Monday, January 26, 2009

Even Stardoll Makes Mistakes!

Okay, So when I was at the starplaza I seen this adorable puppy. When I clicked on it, it took me to 'The Hotels For Dogs hotel' which I thought could be nothing more than innocence. But, Wow, was I wrong! As I looked about at the hotel I found something was I found very funny. Stardoll had misspelt a word and made it one of the words they consider a 'bad' word.
Look for yourself..
And when I zoomed up..
Yeah, I think they were supposed to say six but put an 'e' instead of an 'i'.
See, even stardoll makes mistakes. :P
Also, Did I mention that Lily Donaldson is now a doll on stardoll, Awesome, right ? One problem, when I click to dress her up, it doesn't work. Oh well, Hopefully stardoll will fix this problem too, haha.
Anyway, This is just a fun post because I'm totally bored and I found the hotel for dogs thing kinda funny.
I'm currently working on an interview and a few exclusive behind the scenes articles for you all and they should be done soon :)
What do you think of stardoll's mis-spelling and glitches ?
Are you happy to see another model to dress up on stardoll ?
Anything else to say ?
Comment below :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back In Business!

Stardoll Trendsetters is continuing after disussions of deleting the blog. So, who cares about what we could of done and lets talk about what we are going to do.
So, here is a sneek peek into SD-Trendsetter's 'coming soon' projects:
- The Trendsetter Awards
- The Big Book Of Fashion
- Exclusives
- Gigantic Prize Giveaway Raffle (For SD-Trendsetters club members only.) And many more surprises which I am not going to tell just yet!
Now, The new writers (Winners of club SD-Trendsetters competition) will be starting sometime this week for definate. To re-cap the winners are: Mehrisa, MissDiorCherie., Hrvatica_97 and Yaelalon. Yaelalon will be the first to blog, Then MissDiorCherie. then Mehrisa and finally Hrvatica_97.
Also, I already have 3 articles ready to post including behind the scenes of a few up-coming Magazines and an interview with a very talented stardollion! And did I mention, HEIDI IS BACK!
Get ready, SD-Trendsetters is coming and it's coming better than ever!

Bombastik Websites!!

Since I haven't posted since a while, I felt guilty toward you faithful readers and to my dear Marie who took the responsability of the blog by her own for more than two months, So here I am, posting a tiny post that I hope would be useful for you!

First : Graphic Geniosity

I have known this website for a while, and I was amazed the first time I used it!
It's a piece of heaven for the ones who like graphics and digital art! You can create many designs and maybe a piece of art with the 20 different forms and tools you can use.
And you can save each creation you make by clicking on the save button. In addition, you don't even need to subscribe!
I love it and I'm sure you'll love it too!
The second: Make Overs Expert!
The 'it' website for giving a make over for yourself or to get real hair on your medoll without having to create it or photoshop the ones in i-dressup or other websites. It has tons of hair styles and make-up and it is pretty easy to use!
But, you need to join in order to upload your own pictures and give'em a make over.
This website is tha bomb!
Don't hesitate to use those websites and enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

TOO Far!

A picture is worth 1000 words, and this picture explains it all.
STARDOLL, Stop re-realeasing rares!
The faux fur coat was one thing, but now this!
Come on, show some type of caring.
As for those who don't have these 'rares', BUY BUY BUY!
What do you think of the re-realeasing ?
Tell us what you think in a comment!
Also, keep reading down for our latest blog interview. (:

Glamour1 - The Project Begins!

The lovely Lindsey (Glamour1) has had many projects on stardoll. Now, she has a brand new project to show to the whole of stardoll... Revival Archives!
Lindsey kindly offered to give us an interview on her new project and to tell us all about it.
Marie: Hi Lindsey. Why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself ?
Lindsey: Hi, Marie, and all of you readers! Well, I live in the USA, my name is of course, Lindsey. I first of all LOVE fashion, it is my first love haha! I actually prefer style over fashion, because style is more personal, and portrays you. I also love to be with my friends just having a good time...I am all about having a good time and enjoying life! My catch phrase is definately "Woohoo!".
Marie: Haha! You sound like a great person. Now, tell us about this new project you are holding on stardoll.
Lindsey: Thank you. Okay, well I would like to start first by saying I am getting tons of help from my good friend angelz43, she has been super helpful! She is a co-owner. Now, we wanted to do something unique, but very helpful and useful, thus as born, Revival Archives! We are going to record anything from big Stardoll events to Stardoll business closings! We think that this will help people maybe even sort out problems they have been having with friends! They can get the real facts! We will dig them out of our archives...nothing but the pure truth!
Marie: Tell us more!
Lindsey: Well, it is basically a HUGE archival system. We store accurate info, so people won't be persuaded by lies told by the tabloids and the press. We want everyone to be supplied with acccurate and correct info! Our goal is just to keep records, and so we can all look back on the real events in a few years and remember today.
Marie: Wow, Smart! What made you come up with this great idea ?
Lindsey: You know, I thought about it a LONG time ago when I started a directory with Gina, but it never really took off, but I just thought about it again the other day. I plan on it being operated by anywhere from 50 to 200 Stardoll members who will help us find information, record it, and then finally store it.
Marie: This project must take alot of work! When are you planning to begin the project and from what date will you start recording dates ?
Lindsey: Well it is already started. We are hoping by atlast February. But currently that is not my main focus...
Marie: Great! Now, tell us, where will all these dates be stored ?
Lindsey: We have created a website solely for storing all of our archives at, for a while we will probably keep the name private, but we will be glad to share what information is stored there, and eventually, once it has expanded, we will publicly announce the web address.
Marie: I'm excited already! Before we finish the interview, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the project ?
Lindsey: No, not really. But can I just add that if you are looking for a new Stardoll magazine that is of good quality, check out Lindsay Brook and I's new magazine, RevivalMagazine!
Marie: Okay! Thanks for the interview and we can't wait to see the project up and running!
Lindsey: You're welcome! And thank you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

