Saturday, August 30, 2008


Where: Vibes-Nightclub
When: 7.00pm GMT, 30th August (Tonight)
Why: Opening Of Vibes-Nightclub
Theme: Past, Present And Future
Be Prepared For A Surprise!
UPDATE: The Party Was Actually A Surprise Good-Bye Party For Mary.. Oviously I Couldn't Post It Here As Mary Could Have Read It Haha. It Went Fabulously And Everyone Was There. It Couldn't Have Went Any Better And As One Of The Hosts, I Was Very Pleased! We're Going To Miss Mary So Much. Mary Mary Mary, We Love You! Best Friend I Could Ever Ask For. 0x.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Eternity Release Party Best Dressed

And as promised here are the best dressed, the people that sparkled in Eternity September's issue release party at EternityCouture.
Don't forget to visit this blog,made by eternity team to keep you updated during Eternity's break!
Here we go...
-Elegant Sophistication-
WriteMarycat, modelisous
WriteMaryCat sported a very chic and elegant look using a mix of the timeless duo black and white in a scintillating outfit that breathes witt and poise.
Modelisous: Floaty and elegant, this outfit is definitely one of a kind. Layering with simplicity the black skirt under the one of a kind Faith Hill dress and accessorized in perfection!

-Creativity Explosion-

To_Royal, JustMissHilton

To_Royal and JustMissHilton had a creativity bloom and made flawless gracefull outfits in Ivory, white and saumon tones. The outfits are very similar concerning the colors but the details and general theme are so different. Props to the both for their creativity!

-Hollywoodian Glamour-
babucci1992 and YouLoveLorie both showed in a exquisite sparkling outfits with a touch of glamour and for some extravagannce, brilliant color mix and outstanding creations.
Sorry for the short post (i have to go to sleep haha) and short listbut not everyone did make it, i'm sorry if you deserve to be best dressed and i didn't visit you or saved your outfit maybe next time ;D
Stay tuned!

Eternity released And better than ever!

Eternity's September issue is out and better than ever! Flawless! Could you imagine Mary and Eternity Team did it in ONE week? It's truly amazing! The issue is perfect. Mary might be leaving us for 4 months but she left us a pure chef d'oeuvre. Every column and article is perfection with of course the usual high quality but with new writers such as the talented Modelisous(Gina)who wrote a sans faute brilliant articles: Role Models and also the usual columns that make Eternity what it is now! Always the closest possible to it's readers with the perfect look, my doll and person of the month parts and presenting the last sights of fashion especially stardoll's fashion with the shop guide and top ten trends! There's also this outstanding new column "Just Look Stunning" with multicultural make up looks and of course a marvellous covergirl GabY--!! I know you already probably read the issue but read it again by clicking here or on this link Mary, we'll miss you so much and don't forget to give me my monthly dose of crack very soon i'm not sure i could wait till January ;D p.s.i mean by crack Eternity's issues! i'll be posting the best dressed list in minutes.... xx Heidi

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Done! September's Issue is out.

Our favourite fashionista Steelone did it again! She released a fabulous issue for September!Done is definitely one of stardoll's best magazines. I first discovered it with their April or May issue and since then i never stopped loving it and Steelone never stopped impressing us edition after edition!
This month Done! is stunning with bright cheering colors, amazing graphics, interesting and incredibly well written articles. Their Cover Girl is the lovely Gemma Wilson (Gemma_W)
My favourite articles were "The Pop Art Girl", "Fall/Winter by Done" and Talking with Gemma .
Congrats to Sarah (Steelone)!!
She blew us away with this amazing issue!
If you haven't read this magazine before, go right now read it! You'll be amazed! I'm sure you won't regret it! Just click on this link or here! Also don't forget to join Done.magazine the official club of Done! magazine to be informed when an issue is released :D

-my fav graphics and article-

-My favourite picture of Gemma-

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Medoll Memoires: Noelle&Isabella

Today i was visiting blogs, when i found a new blog by Isabella and having as a partner the marvellous noelle_page. Being a fervent fan of Isabella.Arci and extremely curious, i ran to the website where i found the picture above! Isabella and Noelle are preparing a project called "Medoll Mémoires", it's quite mysterious but I'm sure that those two brilliant talented fashionistas will come up with a merveille and as you see the graphics are oh la la uber fascinating!
I can't wait to see it and as it says in the blog of the fabulous femmes dangereuses [As the ladies describes themselves] it is very soon.
Take a closer look at their blog by clicking on this link: or here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goodbye The Show Hello Magazine?

As i was about to go to the starplaza I saw a new option, it didn't say The Show it said Magazine. I clicked on it wondering who today's covergirl would be when i saw a whole new magazine! In my opinion, i prefered The Show... but I can't control stardoll, can I? I must say, it does look good.

