy bffs.)
4. If you are trading or buying off someone with giftcodes, ask some friends or check lists of accounts or clubs to see if the person you are trading or buying off is safe.
5. Be safe, not sorry! Think before you type ;)
Have you ever been hacked ? Have you ever been fooled ? Do you know any hackers/unsafe traders ? Is being hacked/stolen from one of your stardoll fears ? Anything else to say ? Tell us in a comment!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Fashion Joins the Brain

Brain? Fashion?....joined? yep, it's rare but possible! Well, today, it really happened! really! would i lie to you?...Nope! Almost a week ago, a friend on skype(Ruxandra), told me that she was so excited, because she was going to create a new magazine, this was so expected since now on Stardoll it the come back of magazines craze, nothing new! So two days after that, she(boowow_1998 ) told me again about her magazine's first issue...so fast...she must be really excited! Well, when the link took me to the page, i was so surprise, it wasn't as i expected! no stunning covergirl, no long boring articles about how fashion is or shld be (lol) well, it's intersting, fun and...different with very useful informations, intelligent articles and stuff, but the graphics weren't really as good as the contents. And after a few...realy few days, the second issue is have been released today, with so much better graphics, better articles, more global view, and a tiny stardollian touch. It's really great, i'm so stunned, plus it contains an article about my beloved country, Morroco!

a picture of an article about glasses

This second issue was realized by our Fay( Fayasi ) and Ruxandra (Boowow_1998) as owners, graphic designers and also writers, and also my love, Lorie, who's the one who wrote the article about my homeland! It's Finally a mag that you don't only check and see, but read, and when get out of the page you have got so many informations in your head! So here's a link to the second issue of Brain Fashion Magazine! http://stardollsjuice.blogspot.com/ Read it and enjoy a different magazine! xx Heidi

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sale Review!

As you know, the end of the month half price sale is in the starplaza right now.
Here's the best buys of the month:

What's your faves ?

Tell us in a comment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Antidote VS Limited Edition

Stardoll, stardoll, on the web.. Who's the fairest limited brand of them all ?
Yes, that's right. It's time to see.. the ultimate Limited Brand.
So, Im going to ask 10 people which is their favourite, then, you can comment tell us your my favourite and remember to vote in the poll as it will reveal the ultimate winner and when the poll is closed, I will reveal the best limited brand!
Bluegreen86 - I personally like LE more. Although Antidote has more of a signature style and has both interior items and clothing items (not to mention clothes for boys and girls) I like LE items more because they are alot more versatile and more limited. The most limited item in Antidote was around 500 items but in the first season of LE it was about half of that. Although the items are a lot more expensive in LE, I think the items are items I could wear a lot more compared to the antidote items. I do love both though, especially since Antidote is affordable!
Starszn - Antidote for sure. Its cheaper more up to date and veryy cute! Its also very real life like. And thats something I can picture myself wearing in real life. Plus its superr hot! And LE is just stardoll's way of making cheap high fashion, which is bleh! :]
Missdiorfashion - Ouch! This is a tough one. Limited Edition's first collection was fierce while the second was more cute while Antidote is so edgy and so much more my style! I have to say Antidote, the reasons being it's more my style, it's not ridiculously overpriced, it has clothing for females and males, if sells not only clothes but paintings and so much more. It's an overall winner, haha!
Halmonkey3 - I prefered LE only because you could easily dress it down or up. There were a lot of classy looks in LE, but in Antidote, it was only the Urban Chic looks. Even though LE was a bit more expensive, I found that it was better quality than Antidote.
Arna-rut - Defenetly LE, it contained better clothing items, Despite the prize difference LE stands out in this.
To_Royal - I prefer Antidote! It is so interesting and has a retro flare to it, reminds me of the 90's really, and I love that decade.
N1mka4eva - I like LE because its more extravagant, and more expensive so not as many people are able to buy them, more limited!
Yasas10 - Well... those 2 brands are both hot, limited and expensive. I love Antidote's Tee's, but not much more. I guess I prefer LE - The clothes are extra special.
TatCinderella - I think Antidote is better because it is much cheaper, also I've seen the items the Antidote brand had on some blogs and J'adored the grey top with the sunglasses. Also for Antidote hey sold posters etc which you can decorate you're suite with, but with LE that didn't happen.
Fashion.Fantasy - I prefer Antidote, because it is a limited edition that is still affordable, unlike the LE. And I also like some of the Antidote clothing more because they are more fun looking, LE is so serious and high fashioned and we dont always need that.
So, that is their opinions, now, tell us yours! Tell us in a comment and remember to vote in the poll, it will reveal the ultimate brand!
*A special thankiess to Ruxandra aka boowow_1998 for this post's wonderful banner!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

April Hotbuys!