StarDoll Renews!

Hey everyone. It's been a while, right ?
I have been busy with new things for the blog including a new Stardoll Trendsetter's project and also a great interview. These things will be posted extremely soon.
Also, the new writers will begin at the start of next week!
Now, moving onto stardoll.
Well, as you all probably have noticed stardoll has a brand new look, again!
Fresh page for the fresh New Year and I must say, it looks very good.
If you haven't seen it yet check it out.

See you all soon with new posts (:

What do you think about the new layout ?

Excited for the new project ?

Anything else to say ?

Leave a comment. (:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Expressive Superstar!

Today, While flicking through stardoll I found this girl called Gabrielle (Punkyfish2007) and Wow, I was amazed! This girl has such a wild style, which I love and you can see that she expresses herself through her outfits. Her outfits aren't those plain, boring, classical stardoll outfits.. They are fun, wild, exciting, stylish outfits which I love!
Don't even get me started on how amazing her suite is! Have you seen it ? I have and it is surely one of the best I have ever seen in the whole of stardoll. I am so glad that I found her page today and she is by far one of the most creative people I have met on stardoll and she is most defiantly an Expressive Superstahh!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Real Stars On Stardoll - Sweet Suites!

Hey everyone. Today I came up with another idea for the blog, haha. This one is called, 'The Real Stars On Stardoll.' Every week or so I will post a post about the people who deserve to be known for a certain thing. This week's is.. THE TOP 3 SWEET SUITES.
I have searched stardoll for some amazing suites and I have found them!
If you think someone has an amazing suite which isn't already here please leave their username below and I will visit it and if I think their suite is SWEEEET then I will post them on the next post so they can get some recognition for their hard work, too.
Here is my top three from 3rd to 1st...
In third place we have this beautiful kitchen area created by Barb_A. The reason I chose this room to be in my top 3 is because I just love the colours and you can see the amount of hard work which has went into designing this room. My favourite part about this room has to be the seating area in the background which shows the beautiful outside scenery aswell as the cupboard and beautiful seating area. Overall, Barb_A has done a wonderful job with this room and I see a bright future for this superstar!


In second place, we have this beautiful nature wonderland which I fell in love with at my first glance. The beautiful lake, waterfall and swans make the place look so peaceful while the grassy area and the rainbow add that touch of wildness and colour which add to this beautiful room. As soon as I seen this room my eyes light up and I couldn't help smiling. Elis1985, you have done such a great job with this room and I can't wait to see your next interior design!


Finally, At number one is the one and only.. MadMacMom! I couldn't stop myself from putting this lady on top of the Sweetest Suites due to the creativity and hard work put into this room in her suite. If you haven't already noticed, this room is in the theme of the movie Narnia also known as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrope. In this you can see The Snow Queen and her carriage, the lion and of course, Narnia. This is one of my favourite rooms of all time. Well done!


Sorry that I could only get 3. I wanted to keep it short 'n' sweet, you know ? The next 'Real Stars On Stardoll' will be longer and will give you the chance to vote for your favourite! (Ohhhhhhh.)

I hope you have a great day!

Love, Mariee xxxx


Which was your favourite suite room ?

Is there someone else with a great suite that I should feature ?

Anything Else ?

Tell us in a comment ^_^

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Kicks Off!

After a busy New Year, I finally got some time to get on the computer. As I flicked through blogs and of course, on stardoll I realized that 2009 has had a kick start of drama! You know, I had a feeling that 2009 would be a year of peace.. But hey, I was wrong.
People are always like.. Ughh, Stop the drama!
But, come on! I know you all secretly or publicly loveee it!
Without all this drama stardoll would just be a simple dolly site and how boring would that be ?
Moving on, make way for the new DKNY.
As I went to see if I could snatch some more DKNY in the sale I realized that the sale was over and that all the DKNY had left the starplaza.
I can't wait for the new collection, I have been waiting for so long.
I hope it will be as gorgeous as the free New Years dress which we got.
Now, Our new writers will start very soon (I can't wait) and Heidi will be returning soon (I defiantly can't wait.) So, very soon our blog will start the New Year with a bang!
One whole year of STARDOLL TRENDSETTERS, Woo!
Anyone thinking of a celebration for Stardoll Trendsetter's anniversaire ?
That's all the updates for now.
Another post coming fairly soon (:
What's your opinion on the drama ?
What do you think the new DKNY collection will be ?
Anything else to say ?
Just Comment (: