Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring - What to wear!

Spring is here, the sun is out and Summer is almost ready to take over. What to wear ? Here's just a few things which will make you shine this Spring.
The whole masculine look is still in for us ladies. For spring and summer, some masculine patterns on a pair of shorts will do the job! Try not to wear things too tight as it will ruin the look. Michelle's current look is a great example of this masculine look.
Cosmetic colours
Pretty peachy or blush colours look great this season especially on adorable dresses! Keep it simple and you'll look great!
Retro ruffles
The best way to burst into Spring! Look great, feel great, dress great.. Retro ruffles are everything a girl needs this Spring! Sorry for the bad example for the stardoll dress, I couldn't find anything better as I didn't have alot of time, but you get the idea.
Jumpsuits are still big this season with celebs, designers and style icons wearing them everyday! Bag a nice jumpsuit and accesorize to a minimum.
90s neons
Neons are a big hit this Spring. When using neon shades use only one piece of a neon colour or it will look too clashy and people will need sunglasses to take a glance at you, ha!
Large necklaces
Some people think this craze isn't something to worry about but a large necklace can complete any simple outfit and make a 'not' outfit a 'hot' outfit!
Blazers can perfect most outfits and look great on anyone! They are easy to use and are easy to match an outfit with. Give one a try (and there are lots on stardoll to choose from!)
Mix and matching patterns
Mixing patterns may sound like a big clashy, horrible risk but fear no longer, you can look great, just take a risk, whats the worse that can happen? (apart from looking a disaster) A great combo for this summer is mixing stripes and dots but try whatever you feel!
Animal prints
Meooow! Throw a fierce animal print on and look fab. Easy to find, easy to wear but don't over accesorize!
Big scarfs
Even though it's sunny, you always look great with a scarf around your neck no matter what the weather! Last year it was long, thin scarves, this year something a little bolder! You can make the perfect big scarf on star design! Florals Spring is always known for the beautiful flowers so make sure to get yourself a beautiful floral dress for this Spring. It is even told to make you feel better, ha!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ooh, what have we got here.

H E L L O !
Talk about long time no chat! Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been settling back into stardoll since i got back (London was amazing btw.) and now, Im ready to start posting. Michelle has taken a short break from stardoll to cut down her addiction and I have no idea where that Heidi one has gona, ha! Before i start, I would like to remind you that Stardoll Weekly will be continuing, I didnt make the last issue 'cause I was away to London but I'll start making the next issue tomorrow and hopefully post it on Weds. So, the big thing today is this Play&Earn thing. To be completely honest with you, I think it sucks. Okay, so we get free stardollars, good good but we get the maximum of 5 a day (what is it, fruit?) and then we have to spend it all that day. It would be okay, i guess if the games weren't suckish. The paperatzi one is waaay to hard and the dress-up game is just boring. Thats only my opinion, im the one who will end up with 0 SDs when everyone else gets their 5 extras, ah well. Thats all I have for today, bleuhh :D But, More posts tomorrow, decent ones, I promise, ha! And Stardoll Weekly will be realeased soon (when I start making it, ha!) What do you think of the Play&Earn games? Tell us in a comment!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stardolls 3rd birthday surprises

I guess i should introduce myself, i'm not that interesting to be honest. My names rihanna aka sheer.models on stardoll, i just got back from having a 3 month break from stardoll and i was lucky enough to be asked to write for this amazing blog until marie gets back from london. I'll just be doing a few posts in the next like 2 days so I hope i don't bore yall.. Enough about me, whatsup with you?
As yall know, stardolls 3rd bday (shouldn't they be like 6 or something? people were members way before 3 years ago) is in celebration atm so they have realeased the clothing above to celebrate.. more like un-celebrate, these clothes make me wana gag!
1. Yall know the jumpsuit is a big trend this spring/summer but this yellow 'thing' is just bleugh.. i suppose they could have done worse.
2. The grey skirt looks like something some nerd (and not the stylish nerds) would wear to extra-cericulum classes.
3. The white blouse isn't bad, i like it but dont love it. Im a fool for bows..
4. As for this ''dress'', if you would even call it that.. i guess callie ran out of materials and started making the dress with some left over curtains from around the stardoll offices.
Stardoll's second gift is this scenery competition thing. You get to design a stardoll party (yay?).. well, at least we can win something *grins.* I havent made a scenery in years so i guess i'll give it a go if prizes are involved.
(pic from
I read on gossip-stardoll that there will be games that we will be paid for playing on, cool right?
Thats all i have for now.. i know im not the best writer but i try so i hope you liked my post!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

May Hotbuys!