One thing i do like about the Magazine is the way the title is behind the medoll and not on the medoll's head. It looks more professional but it also looks very bare which makes it looks unprofessional. Stardoll should consider a different background, they should take some advice from Eternity and Style magazine!

So, what do you think of the new Magazine?

Do you love it or hate it?

Tell us in a comment.

-- Marie oxoxox

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Hotbuys!

Hello everyone. Yes, the new hotbuys are out and guess what? The Stardoll staff have woken up! They have defiantly improved from the last few months and i really like them.
My Favourites:
I really like the dresses this month. The black bow dress is so cute and petite yet chic! I bet it will be great for layering and looks perfect for a cocktail party with friends. The longer black dress is so creative and fun. I will be defiantly buying it, personally i think it looks fab!
My least favorites:
The shade of the hair dye really let me down this month, but i must say it is alot better than last month's.
Overall Review:
Overall i really like the hotbuys this month. They have defiantly improved from last month, don't you think? But they can be alot better. A little more work from the stardoll staff could improve the hotbuys even more.
I guessed..
Correctly! Yes, as you may know from my previous post on hotbuys i guessed that the black bow dress would be knee length with a bow at the top which is correct. Also i said that the black/white bag would be circular... i guess correctly. Ah, i'm so proud haha.
In this month's hotbuys stardoll put in alot of designer items. Did they do this so more people would buy it due to the big failure last month? A YSL jacket, Chloe shoes and a Burberry Prorsum necklace.
Next Post.
Coming Very Soon.

Eccentric Looks

Hey there darlings! How was your weekend?
Today, I was in the sephora section trying make-up on my medoll when i realized that i was going a bit eccentric, so i decided that it would the theme of this post!
those eccentric looks aren't for everyday, neither for everyone. Maybe for a couture show, a rock concert or simply feeling that you want some changes, or to be easily remarked in the crowds haha
Let's begin with the first:
1) Apply brown eyeliner, brown eye pencil, mascara volume black and mascara black.
2) On the interior zone of the eyelid display many layers of white (N°5) eyeshadow, then on the other side many many layers of the jumbo eye pencil grey to have a darkest color and make a contrast.
3) As a final touch apply the metallic aubergine eyeliner on the corner of the eye.
Now,mesdames et messieurs (oops...) the second:
1) Apply the metallic blue eyepencil and the blue eye pencil on the contour of the eye and some Metallic aubergine on the exterior corner of the eye.
2) Display both mascaras (you would say why both, the Mascara Black gives longer lashes and the other gives volume.) On the exterior eyelid add some Kat Von D leather brown eyeshadow.
3) Display the Jumbo Eye pencil Beige over it and advance it a bit, then on the empty corner apply the jumbo eyepencil purple many times till you have the wanted tone.
Add on the corner of the eye a hint of the Kat Von D silver eyeliner as a an optional touch
et voila!!
That's all for now! See you soon!
p.s if you need any help with those looks or the previous ones,just contact me on stardoll,and i'll be happy to help you :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Hotbuys Coming Soon!

I logged on stardoll this morning when i decided to look at the new interface a bit better so i scrolled down and i saw a new poll. I looked at it and it said What is your favourite Hotbuys item? When i saw this i quickly went to the voice, clicked on shop news and seen... the same hotbuys as last time! I went back to the poll to make sure i wasn't seeing things.. it was still there. Maybe Callie published the poll before it should have been published? I'm not too sure, but look at the sneak-peek we have on the poll..
Black Bow Dress - Sounds very nice in my opinion. Im thinking of a black knee length dress with a big bow at the front, maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong.
Black/White Bag - Emm, Im not sure what I'm thinking of for this. It could be any black/white bag haha. I think it will be in a circular shape for some reason.
The other poll section is blank.
I'm really excited for these hotbuys, but confused in a way haha. Hopefully stardoll staff have woken up and seen the ''hot'' buys they have been providing us with and said, ''What have we done to these innocent people?'' Hopefully these hotbuys will make us want to buy them like they used to. BUT We should'nt get too excited, they could turn out to be horrible.
I'll be posting a review on the new hotbuys when they come out and we'll see it my guesses on the black bow dress and black/white bag are correct.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Book Of Fashion Update!

Hello everyone. It has been a while since the last BBOF Update so i thought i would post one now.
I'm not going to tell you alot about the book in this update except for when the book will probably be realeased. The book is due to realease mid-September and the date is not yet known but when we decide the date you will be the first to know!
ALSO we will not be using the original cover which has been showed in previous posts. We have decided to create a different cover with more, how could you say it? Emm.. life.
ALSO after our sucessful interview with the fab Isabella.Arci I have decided to have an interview every so often with members of stardoll who are readers would like to read about.
Want to suggest someone for us to interview?
Simply leave a comment.