The April hotbuys have been realeased!
So, what has stardoll got in store for us this month ?
There's alot of different looks in this month's hotbuys. There are some subtle colours such as in the pumps and in the pink pink top. There is also some bold colors as in the bright pink top. When I look at this picture, I am suddenly drawn to the black fur jacket, I say it could work well with the right outfit, but it's a risky one, but a risk should and will be taken! I am already in love with the colourblock pumps, they're so gorgeous!
Stardoll has also given us some designer items such as:

That's all for now, Another post coming later today ;)

Tell us what you think of the hotbuys in a comment (:

The Lucky 50!

As a proud sponsor (blog) and a judge of Fabuleux Icone, you will be hearing all the latest updates, details, reviews and much more right here, at SD-Trendsetters! Incase you didn't know, Fabuleux Icone is a brand new, giant competition on stardoll, kind of like the Miss world competition and the prizes are amazing. Here is just some of the prizes: A feature in The Big Book Of Fashion, To be in the stardoll A list, to be featured in the official stardoll magazine and much more! If i wasn't a judge, I would have entered as soon as it opened, haha!
Mary recently posted 6 of the lucky 30 girls who will take part in the competition (tour one) on the official Fabuleux Icone blog (visit it by clicking here) which are:
1. bluegreen86
2. shanelrouge-
3. findurlove
4. MissCunha
5. idilpekel585
6. we3forever
7. j*b*
8. Guaggi
9. cltreanor
10. tinkerbells95
11. starszn
12. amelia321
13. smoothieLove
14. hilaryera
15. saygrace
16. carmenchu11
17. hrvatica_97
18. mimi_mami
19. fayasi
20. .chill.
21. woman-in-white
22. youlovelorie
23. topmedoll
24. chinisua
25. andrushk
26. piemonte_girl
27. MariQueen
28. filipinhamaria
29. rute_xox
30. Varenthika
Congratulations, you all deserve it!
Have you entered Fabuleux Icone ?
What do you think of the whole idea ?
Will it go far ?
All opinion, leave a comment!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The new me!

For the benefit of Ms.Michelle, there will be a show tonight...
Well, that was just for fun. I love the Beatles.
Anyway, im in a very crazy mood today, so i suprised myself and other people, with this..........
I look so sexy, in my slutty weird way :D And i also wrote a poem, which is part of the new me: The lion fell in love with Amy, So I got depressed and fucked the lamb. I think that Amy is pretty lame, But the lamb is a real bomb.
Hot, no? XD

Friday, March 20, 2009

Antidote - Best Dressed!

Antidote has been realeased, as you all know and here is just a few of my favourite outfits made with Antidote pieces!


Iina looks so fashion forward in this black and navy-blue outfit! Iina has used the Antitode Demin Corset to create this outfit and is defiantly one of my favourite outfits on this best dressed list. She has used the Antidote clothing without throwing it into everyones faces. A very stylish and modest outfit. I love it!


This outfit reminds me so much of the sweetest summer and the creamiest icecream! It's such an adorable outfit with use of the Antidote Hannah seagull romprer. It looks great on Laura's beautiful medoll! Great job!


I love the simplicity of Jen's outfit. It brings out the beauty in Jennifer's medoll and Jen's eyeshadow and hair is the best accesorizes you could get for this outift, beautiful! Im glad she added the opaque tights which added a bit of edge to the outfit! A great use of the Antidote Bridget Bubble Dress! Overall, A great outfit.


Sarah looks really chic in this all Antidote outfit! I love the blues and the clothes she used together, it looks gorgeous! Her medoll goes so well with the outfit and overall looks great together! Love it.


I really love this outfit. I love when people mix and match different clothing and the outcome was great! Very daring and beautiful. Love it, great job!


A very stylish outfit by Lilla! I love the colours and the mix of Antidote and other brands to make a beautiful outfit. Sleek and Sophisticated! Love it.


I don't know if it's the outfit or the medoll but there is something about this girl that makes her look oh-so-chic! The dress is gorgeous and she has worked it well. I also love the way she used the interior painting and light in her background too. Overall, hot, hot, hot!

I know that there is so much more amazing Antidote outfits on stardoll which I haven't discovered yet so if you think you have a great Antidote outfit and want to be featured ask me to check it out in a comment her or in my GB. Thats all for now, Tell us your fav in a comment!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Antidote Released!

