Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get The Looks...is Back!

After a long period of disappearance, and hesitation, Get The Looks is finally back, and for good. Since the last GTL, I didn't spend much time in that Sephora Make up section, but I hope that i'll get my skills back with the practice. Well, i tried to create some looks with subtle and striking colors using an abstract technique, also i tried to make it very lively and fresh, all the looks are inspired by the Spring nights , and each is made to be worn for a group of activities and styles.
I admit that i missed writing this section and making the looks so much, but somehow, i wasn't enough inspired neither passionate, but those times are far behind!
So, don't be shy and get your looks!
Sweet Romantic

This look is characterized by the use of light colors, that provides a very soft and sweet aspect to the face, it would probably match a floaty dress in a full moon ballad next to a lake or just in the city or maybe for a ride on a gondole in Venise! To get that look follow the instructions:

-Trace the contour of the eye using a white eye pencil, and at the outsider corner, use some black eye liner.

- Try to trace a half circle of the jumbo eye pencil purple near the eyebrows, and under it spread many layers of the eye shadow pearl n°4.

-On the inside corner of the eyelid, spread the white eye shadow, and keep spreading it until you have a sparkling white!

-Make you gaze deeper, by thickening your lashes with a black mascara x2

Chic Junky Crazy

This look is inspired by random mixed junk that turns out to be somehow chic, and brings out the rebel inside you, it also a look for creative and daring persons.

Just follow the steps below!

-Trace your eyes in white using a white eye pencil, and give your eyes a double touch of mascara.

-Colour the inside corner of the eyelid arbitrarily in blue with a Jumbo eye pencil Grey, on the bottom of the eyelid, spread the jumbo eye pencil purple in the form of a half circle, on the top, and some orange ( Jumbo eye pencil Flesh) in the remaining area without forgetting to past under the eye also to give it more glare.

Much easy! huh?! ;D

Subtle Dreamer

Sweet and subtle, a mix of sobre and girly colors, layers of tones that expresses all the sides of the dreams; an appealing look for every dreamer. When i finished that look, it reminded me of the spirit of Luella! and who know why!

on the following, you'll discover how to get that look.

-On the inside corner of the eye, spread the white eye pencil, and the remaining part, trace it with the metallic aubergine eye liner, over it the light purple eye pencil.

-Then, a crucial step for me, and the one i love most in make up, spread the white eyeshadow over the inside part of the eyelid, after that, try to trace a half circle using the eye shadow n°1 in many layers, and draw the last layer on the edges of the half circle to get a smoky eyes result.

-That being done, use the pink eye shadow (n° 10) on the side near the eyebrows as you can see on the picture above.

-As final touch, give you eyes a layer of black mascara.

Is it clear?...Duhh!!

Le Fresh and Juicy!

I felt in a so damn good fresh mood, with the spring and summer weather starting on my country, and as that kind of weather can only mean for me : Orange Juice and swimming pool, i thought that creating a look that expresses that would be very refreshing! haha

so be juicy! i hope that the instructions are helpful!

-Start with my fav step ( if you remember, the white eye shadow in the corner of the eye in many layers), use the white eye pencil all over your eyes. and trace the inside part of your eyes with the metallic blue eye liner.

-Then the jumbo flesh eye pencil as showed above on the according pic. And over it some jumbo eye pencil blue on the edges of the orange zone and the lashes.

-And of course, a touch of mascara would make it perfect.

Cheeky Frenzy

-First spread a grey half circle with the KVD steel eyeshadow, on the top of it trace a blue zone with the JEP blue as shown on the pic and over that part, paint the zone going from the edges of the last part we spoke about, until the eyebrows, with the JEP grey pink.

-Trace the down part of the eye with the metallic green eye liner , and on the corner the white eye pencil, and some mascara on the upper eye lashes!

Ah, finally done, i hope you enjoyed those looks, that maybe you'll try some of them, and also that the steps and instructions were because sometimes i didn't find the words to describe what i wanted to.

So Hasta La Vista! see you soon!

Coming up later: Stardoll Trendsetters new project, News on the BBOF, a party at the TrendLounge....more and more!




looc123 said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first and last look!

Beverly said...

Im so glad this section is back! I love make-up tips. I can't choose my favourite in this because they are all beautiful. I am going to try them all and choose which one suits my medoll the best! Keep GTLs coming.. I love it!

MissDiorFashion said...

the 2nd one is defiantly my favourite. it's hot, beautiful and daring all in one but all of them are fab!

Babii-Mariex said...

Oh la la, I love them Heidi.

I love the colours and everything about them! I have a feeling you'd be an amazing make-up artist!

Burdz said...

I like them, I like them alot!

coolsista said...

i'm so so soo happy you brought get the looks back! i was missing them sooo much. my fav is the last one.. totally my style 100%!!

MadWorld said...

great section

Britney ox said...

Le Fresh and Juicy Is The Perfect Look For My Medoll! Thanks So Much Hedi!

damia21 said...

Subtle Dreamer is a beauty! i adore it!

Yasas10 said...

Wow, the last one is so bold, daring and HAWT!

Candy xoxo said...

Great looks i like the subtle dreamer the best, very beautiful

Heidi said...

Thanks to all of you, i'm really happy that you liked it, and that this section helped some of you!

Emily said...

LOVE the looks :)

deirds said...

Hiya. i just joined stardoll and i have real problems with make-up so this helped alot! Thanks. Love, Deirdre

Anonymous said...

no offense
but frankly
the get the looks ... is very boring,you always do the same looks and the same techniques, I think you should create other techniques, and try something new that the people can like them.

do not take it as an insult, take it as a council

Dei* said...

I love the Subtle Dreamer look =D

Sarah said...

Ooh loving it! Especially Sweet Romantic, Subtle Dreamer, Le Fresh & Juicy and Cheeky Frenzy. :)