New Interface!

Hello sweethearts!
I'm just blogging today to show you the new interface for Stardoll games and dolls. If you already didn't pay attention to it.
I actually like this new layout and I find it more organized and it is easier for us to find the desired dress up or general games. It is organized, clear and more welcoming.
I think this change is resulting than the last lack of interest from stardollians towards the stardolls, which the website is principally based about or simply some newly hired design admins that are making a great job concerning this interface and the lastly introduced clothing pieces.
So hate it? or love it? any thoughts or theories?
till the next post ciao
p.s. Style_Magazine's speech in the discussion "Grow and Learn" was so true and she proved again that she's a real role model for everyone who wants to pursuit his/her own dreams by staying strong and confident and facing every situation with courage. We wish her all the best for her both marvellous magazines.
While talking about magazines, I'm actually very sad Eternity won't be out on the usual time because of Mary's (writemarycat) forced vacation and removal to a bigger house,but i hope she had a lot of fun ^^ and we can't wait for her and Eternity's team upcoming issues.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneak Peak: Eden's Cover

Hey there! It's me again, Heidi. Since Rita, the owner of this magazine gave me her permission i decided to show you for the first time ever the cover of the magazine I've been working on with sf.magazine (Rita). GabY--, the cover girl looks so beautiful in the photoshoot and i truly enjoyed interviewing her! It'll be a one time issue for me as i actually will start school in late September and i won't have enough time for it. Want to read this issue? You will just have to wait untill the release date that we still don't know but it'll be in the last days of August or the first few of September :D Any thoughts on the cover? xx

Vivienne Tam Best Dressed

As i promised yesterday, i made a Vivienne Tam new collection's best dressed. I've been visiting fashionistas all day and below are the ones that impressed me most.
Julenka-Angel: A glowing silhouette, using the very luxurious Metallic w/Om dress, Alexander Knight clutch with glamorous gold accessories. A golden godess.
Gabbsk8:A Haute couture look that we could easily imagine on the biggest couturiers fashion shows. She layered the Satin Strapless dress under a puffed sleeves top, the DKNY beret adds so much chicness to the whole look et voila!
xLou26:A fabulous ivory look. The Silk Buddha dress and YSL high heels are creating a tone of chicness and glamour to the outfit,th e clutch adds the necessary youth. Perfection!
Sephora714: Giving us an elegant ultra chic version of the Buddha Cutwork Dress with a girly touch in the addition of zhang belt, keeping it very minimalist.
Puccapo: I love her use of the DKNY and goth belt. The discreetly layered skirt and the purple polka dotted shoes are so mimi and the Satin Cap Sleeve dress gives so much majesty to her medoll.
ariannacarle: Last but defiantly not least. In this outfit she is using Ashley Olsen's belt to cinch her waist with the Silk Buddha dress that is elegantly emphasizing her medoll's body. The YSL tribute heels makes that outfit perfectly chic.
That was all for now!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spelling mistakes.....

I would like to apologize from all of you for my spelling mistakes,and I'll try in the future to make a better use of my English,and use more the spellchecking! Actually,English is not my main language,i only speak it here on stardoll,i normally speak french,and i only started learning english in high school,and what english could i learn in school,when my classmates(and i) were completely careless about the grammar and vocabulary,the only thing we wanted is to have good grades and then we forgot everything we learned. and also excuse me for sometimes using french words as magnifique or spanish as perfecto,and that could be considered by some ignorant as a spelling mistake.

Vivienne Tam. New Collection!

The new collection of Vivienne Tam was finally released! I'm so excited and it looks fabulous apart from some items (including the boots, but after thinking a while,it looks good especially the wine ones)
The dresses are as always magnifique! I'm still not sure what i'll be buying! At the moment my favourites are the satin strapless dress (black), the quilted nylon dress,and the purple wool flower silk! What are yours?
I simply adore it! This collection is fantastic!Do you hear those names they're so beautiful and gives a feeling of elegance! Perfecto! I wished there were some bags, don't you?
I'm wondering how will the new DKNY's collection will look?
I will be also doing a post about Vivienne Tam's new collection best dressed on the blog this week! So if you made an outfit including a VT dress, tell me in a comment below or contact me on stardoll so i can see if it's worth a best dressed!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Exclusive Interview With Isabella.Arci