Today, I topped up and had 157 SDs and I bought interior, clothes and accesorises and make-up and now i only have 2 SDs and then.. **KABOOSSH** out of no where, Antidote is realeased! Great, I can't buy anything.. lol! This always happens to me, not even joking! It happened with both LE collections, Philosophy and DKNY! I think my medoll is cursed!
Anyway, onto the actual subject, Antidote has been realeased and of course, it's another Limited clothing store so if you want to grab some.. buy, buy, buy and guess what... It's not like 12432282 Stardollars this time.. Shocker :o
There's nothing over 100SD and everything is mostly 10, 40 or 50 stardollars which isn't too bad, i guess. There is 2 floors.. yay, the more the merrier, right ? Well, unless your obsessed and HAVE to buy the whole store and if there's too floors you'll have to waste more money.. that way you won't be merrier but most of the time, more the merrier. Oh and there is clothes for boys for once! Anywho, There is some really cool things and some other not so nice things but whatever at least we have a new brand. Also, unlike LE you can buy pictures and stuff too which is pretty cool, I really want the abstract punk painting!
Give us your opinions..
Your full rates and ugg hates..
In a comment :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get The Looks...is Back!

After a long period of disappearance, and hesitation, Get The Looks is finally back, and for good. Since the last GTL, I didn't spend much time in that Sephora Make up section, but I hope that i'll get my skills back with the practice. Well, i tried to create some looks with subtle and striking colors using an abstract technique, also i tried to make it very lively and fresh, all the looks are inspired by the Spring nights , and each is made to be worn for a group of activities and styles.
I admit that i missed writing this section and making the looks so much, but somehow, i wasn't enough inspired neither passionate, but those times are far behind!
So, don't be shy and get your looks!
Sweet Romantic

This look is characterized by the use of light colors, that provides a very soft and sweet aspect to the face, it would probably match a floaty dress in a full moon ballad next to a lake or just in the city or maybe for a ride on a gondole in Venise! To get that look follow the instructions:

-Trace the contour of the eye using a white eye pencil, and at the outsider corner, use some black eye liner.

- Try to trace a half circle of the jumbo eye pencil purple near the eyebrows, and under it spread many layers of the eye shadow pearl n°4.

-On the inside corner of the eyelid, spread the white eye shadow, and keep spreading it until you have a sparkling white!

-Make you gaze deeper, by thickening your lashes with a black mascara x2

Chic Junky Crazy

This look is inspired by random mixed junk that turns out to be somehow chic, and brings out the rebel inside you, it also a look for creative and daring persons.

Just follow the steps below!

-Trace your eyes in white using a white eye pencil, and give your eyes a double touch of mascara.

-Colour the inside corner of the eyelid arbitrarily in blue with a Jumbo eye pencil Grey, on the bottom of the eyelid, spread the jumbo eye pencil purple in the form of a half circle, on the top, and some orange ( Jumbo eye pencil Flesh) in the remaining area without forgetting to past under the eye also to give it more glare.

Much easy! huh?! ;D

Subtle Dreamer

Sweet and subtle, a mix of sobre and girly colors, layers of tones that expresses all the sides of the dreams; an appealing look for every dreamer. When i finished that look, it reminded me of the spirit of Luella! and who know why!

on the following, you'll discover how to get that look.

-On the inside corner of the eye, spread the white eye pencil, and the remaining part, trace it with the metallic aubergine eye liner, over it the light purple eye pencil.

-Then, a crucial step for me, and the one i love most in make up, spread the white eyeshadow over the inside part of the eyelid, after that, try to trace a half circle using the eye shadow n°1 in many layers, and draw the last layer on the edges of the half circle to get a smoky eyes result.

-That being done, use the pink eye shadow (n° 10) on the side near the eyebrows as you can see on the picture above.

-As final touch, give you eyes a layer of black mascara.

Is it clear?...Duhh!!

Le Fresh and Juicy!

I felt in a so damn good fresh mood, with the spring and summer weather starting on my country, and as that kind of weather can only mean for me : Orange Juice and swimming pool, i thought that creating a look that expresses that would be very refreshing! haha

so be juicy! i hope that the instructions are helpful!

-Start with my fav step ( if you remember, the white eye shadow in the corner of the eye in many layers), use the white eye pencil all over your eyes. and trace the inside part of your eyes with the metallic blue eye liner.

-Then the jumbo flesh eye pencil as showed above on the according pic. And over it some jumbo eye pencil blue on the edges of the orange zone and the lashes.

-And of course, a touch of mascara would make it perfect.

