Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get Their Look!

Ever wanted to have the same shoes as Agyness Deyn or the same dress as Katy Perry ? Well, with Get Their Look, you can. A brand new section to the blog where we help you find the key pieces of a 'want it all' outfit right here, on stardoll.

Own an identicle pair of edgy Agyness Deyn's leopard pants right here on stardoll for only 6 stardollars.

Ever wanted the look of the beautiful Lily Donaldson ? Now you can!

TOP - Pretty in pink, bow front top - 5 SD

SHORTS - ELLE, Spring demin shorts - 6 SD

WAIST COAT - ELLE, Simple cropped vest - 5 SD

BAG - Rio Chicas, Rio hand bag - 4 SD

SHOES - Fudge girls, Fudge girls shoes - 2 SD

Own a pair of Katy's shorts here on stardoll and you don't have to worry about looking hot and then cold, yes and then no.. because you'll always look hot with these babys on! Find them at: Pretty and Pink, high waisted shorts - 4 SD.

Sorry, That's all I have time for right now but in the next Get their look post the quality and length will be much better. Later this week we will have a new get the looks (Make-up section) post, A new public vote, A new ICONS post, a Party at TrendLounge, our next competition winner will start writing for the blog and much more. Be prepared!


MissDiorFashion said...

I love these kind of posts! My fav was lily donaldon because the outfits werre practically identicle and look great! ps. all the stuff coming this weeek sound great especially the party, hehe.

gwennabe_me said...
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gwennabe_me said...

love the new section!

Serena. said...

I think Katys shorts are adorable!

Britney ox said...

i love this new section!

oh and could i possibly help host the party that u mentioned at the bottom of the post? i love trendlounge parties!!

danceronice1 said...

loves it. in the next post can you do one of those get the looks for my idol alexander burke?pleaseplease

Babii-Mariex said...

Britney ox - We love having new hosts but unfortunately for this party we are having Michelle (our latest guest writer) as the host as it will be ending her writing time at sd-trendsetters.

danceronice1 - Thanks for the suggestion! We'll look into it and hopefully have Alexandre as one of the Get their looks next time.

MadWorld said...

nice post. i'll be dj for the party if you need one

Anonymous said...

i just bought the agness deyn trousers!

Yasas10 said...

I love seeing these type of things.

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

I love this new section to the blog! Great first post on it! Totally looking foward to the future 'Get The Look' posts and of course the TrendLounge par-tay!

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!