Hello Isabella. You Are A Style Icon On Stardoll And Most Defiantly A Trendsetter. Is There Any Person/Thing That Inspires You To Create Outfits Or Is It Your Own Creativity ?
HI Marie! Thank you for the generous compliments! I must've done something really good to deserve this, no?There are a lot of things that inspire me. The 5am sunrise, a sudden gush of infatuation, a resounding beat from myiPod. It could be just anything, but it all boils down to emotions. I think it is how I respond to a certain aesthetic that inspires my mood, how I create & why I do such.
Your outfits are always briliantly created. I don't think anyone has seen you in a plain outfit, you always make your outfits so exciting. You are very well known for your amazing layering skills. How do you know what to layer and how do you make it look so good?
When I first started here in Stardoll, everything was very basic yet interesting. And putting a simple shirt with aprinted skirt just seemed so plain for me. So I experimented on layering on multiple printed skirts & voila! It seemed like a a whole piece! It started from there until I began trying with solid colours on different patterns.The tricky part there is, the end result should look seamless. The layering shouldn't be too obvious so that the dress would look like it was originally made as a single dress.There are many factors to consider when layering. Colours should complement each other, prints should match & eventhe quality of the virtual dress should at least strike closely to the other layers you want to stitch into. Yes, it is a tedious process but it is very overwhelming in the end! I find myself trying out a gazillion combinations before I even get satisfied. This entire experience is one of the many things that makes my playinghere at Stardoll truly rewarding.
It sounds like you put alot of work into your outfits on stardoll. In reality what kind of clothes do you wear andwhat would you call your style?
Ah, very diverse when it comes to clothes. There would be times that I'd be in just jeans & a shirt. On other days, skirts. If I see something I like, I buy it. I really don't care if it is branded or not. For as long as the quality & the cut are potentially wearable & girly, I have to HAVE IT! Haha! Am just a simple girl who likes beautiful things. It's a different story with shoes, accessories, jewelries & leather goods. Those I really value & save up for. I only buy the classic designs & patterns like the LV Monogram, Gucci green & red stripes with the beige/ebony GG & Prada Logo Jacquard . And of course, Paul Smith's classic swirl. If it isn't my birthday, it takes time to save up for a piece that I have set my eyes on but owning it is all worth the wait. It's a true test of patience! Haha. Reason why I collect these is because they never ever go out of style. And like wine, they are better through time!Jewelries are mostly gifts from parents. Bulgari & Tiffany. And they had all of them engraved with my initials on it. I really treasure these because it will become an heirloom someday which I will pass it on when I have a daughter.Trivia: I smell the leather before I buy it & I clean my jewelry every night before I go to sleep.
It sounds like you are very fashionable. We now know all about your style, tell us abit about your past times and hobbies.
I've been told that I was already doodling at age 2. I spend a lot of time making sketches & painting. I am also inclined to designing interiors. yes, I'm a frustrated interior designer, so I guess that will be my next endeavor after I finish my internship here in New York.I also love to experiment with cuisine. Haute cuisine & plating. I always try to challenge myself with an assortment of spices & wild ingredients, how they would complement each other & how they would be presented well on a plate. It's all about design, I believe. Be it interiors, cuisine plating or simply dressing up, I just find satisfaction in designing.I also love to sing. Growing up with musically inclined parents have somehow influenced me to love music. Cheesy as it may seem, but my friends & I would belt out songs for hours in a videoke machine! Haha! Sooo much fun!
You say you live in New York. What is the city life like? What do you like about it and what do you dislike about it?
I am currently based in New York since this is where I've chosen to do my internship. The city life is busy. Extremely chaotic! Everybody seems to be stressed with their daily routines. Don't get me wrong, I HEART NY because of all the sights to see, the diversity of people & the excitement of just being trained here by most of the top chefs is inexplainable.BUT! I'd rather have a simple life in Manila where everything is laid back, stress-free & the sunsets are always breath-taking.
Manila sounds like a beautiful place. Do you plan to move back to Manila after your internship? And what are your plans for the future?
My goal is building up my Curriculum Vitae. I am planning to gain more experience with the best mentors who are selflessly sharing their vast knowledge of the industry.While I am still young & healthy, I want to accomplish things that I've set my goals on. Haha, I may sound nerdy but I just have a strong focus on my priorities with my moral fibers still intact.I don't take my education for granted. When fame, fortune & friends are taken away from you, you still have your brains to count on. And no one can ever take that away from anybody. That is your strongest ammunition AND the best gift that any parent can impart to any child.I miss Manila! Definitely, I will be going back to Manila after this internship before I start cooking again. I badly need a break! And a gorgeous tan!
You defiantly have a bright future ahead of you Isabella! If there was one thing you wanted everyone to know about you, what would it be?
I just want everybody to know me very well before tossing out judgments because some of the things being said about me are either over-hyped, fabricated or just plain false.In this virtual website such as Stardoll, there is still a human being behind every MeDoll who has emotions. We all get affected by comments thrown to us especially if they attack us on a personal level. On the other hand, we all get overwhelmed if people regard us in a very positive manner. I am just like any other girl who finds joy in dressing up my MeDoll, remixing furniture pieces in my suite, exchanging a sensible conversation with really good friends & enjoying just about anything that Stardoll has to offer.Stardoll is a FAB site! Let's keep it that way.
Yes! To finish off this interview I have 2 simple but meaningful questions to ask. Who is your role model and why? Also what is your favourite thing about stardoll and why?
Charlie’s Angels hands down! Old & new. In a male-dominated world, these 3 heroines were showcased as being more than just lovely decorations on television. These women had fierce personalities, were incredibly witty & intelligent, physically fit & strong, & of course, extremely beautiful. And could kick ass without breaking into a sweat! Where can you see anyone solve crime with just a mere wink or a flip of the hair?I love how a simple way of dressing a MeDoll or putting on make-up can bring endless happiness to any little girl. And whatever age we may be, be it 13 or 30, we still have this inner child inside of us. And Stardoll keeps that alive in all of us.
Thank You Isabella For The Interview And We Will Chat To You Very Soon :)
This is one of the most interesting interviews I had! Truly, I am honoured to have done this with you! I am a big fan of your blog, Stardoll Trendsetters & I wish you all the best!
During this fun filled interview with the lovely Isabella i got to know her even more. Isabella is such a sweet girl with great talent. She is also very supportive and is such a loyal friend. She knows what is what when it comes to the things she loves. Isabella is a one of a kind girl with an extremely friendly personality. It is defiantly worth while getting to know a girl like Isabella!

