Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vivienne Tam. New Collection!

The new collection of Vivienne Tam was finally released! I'm so excited and it looks fabulous apart from some items (including the boots, but after thinking a while,it looks good especially the wine ones)
The dresses are as always magnifique! I'm still not sure what i'll be buying! At the moment my favourites are the satin strapless dress (black), the quilted nylon dress,and the purple wool flower silk! What are yours?
I simply adore it! This collection is fantastic!Do you hear those names they're so beautiful and gives a feeling of elegance! Perfecto! I wished there were some bags, don't you?
I'm wondering how will the new DKNY's collection will look?
I will be also doing a post about Vivienne Tam's new collection best dressed on the blog this week! So if you made an outfit including a VT dress, tell me in a comment below or contact me on stardoll so i can see if it's worth a best dressed!


beckawh @stardoll said...

I think that the two satin dresses are amazing!

Gossip Girl said...

Expressing the fact that you have a certain love for Vivienne's new line is quite alright, but doing it through a poorly written and error-filled review is unexceptable.

Trendsetter? Barely. Your outfit is a disaster with too much effort put in to make it look so.

Gossip Girl

Britney ox said...
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Britney ox said...

gossip girl oviosly knows nothing about fashion!! your blog rocks and there is no ''poorly written'' things and even if she did she's french so why do you expect her to know english?? get a life ''gossip girl'' your so jealous of this amazing blog!

Britney ox said...

oh and i love the new vivienne tam collection and im going to try and get in ur best dressed!! xxxx

SD-BeautyPagent said...

i love the new vivienne tam! its amazing. i hope u put me in best dressed!! and gossip girl get lost.. this blog ROCKS and you SUCK lol!

love this blog so much.


Heidi-di said...

In fact,i'm not french,but french is my main language,i'm sorry for the spelling mistakes,but i'm not perfect!
Marie and I aren't supposed to be trendsetters,we're supposed to talk about trendsetters my dear!
and if you don't like it,you better leave it!

rute_xox said...

I totally love the new Vivienne Tam collection! I saved my Doll wearing a VT dress in my album, please check it out and see if you like it!

- Rute

Dora said...

I'm dressed in it.. xDD