Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes, another week has past and another styleWATCH has been posted. Lets see the hottest looks and crazes of today!
When I clicked on Stacy's suite I seen this dress and I automatically said to myself.. ''I want that dress! Where did she get it ?'' I clicked on it to find that it wasn't one dress, but quite a few! Ahh, you see, the masters of layering always make it look like it's one dress. Great job Stacey, you look fabulouss!

When creating an outfit with minishop items, your outfit is either a complete sucess or a complete disaster and I'm happy to say Maria's had a beautiful outcome. Maria created this graceful dress with minishop items aswel as some clothing items and overall, it looks great. I love it and it shows Maria's personality very well.. Sweet, sensitive and daring.

Hunnigall, Writemarycat, ashy_loves_you, Tyrall

As you know, 2 new hairstyles arrived onto stardoll just a few days ago. I am a big fan of the stardoll members who added coloured streaks to the edgy hairstyle which looks great. Alice, Mary, Ashley and Claire are the favourites of all the people I looked at with this hairstyle. They look FIERCEEE.. MEooowww.

Babii-Mariex, n1mka4eva, yasas10

Look at their gorgeous medolls, especially Babii-Mariex.. Joke, Joke! As you know, style WATCH isn't just about looks, it's also featuring the latest crazes and one of which is.. stardoll marriages! And well, I married Charlie and Yasmin in Vegas yesterday in our very own TrendLounge! We planned it literally 2 minutes before the party and it was lots of fun. The theme was 'A Vegas Wedding' which just popped into our heads. Thanks to everyone who came especially our priest: Gosia (who must be the most funniest person I know!). Our maid of honours: Alice&Roxy. Our bridesmaids: Arna, Sandra and Roisin. Our best man: Alex. And everyone else who came!

Isabella.arci and her many looks!

Today, I discovered that Isabella has made a few accounts and each of them have seriously different looks. I think it's so awesome how each of them have the exact same medoll but a completely different style. As you can see above, the first picture, is of course her original account Isabella.Arci with a really exotic, simple but beautiful outfit which suits her alot. The second is of her other account Isabella.A.Two with a fierce (and I mean fierce!) outfit which shows us another side of Isabella! I love it. And finally, on her other account Isabella.A.3 she has gone british punk and is rocking her outfit! Overall, Props to Isabella for keeping all these accounts up and still keeping them stylish!

Thats all I have time for now. Later on Heidi and I will be telling you all about STFW.. Guess what it is ;) and also about a new project on stardoll and all the juicy details and much more.


MissDiorFashion said...

they're all beautiful but i like starszn the best! and congratz on getting married lol!

MadWorld said...

I should have been best man at the wedding Lol. All the stylewatch outfits are great btw.. I especially like Isabella's because she has so many different looks and I also liked the hairstyle with streaks.. very kewl.. Lol.

Britney ox said...

Wow! They're all very nice. I like them all!

danceronice1 said...

I like Maria's because it's very pretty and suits her alot. But everyone elses is very pretty too!

Serena. said...

Ohhh I Love Starzn's Dress & Congratulations On Getting Married To Charlie & Yasmine Hehe. Wish I Could Have Went!

Ohh And I Think I Know What STFW Stands For. Well The First 2 Letters Stand For Stardoll Trendsetters, Right? Im Guessing And Maybe F Stands For Friends, Fame Or Fashion Or Something And I Have No Idea What W Stands For?? But It Sounds Exciting!! Cant Wait To Hear About It!

- Lady F said...

starszn - beautiful dress, i like it alot. the pattern completes it. beautiful!

mimi_mami - i agree with marie, it either goes well or a disaster. your medoll looks beautiful in it.

hunnigall, writemarycat, ashy_loves_you, tyrall - only some people can pull this hairstyle off and luckily for you.. the 4 of you can! good job.

babii-mariex, n1mka4eva, yasas10 - congrats lol!

isabella.arci - you look fabulous in every account!

torangle said...

y wasnt i invited to the wedding

Isabella.Arci said...

Thank you for the spot in your article!

Haha, I think you missed another account, which is Isabella.A.One

Initially, I just wanted to maintain one separate account, but when my main account started to show glitches, Stardoll suggested that I transfer more than half of my items to another account. Thus the dot 1 dot 2 so on.

But I'm mighty glad that you took all these accounts positively. There's another blog that is crucifying me for having multiples.

By the way, congratulations to the newly-wed!


Yasas10 said...

We rocked that 2 minute wedding. :D

Dei* said...

I love the outfits! =o

But I had missed the wedding =[

I was so busy ,blueh x.x

Mimi_Mami said...

Aww thank you so much for featuring me! :D

YaelAlon said...

I missed the wedding! I feel like swearing. Marie, can i have your premission? ;D

starszn said...

Aw thanks guys! (:

izziizzibizi said...

hi (add me on stardoll plzz!!)

great outfits.. i like isabellas british punk one best!! but all beuaitufl!