New looks for you!!

Here are some new looks for you. I just want to tell you that since this blog was created i have spent more time in the Sephora make-up section than all the period of my stardoll membership! Haha. Today i created two contrasted and opposed looks which are Fire and Ice. Let's start with the first:

-Warm and apealing glance:
1)apply the brown eyepencil,on the contour of the eye except the interior side,then Mascara Black and Mascara Volume black(only on the uper eye lash)
2)display the white eyepencil and white eyeshadow on the interior area of the eye,and some brown eyeliner
3)combine the jumbo eyepencil Flesh and Beige to get a brownish tone !
and Tada!!it really suits my medoll's blue eyes!

and now the second==>

Ice Queen:

1) apply the Kat Von D silver eyeliner on the inside area of the eye,then the Metallic Grey eyeliner on the other side.

2)Apply the white eyepencil on all the contour of the eye then many layers of the white eyeshadow on the inside corner of the eye

3)Display loads of the ice blue eyeshadow on the outside corner of the eyelid and some black mascara for a deep glance!

and now you're completely ready to freeze your vistims!

That's all for now! Which one do you prefer? Ice or Fire?

Also I'm working on the reinvention of a new/old magazine!And you'll be the first to see the cover as soon as the magazine's owner authorizes me to reveal it!

All i can say for now is that GabY-- is the Cover Girl of September's issue and oh my gosh she's so beautifull on that cover!


xx It's by Louis Vuitton!!

The new Bag from Louis Vuitton is uber uber ugly!! what was supposed to be the hit of this autumn/winter2009 is a complete failure!Two huge designers Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami combined their efforts to create it!i personally love Marc Jacobs but this bag is DULL! The supposed to be an "it- bag" is made under the theme of military glam,but i only see a dull pattern with ugly colors The new speedy is certainly not flattering either Vuitton or the artistic capacities of Murakami. be aware,this fashion catastrophy could be very dangerous for your eyes!!

Is it really that ugly?or am i exagerating?tell us in a comment!!

Also be expecting an exclusive interview with Isabella.Arci made by Marie!!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honey, I'm Home! (:

Hello everyone! I'm back and ready to write. As you may know it was my birthday just a few days ago. I had a party at my house, then we went out and then we went on a 3 day trip which was mostly spent shopping haha! I had so much fun and it was defiantly worth going! Anyway i'm back again and i've been looking around stardoll and the sale is here already (OMG) Not that i mind haha :P
I'll see you later with a new post (:
Marie ox

Massive Sale!!+Free Items!

Isn't too ....Early!
I was so surprised when i saw that the monthly sale started before the usual time wich means 24th or 25th of the month,and instead it started the 15th!!
Is it because of the 20M reached,or is it another marketting strategy from Stardoll admins!!
Here's my theories:
1)Sale=spending loads of stardollars,that is a fact in whenever time it is!but when the new collection of Vivienne Tam is soon to be released,it means that stardoll wants it users to be broke when it comes,so we'll want it so bad that we'll buy more and more stardollars!!
2)20M=they're becoming kind with us,and are making this prematured sale to reward us of being good you really think this could happen in the best of the worlds[as Voltaire describes ours with sarcasm in Candide....oops sorry am i missing my french litterature courses?Oh NO....maybe a little]
Anyway,this month's sale is completely wonderfull,and it was hard for me to make this selection:

-Erin Fetherson and Betsey Johnson's dresses are def a must have,for a cocktail party or simply an outfit in the air of Betsey's Prom Queen.