Cheeky Frenzy

-First spread a grey half circle with the KVD steel eyeshadow, on the top of it trace a blue zone with the JEP blue as shown on the pic and over that part, paint the zone going from the edges of the last part we spoke about, until the eyebrows, with the JEP grey pink.

-Trace the down part of the eye with the metallic green eye liner , and on the corner the white eye pencil, and some mascara on the upper eye lashes!

Ah, finally done, i hope you enjoyed those looks, that maybe you'll try some of them, and also that the steps and instructions were because sometimes i didn't find the words to describe what i wanted to.

So Hasta La Vista! see you soon!

Coming up later: Stardoll Trendsetters new project, News on the BBOF, a party at the TrendLounge....more and more!



Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes, another week has past and another styleWATCH has been posted. Lets see the hottest looks and crazes of today!
When I clicked on Stacy's suite I seen this dress and I automatically said to myself.. ''I want that dress! Where did she get it ?'' I clicked on it to find that it wasn't one dress, but quite a few! Ahh, you see, the masters of layering always make it look like it's one dress. Great job Stacey, you look fabulouss!

When creating an outfit with minishop items, your outfit is either a complete sucess or a complete disaster and I'm happy to say Maria's had a beautiful outcome. Maria created this graceful dress with minishop items aswel as some clothing items and overall, it looks great. I love it and it shows Maria's personality very well.. Sweet, sensitive and daring.

Hunnigall, Writemarycat, ashy_loves_you, Tyrall

As you know, 2 new hairstyles arrived onto stardoll just a few days ago. I am a big fan of the stardoll members who added coloured streaks to the edgy hairstyle which looks great. Alice, Mary, Ashley and Claire are the favourites of all the people I looked at with this hairstyle. They look FIERCEEE.. MEooowww.

Babii-Mariex, n1mka4eva, yasas10

Look at their gorgeous medolls, especially Babii-Mariex.. Joke, Joke! As you know, style WATCH isn't just about looks, it's also featuring the latest crazes and one of which is.. stardoll marriages! And well, I married Charlie and Yasmin in Vegas yesterday in our very own TrendLounge! We planned it literally 2 minutes before the party and it was lots of fun. The theme was 'A Vegas Wedding' which just popped into our heads. Thanks to everyone who came especially our priest: Gosia (who must be the most funniest person I know!). Our maid of honours: Alice&Roxy. Our bridesmaids: Arna, Sandra and Roisin. Our best man: Alex. And everyone else who came!

Isabella.arci and her many looks!

Today, I discovered that Isabella has made a few accounts and each of them have seriously different looks. I think it's so awesome how each of them have the exact same medoll but a completely different style. As you can see above, the first picture, is of course her original account Isabella.Arci with a really exotic, simple but beautiful outfit which suits her alot. The second is of her other account Isabella.A.Two with a fierce (and I mean fierce!) outfit which shows us another side of Isabella! I love it. And finally, on her other account Isabella.A.3 she has gone british punk and is rocking her outfit! Overall, Props to Isabella for keeping all these accounts up and still keeping them stylish!

Thats all I have time for now. Later on Heidi and I will be telling you all about STFW.. Guess what it is ;) and also about a new project on stardoll and all the juicy details and much more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The new hairstyles- Who rocked em' and who didnt?

Hello, garbage sluts! (i in the mood for swearing today, dont take it personal)
Well, soon im going to end my writing career here. I would say im sad, but you guys are the ones who should be sad. While you will think of me every time you read this blog, i will sit on my couch, with my nice cat and a cup of hot chocolate, and do my trademark evil laugh...
Anyway, this is probably one of my last posts, so enjoy it, and bomb with comments!
Well, im pretty sure you all know about the new hairs. In the beginning i loved them, now i still love them, but the fact that 80% of Stardoll have them is annoying. Anyway, i decided to make my list of people who rocked the new hairs, and one who didnt... *evil laugh, again*
Well, here we go:
Undamyumbrellla: Kasia made this hair look good, and its not so easy. I havnt seen many people who realy rocked it like she did... So she deserve a credit for it, and also for her chic outfit! Lunuszka: I could easily not feature this look, because its simple, and when you first look its not special at all. But something about the whole look is good! Maybe its the hippie chic jeans and sunglasses, or maybe the fact that the hair is the most outstanding part in the look. Dont know why, but i just like it.
DanPuffs: Dan is known for his trademark short colourful hair, and changing something that everyone like can be a risk. But he made this hair look awsome too, with his everyday funky outfit.
Naive-Magazine: I actully havnt featured Gosia for her hair. It looks good too, but the main thing about her look is her tooth! She was inspired by the latest haute medoll around, Smelly_Twat! I dont know what about you, but Smelly_Twat get my Star-Awards vote in the "best medoll" category...
FashiongodS: Bonamy and Kasia are the only ones who rocked this hair, but they both did it well! The hair isnt the main part in this look, but i like how she mixed it with the elegant/rockn'roll outfit.
Hazy_Cloud121: Keziah used this hair with an awsome vintage outfit, which is totally her thing, and the whole look is a big and fun mess, which I love.
Hrvatica_97: Dora's outfit realy suprised me, in a good way (unlike someone else, you will discover who soon). I was sure that this hair can only be used with a grunge and rockn'roll tough outfit, but she took it to a girly-chic edge. The whole look is great, very fun and springy :)
Mik-ma: Mika understood the point of this hair realy well: Rockn'roll. And, well, lets say that stuff like that aren't realy Mika's weak side, so it was obvious that she will rule it.
And now, for the bad part... Its going to be hard, so get ready... Not for the faint hearted!
Who wore the 18 century hair better, our very own Stardoll's Tyler, or France's very own Voltaire? I think Voltaire did. He was more edgy. But we want your opinion, so what do you think?
And what do you think about everyone?
And by the way, we realy want to know if you had a heart attack. We will ask Tyler to pay the money for the hospital, its not our fault that he copied Voltaire, and in such a suckish boring way...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Talk.

