Thursday, August 28, 2008

Done! September's Issue is out.

Our favourite fashionista Steelone did it again! She released a fabulous issue for September!Done is definitely one of stardoll's best magazines. I first discovered it with their April or May issue and since then i never stopped loving it and Steelone never stopped impressing us edition after edition!
This month Done! is stunning with bright cheering colors, amazing graphics, interesting and incredibly well written articles. Their Cover Girl is the lovely Gemma Wilson (Gemma_W)
My favourite articles were "The Pop Art Girl", "Fall/Winter by Done" and Talking with Gemma .
Congrats to Sarah (Steelone)!!
She blew us away with this amazing issue!
If you haven't read this magazine before, go right now read it! You'll be amazed! I'm sure you won't regret it! Just click on this link or here! Also don't forget to join Done.magazine the official club of Done! magazine to be informed when an issue is released :D

-my fav graphics and article-

-My favourite picture of Gemma-


Britney ox said...

i love that magazine. one of my favourites!

Anonymous said...

steelone does a great job i have to give her that!

Eamon007 said...

It Looks Good....... Im Gona Check It Out Noww..

Eamonnnn ..........

Anonymous said...

good graphic quality,but when compared to the other issues,the writing quality is lacking.All the articles are superficial
But well done,maybe next time she can gather both graphic and writing high quality.