-Sonia Rykiel's dress(Ballerina dress) is so floaty and subtile,and could be easily layered,or worn in a fairy spirit.

-Ashley Skirt,layered to SR's dress to make it your very own and it dresses it up

-Mod Pixie Dress,a bit too Mod,but with the right accessories,a retro look is guaranteed

-Beret is my fav,it gives a frenchie artistic touch,and used to be rare(before Stardoll rereleased it)

-Carrie Skirt:so subtile and delicate!moi adore!

-From the office to the ranch,Carrie Vest,can be used differentlybut always adds chicness!!

-and last but not least:Pretty top,made of lace,could be used in a victorian outfit aswell as a retro chic one.i would see it under the BJ dress(i love it)

I hope you like my selection,if i could i would have introduced more items,but you better see it all in shopping spree at the starplaza!

Also My dearest friend ReshResh gave me yesterday a long list of....FREE CLOTHES!!that are seen with the original price,but you could buy them even if you have no stardollars!the clothes are not all wearable,but the shoes!omg fabulous,it includes Louboutins shoes from Rio(5) and the leather jacket(7)!i bought it all!!and still have my dollars!!

I might post the list in a comment,but not for sure,i don't want to be accused of encouraging young ladies on cheating!

i might also do a minishop sale's review,if you want it ask for it!!

p.s.don't forget to comment,it's what makes us continue blogging!

And we're all missing Marie,who i think is still on her Bday shopping trip!

come back soon darling!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

let the festivities begin!!

Hiya there!
Yay!Stardoll reached it 20millions members today!!and to award their loyal members(us) they're giving each person 20 stardollars!!(in case you didn't get yours just relog in),special offers and there's a couture dresses giveaway lottery!!!
When i saw the dresses i was fully amazed!it's so haute couture,and luxurious!and some of them have been seen on dolls as Lily Cole,Britney Spears or Kylie Minogue with designers like:Christopher Kane(patchwork of faces and colors that Kylie Minogue helped designing called "the museum dress" wow)

Do u like the dresses?Wich one you prefer?tell us in a comment!!



p.s. we want to add a playlist for our blog,and we would appreciate if you would give us some hints,and suggest some songs to add to it ;D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inspired Looks

Hello everyone
it's Heidi in tha place!and today,i'm coming up with some inspired look!inspired from what??you might ask.....well you'll see!
The first look is inspired!the fruit not the brand!i was eating mango when bingo!!let's make a mango eyes make up!!first,display the jumbo eyepencil flesh on the interior half of the eye,display many layers of the eye shadow pearl n°3,then some black masacara,and the green eyeliner!!and here you go with your delicious mango eyes!keep your lips natural,there's laready too much colors on the eyes.
To the second!this one is inspired by the new wave that is invasing stardoll this week:Back to School.Display the white eyeshadow on all the eyelid,then the jumbo eyepencil blue from the lashes part.put on some masacara,a white eyepencil on the corner of the eye,a cherrysh lipstick and put on some school-ish accessories as the headband,apple earings or even the new glasses!!Ready for school?...Duhh
Now,and finally the third,and because i know you love high fashion,luxe,extravagance and designers creations,i decided to create on my medoll,one of the looks that Christian Dior showed on Paris Fashion Week-Winter2009.
Mine is only inspired,not look a like,neither similar.To get it,display lot of white eyeshadow on all the contour of the eyes,draw a line in the limit of the eye with the jumbo eyepencil beige(it shld be brown,but stardoll don't have one) then play with black and brown eyeliners,and add some mascara and a touch of lipstick.
I love the CD original look,it's so fierce!!
that's all for now Ciao!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dream Come True.

Have you ever dreamed of having your face on The Voice ?
Ever dreamed of having that golden ribbon magically appear in your suite ?
Of Course You Have!
That is why VELVETcovergrls (club) is here to help.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Mermaid...

After,my weekend trip,i came back to Stardoll,and while visiting stardoll-ers(stardoll users) pages,from suite to suite,i discovered a fact that will have a major influence on the human history.....Mermaids do exists!!!No i'm not hallucinating ,nor was i day dreaming!!
And guess what?....i have a proof!look at the picture below!
Stardoll's own Britney Spears,Britneys07 has turned out to be a mermaid!!she transformed a room of her appartment to a huge aquarium or the ocean's bottom,and layered many skirts to get a mermaid's tail.I love how creative it is!!I'm totally admirative!

Friday, August 8, 2008

20,000,000 Members!