Hey everyone. Im really bored right now and I decided to post but as you all probably know, stardoll doesn't have much to post about atm apart from the whole hacking thing which is way over-written about.. But it's better to be safe than sorry! So, I had this idea for a new section for the blog which is just for fun, you know ?
Well, It lets us hear what you have to say. Me and my friends were asking each other what is the worst advice we had ever been given and it was soo funny to hear some of the things so I thought I would give a change to the blog and let you all speak out instead of us and I might even feature the best, just for fun!
This week's Sweet Talk is:
What is the worst advice you have ever been given.
Tell us in a comment!
Coming later this week: TrendLounge party, SD-Trendsetter's big fashion surprise, A BIG competition, Your chance to have your article featured in the Big book of Fashion, Get the looks and many more posts!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get Their Look!

Ever wanted to have the same shoes as Agyness Deyn or the same dress as Katy Perry ? Well, with Get Their Look, you can. A brand new section to the blog where we help you find the key pieces of a 'want it all' outfit right here, on stardoll.

Own an identicle pair of edgy Agyness Deyn's leopard pants right here on stardoll for only 6 stardollars.

Ever wanted the look of the beautiful Lily Donaldson ? Now you can!

TOP - Pretty in pink, bow front top - 5 SD

SHORTS - ELLE, Spring demin shorts - 6 SD

WAIST COAT - ELLE, Simple cropped vest - 5 SD

BAG - Rio Chicas, Rio hand bag - 4 SD

SHOES - Fudge girls, Fudge girls shoes - 2 SD

Own a pair of Katy's shorts here on stardoll and you don't have to worry about looking hot and then cold, yes and then no.. because you'll always look hot with these babys on! Find them at: Pretty and Pink, high waisted shorts - 4 SD.

Sorry, That's all I have time for right now but in the next Get their look post the quality and length will be much better. Later this week we will have a new get the looks (Make-up section) post, A new public vote, A new ICONS post, a Party at TrendLounge, our next competition winner will start writing for the blog and much more. Be prepared!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bowie VS Dior!

Hello, poor scammed-hacked-fashion lover Stardoll member!
No, im not going to write about the whole Mafia thing, i dont have anything new to say about it. But i had an awsome idea for post! I hope all of you know David Bowie. Boo you if you dont. Anyway, his most famous picture is the Ziggy Stardust picture, with the big lightning on his face. Fuck you if you sure it looks like Gaga. Lady Gaga is cool, but she's crap next to David Bowie. Sorry for all the Gaga addicts, im just a crazy fan of Bowie!
Im sure all of you know Dior, and know that one of the special things about his runways is the Avant-Garde, artistic make up.
So... Who wore it better, Bowie or Dior's runway models?

Im for Bowie. He done that first, and he's fierce! But who cares about me, what do you think? Tell everyone in a comment :)

P.S: I know Marie already featured her, but i just had to do it again- Molly, AKA iamyourfat, is genious! She made the famous Ziggy Stardust make up for her medoll, and im SO in love with her for that. I actully asked her to marry me, but she still havnt answered! Poor me...

EDIT: Thanks Kasia (undamyumbrellla) for showing me this extremly amazing Vogue cover, with Kate Moss wearing the "vintage Bowie" make up! Kate rules, she totally pull it off!