Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back In Business!

Stardoll Trendsetters is continuing after disussions of deleting the blog. So, who cares about what we could of done and lets talk about what we are going to do.
So, here is a sneek peek into SD-Trendsetter's 'coming soon' projects:
- The Trendsetter Awards
- The Big Book Of Fashion
- Exclusives
- Gigantic Prize Giveaway Raffle (For SD-Trendsetters club members only.) And many more surprises which I am not going to tell just yet!
Now, The new writers (Winners of club SD-Trendsetters competition) will be starting sometime this week for definate. To re-cap the winners are: Mehrisa, MissDiorCherie., Hrvatica_97 and Yaelalon. Yaelalon will be the first to blog, Then MissDiorCherie. then Mehrisa and finally Hrvatica_97.
Also, I already have 3 articles ready to post including behind the scenes of a few up-coming Magazines and an interview with a very talented stardollion! And did I mention, HEIDI IS BACK!
Get ready, SD-Trendsetters is coming and it's coming better than ever!


Beverly said...

Im excited already! And Marie, could you possibly make me one of those graphics you had at the end of the post. It looks great and I really need one for my blog. I will mail you on stardoll. Im so excited for what this blog will bring!

Regina said...

Trendsetters awards.. OMG!!
Big book of fashion.. OMG!!
New writers.. OMG!!
Heidi back.. OMG!!
Everything.. OMG!!


Anonymous said...

all sounds good but in the awards will it be all elites winning like the star awards or a mix???

Paris.Freche said...

This is the comeback i've been waiting for, girlies! I am excited already. :) xxxxxxxx

MadWorld said...

Do you need any help with the awards or big book of fashion? if you do, im happy to help XD

MissDiorFashion said...

Wow, You sure know how to get people excited, right? Lol! I am mega excited here especially for the awards and bbof. When will the awards start and when will the bbof start?

YaelAlon said...

Im sooooo excited!
And by the way, i dont know how to make good graphics, but i can help with the big book of fashion! I love stuff like that :)

Yasas10 said...

Wow - Can't wait!

sirenintheshadows said...

Can't wait!!
I'm so excited!!!!!

GossipRoyalty said...


Sarah said...

The Trendsetters are gonna be better than ever. ;)

BeautyBabe said...

i cannot wait!