Stardoll has almost reached 20,000,000 members! I heard from a few friends of mine that when their were 10,000,000 members all members got a 10,000,000 members gift and the 10,000,000th member got money and lots of gifts! So i bet some people will be trying to get that 2o,ooo,ooo spot for some prizes! That's pretty much all i've got to say on this matter. Congratulations stardoll you've done yourself proud!

UPDATE: Hello it's me, Marie again haha! Just to let you all know the 10 Millionth member was roccia and i heard that she won lots of money and prizes! I'll get in touch with her and let you all know exactly what she won! :) ox

Guess What's Back, Back Again ?

I was there, then i left, i came back and then i left. Then i came back with a new collection and then my old collection came back too. Who am i ? I'm the Kohl's store! Haha.
Yes, Candie's is back! I'm glad of it too! You can make some really nice outfits out of the Candie's clothing and they are very good for mixing and matching too. I prefer the first Kohl's collection than the second one as Candie's is just much easier to use in layering, accesorizing and pretty much making an outfit.
Why not visit the store and buy some outfits? And why not comment and tell us what you think of the Candies collection!

Faithful To Fashion.

With style to die for, a suite made for a queen, an elegant and beautiful medoll and the most sweet, friendly and funny personality Faith has it all!
Her outfits are never expected, they are always new, fresh and stylish. You never see Faith in ordinary, plain outfits. She's always mixing and matching, layering and accesorizing to get the absolute perfect outfit. From exquisite gowns to stylish skinnies Faith always looks great! In the outfit above Faith uses designer and non-designer clothing to create this chic yet sophisticated outfit. Many stardoll members, young and old look up to Faith stylewize and as a role model due to her fabulous fashion sense and her loyalty as a friend. Faith is one in a million, you rarely get a girl like this with absolutely everything you ever look for in a trendsetter and Faith is defiantly a trendsetter! She's always starting new trends on stardoll and she often inspires others to create their own unique style too! Faith is a true trendsetter on stardoll and she defiantly deserves to be featured! Not only is she everything I have already said but she works with Angie & Mary for the oh so fabulous Eternity Magazine! (Wow!) She ought to be proud of herself! :)
Unique Brilliance = Thats.Her*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whimsy Tights

Hello Darlings!! Tights!!Yes...Tights!! Well as almost all my days from Monday to Thursday,i felt so bored,to amuse my self i decided to take a little tour by the runways,and here was my surprise!!Whimsy tights!!Having been wisely opaque the last season, the tights decided to cheer our upcoming Autumn, daring printed matters, lace,and colors. And then i decided that it's time to be creative and create some of those tights!!i admit that i'm not a good star designer,not at all!!but just to try and have fun!!! i tried to create my favs of the set:Chanel,D&G,Sonia Rykiel and DKNY!!and they are all from Autumn-Winter08/09 collections!! Here we go,the first one is a D&G,and it's inspired from the scottich checkered fabrics using a so lively color such as red,proposing a tartan look,totally Elisabeth II. The second,is a Chanel,Dress code:Lace,lace and lace!!subtile and delicate designs,with a touch of french chic,and refinement!!i know mines are not similar,but as i said,i'm not good at it,you can do so much better!! Now the 3rd,are quite simple,a DKNY,daring the color to dress down the whole glowing and super chic ensemble,and make it look playfull you can have that color by,layering a brownish transparent tissue over a light lilac one. The last but not least,are definitely my favs,Sonia Rykiel used stripes(that she adore) and dares very sparkling colors mixing purple,orange,and black,certainly not for everybody but if you dare the difference,they're made for you!! I hope you liked my whimsy tights selection,and that you'll find some ideas for some new tights for your medoll or you!!and i'm sure if you try,you can do so much better and more creative ones than mines!! xx Heidi

Big Book Of Fashion Update!

I've been getting lots and i mean lots of mail from all you BBOF Fans asking for another update! So here it is. It's not a riddle like last time. It's simply me telling you something about it. So here goes something:
We have a new brilliant graphic designer Mary Walkerson! She will be doing the graphics for The Big Book Of Fashion. Mary Walkerson is the owner of Eternity Magazine and as you can all see Eternity Magazine has amazing graphics so expect good graphics from the book!
More updates coming your way in a few days!
More posts coming your way today!
What you know about the book so far:
1. You've seen the cover.
2. All featured in the blog will be in it.
3. Mary (Writemarycat) will be doing the graphics.
More coming soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Graceful Beauty

Graceful Elegance...Distinguished Beauty....
Gabrielle is one of the rare stardoll-ers who have that majesty and so princely poise,a sweet alluring medoll,combined with a high fashion sence that is expressed all over her suite with elegant,chic and sometimes very daring ensembles beautifully layered,mixed and matched covering the walls,making every ensemble looks unique with no scent of faux pas!and as she says she have no fear of it!!
But not only,she also expresses her english identity by creating designs inspired from the english flag colors and forms or prints symbolizing the english refinement and sophistication.
I,personally admire her style,her unlimited talent and that distinguished touch that she gives to all her creations!!
till the next post Ciao

p.s. GabY-- have been also featured in an amazing blog owned by the wonderfull Gemma_W!!it's, i visited it today,after a pathetic accusation from a pathetic anonymous,and i must say that i'm addicted!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eternity Magazine August Review.

