Monday, August 25, 2008

Eccentric Looks

Hey there darlings! How was your weekend?
Today, I was in the sephora section trying make-up on my medoll when i realized that i was going a bit eccentric, so i decided that it would the theme of this post!
those eccentric looks aren't for everyday, neither for everyone. Maybe for a couture show, a rock concert or simply feeling that you want some changes, or to be easily remarked in the crowds haha
Let's begin with the first:
1) Apply brown eyeliner, brown eye pencil, mascara volume black and mascara black.
2) On the interior zone of the eyelid display many layers of white (N°5) eyeshadow, then on the other side many many layers of the jumbo eye pencil grey to have a darkest color and make a contrast.
3) As a final touch apply the metallic aubergine eyeliner on the corner of the eye.
Now,mesdames et messieurs (oops...) the second:
1) Apply the metallic blue eyepencil and the blue eye pencil on the contour of the eye and some Metallic aubergine on the exterior corner of the eye.
2) Display both mascaras (you would say why both, the Mascara Black gives longer lashes and the other gives volume.) On the exterior eyelid add some Kat Von D leather brown eyeshadow.
3) Display the Jumbo Eye pencil Beige over it and advance it a bit, then on the empty corner apply the jumbo eyepencil purple many times till you have the wanted tone.
Add on the corner of the eye a hint of the Kat Von D silver eyeliner as a an optional touch
et voila!!
That's all for now! See you soon!
p.s if you need any help with those looks or the previous ones,just contact me on stardoll,and i'll be happy to help you :)


Hottie-Roshe said...

i love them! i am so going to try them out.

roisin xoxoxoxoxoxoox

Regina said...

I just adore this blog especially the make-up section. You always have clever ideas for the section and i always try them out. Keep posting the make-up sections, i just adore them.

Muah, -x-x- Regina -x-x-

BlairWaldorf said...


Did you try to make me vomit by an accident of for real?

sf.magazine said...

i love them both!!!very creative!

*looks at the comment before mine*
*rolls eyes*
*laughs at the poser,moves away to memorize the looks*

Paris.Freche said...

lol that blairwaldorf is such a wannabe of the ''gossip girl.'' at least the gossip girl knows what she is talking about... she would love this.

blairwaldorf is such a wannabe and she oviously knows nothing about style.

Babii-Mariex said...

Stunning looks Heidi.

I just love them.

Muah . ox

writemarycat said...

love em'!

Lizzi_95 said...

Goregous Heidi!

Heidi-di said...

thank you darlings!