With a cover that looks this good, it's bound to be amazing!
This is how this amazing cover came to my eyes.. I was waiting at the realease party, waiting for Mary to say it's ready. While waiting there was dancing, drinking and talks of everything from make-up to the latest Batman movie! It was great fun and i think almost everyone was there. When Mary finally told us all it was ready I hurried to the site, and in record time! I looked at the cover and i automatically new this was going to be a great issue! The beautiful Ashwy (TheBlack.Secret) just looked amazing on the cover wearing one of my favourite Vivienne Tam dresses and with the most beautiful hair i have seen on any Eternity cover! I scrolled down the site and began to read articles, interviews and looking at amazing graphics. I throughly enjoyed reading Ashwy's interview and the graphics were just fabulous! The perfect look article, once again was perfect and the finished look was just beautiful. I loved the article about Wear As MK & Ashley Cheap and it was such an amazing idea, applaud to however thought of it. The trend report was very well written and i really enjoyed reading it. The Look-a-like real star was brilliant once again! The clean up article was a fabulous article written by the fabulous Mary Walkerson and it should really help alot of people (including myself.) The Mydoll section starred Gemma_W, a kind, beautiful and elegant stardoll member and i enjoyed her interview. I was surprised at the Some Stuff section of the magazine as our blog was featured (Wow! thanks!!) Overall the August issue of Eternity Magazine was simply amazing, and i think it deserves an arround of applause *Claps* Mary and her team have done it again.. outstanding cover and covergirl, fantastic articles, interesting and enjoyable interviews, amazing graphics and brilliant magazine.
Visit Eternity Magazine by clicking here. You won't regret it, believe me!
Eternity, Your Simply The Best!

The New Kohls Collection.

I was in starplaza when i noticed Kohls was back so i clicked on it. When it was completely loaded i noticed there was a new collection already! I looked around a bit and i found some nice and useful pieces and some others which i just didn't like. My ultimate favourite was the Tier Skirt because it is really useful for layering and makes some outfits look that bit better. My least favourite was the purple lightening bolt top because it didn't really go with anything and it was quite useless. What do you think of the new collection? Whats your favourite and your least favourite?
Eternity Magazine realease party today at 7pm GMT.
In EternityCouture's Gb! It's going to be one to remember.
I'll also be posting a review on the magazine and the best dressed list for the party later on today so stay tuned.
Marie. Over && Out.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

TeenStyle's Premiere.

The most anticipated event of the past weeks had finally took place yesterday,the release of the first sister magazine of Style.
The premiere's party was held in Style_magazine's guestbook,starting at 22:30GMT a bit before the official time,everybody adorned the "red carpet" in fancy luxurious gowns,with a teen touch as Style recommended before,in Teen Style: Event Vol. 2 's discussion.We waited calmely drinking champagne,and talking about everything and anything from the latest movies to our expectations or TeenStyle team's magnifique ensembles,and applausing in ovation to the persons whom without nothing from this could be possible Style and Selena.
I personally started feeling tired and sleepy around 23:55,i know we waited for more than a month,but i don't know why,the last minutes were the hardest.The countdown started,and seconds after midnight,Selena(Model-Selena) revealed the link to the website where TeenStyle was published!!we all copied and pasted the link in an incredible excitement,and as Style and Selena said before during the event,some technical problems arose,making it impossible for them to publish the whole issue,but only the cover!I was a bit disappointed,but the problem will be resolved today or the coming days.
Well,the cover was magnifique in charming colors with a graffitis as background and as covergirl the exquisite Lindsay Brocks(xxdrivebylove) in a beautifull bustier striped dress over a yellow tee shirt and...SNEAKERS!!really teen-ish as they promised with as main articles:The Life of Rami(by Isabella.Arci as Perez revealed in her blog),Cartoon Style,and Livin'In Colors(by Cataleia).It promises a wonderfull issue,and i hope more to comes in the future!!
Here's the link if you already didn't take a look at it:
We will have a complete real review when the issue in completely out;)
and i can't stop my self from posting those pictures of TS's team elegant and elaborate outfits,Style and Selena shines and glows,Ellie made it simple and very chic and as always Isabella made a master art piece!unfortunately i missed Cataleia's outfit(sorry)

- Style_Magazine,Model-Selena,Isabella.Arci,Fakeshake3 -

Till the next post Ciao