[New banner made by looc123! Thanks so much, I LOVE it!]
Hey Hey! It's Marie, I have a whole hour on the laptop before I have to go out so I decided to write a short post to keep the blog updated. London is great, Ive did soo much, I'll tell you everything when I get back. Now, onto the post..

It seems that stardoll read Gabrielle's (punkyfish2007) post on PSG about the hotbuys because they have upped the game! These hotbuys are gorgeous! It seems all the wonderful things happen when I'm gona, haa!


Blue sandles, Pink and grey dress, Pink dress, Swimming suit, Black jacket


Braclet, The hotbuys doll.

Overall, Im really happy with stardoll! Maybe the great hotbuys collections that we all hardly remember will be back and we'll remember this collection as the start of the great collections (I hope!) I don't have alot of time, gota go eat pizza.. haha! Miss you all.

Tell us what you think of this collection in a comment! xoxoxo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

London Bridge is calling me, calling me.

(Like the new layout of the blog ? I love the pink, dont you ?)
Hey everyone. Early tomorrow, Im going to London (yessssss!) and I can't wait.. With all the excitement I totally forgot about stardoll.. and the blog but would I leave you with nothing to read for the whole week? No, No, No. You are in the great hands of Michelle and Heidi but with Michelle maybe taking a short break (Stardoll Addiction rehab break) from stardoll for a few days and Heidi being busy with studying we will be having a few, or maybe just one (undecided yet) guest bloggers for you all (yay!) So there's nothing to worry about, you won't even know I was gone, ha!
And I will probably get to post once or twice in the week, so, no worries. And gosh, Its only a week, ha! I'll try and get some awesome pics for you all (Im a terrible photographer, ha!).
Until then, Bye! I'll miss you all.. but I think I need a short break from stardoll anyway.
PS. What do you think of the new LE ?
Not as great as I suspected.
The hat is hawwwt though, the best part in the collection, I think.
And I loveee the blue gladiator sandles and the yellow dress!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LE spoilers

The theme is defiantly Spring / Flower power .
Some of the pieces are gorgeous, don't you think ?
Tell us your opinions in a comment!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wonders Of Animal-Lovers

Yesterday I was really bored so out of the blue I decided to go onto Animal-Lovers and I never laughed so much in my life. The things people say, ahh, Lord save us. I will never say stardoll is boring again, believe me. I have no idea why I didn't join the club long ago!
Animal-Lovers is great for advertising. With one topic, you can attract over 50 readers! It's great for advertising sales, competitions, friend requests, covergirl or other votes and so much more. I asked my friend, Lucé to make a new club and advertise it on animal-lovers to see how many members it gained and in just an hour online it gained 84 members! Point prooved.
Making Friends
Animal-Lovers is so easy to make friends on. With one topic you could be chatting away and make some genuine friendships. Some people just make topics saying 'add me' and yes, it does work, and you do recieve some requests but I think it would be much better to chat to someone in a discussion, see if you have anything in common and build up a genuine friendship.
Laugh until you wet yourself
Yes, I did quite alot of this myself. So many things to laugh at! I can never say stardoll is boring again. From really funny things to the stupidest things which you just end up laughing at, it's all good in this hood. It's so easy to take the piss out of people and so easy to make others laugh too. Smile, it's cautacious :D
Have fun
No matter what type of person you are, Animal-Lovers can be fun. There is some strange, weird, sickening, perverted people who post weird topics but whatever, let them be like that.. ha, its funny to read it. There is fashion talks, gossip talks, virtual life, advice talks and much more. Animal-Lovers rocks, Ha!
So, thats, that. Haven't joined ? Join.. What could you loose ? :D

Do you have any Animal-Lovers stories to tell ?

Have you joined ?

If not, why ?

Do you think Animal-Lovers is a good or bad club for stardoll ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!

Are You Fashion Forward ?

Today I was looking at my stardoll clubs and I was drawn to my club FashiionForward which I hadn't been looking after too well. After some thought I decided to open the club as a Fashion Competition called, the name of the club, Fashion Forward.
The competition will start off with 10-20 competitors (The number will be chosen when the entries are in) and the number will decrease weekly. The competitors will compete in a series of tasks until the final 3 have been chosen.
The tasks will be different every week and at the end of the week there will be either a Runway show, a Photoshoot or a treat for the winner/winners of the task.
I am really excited for the competition to start in May. This competition is just for fun and to let someone who deserves it, to shine. The overall prize has not been 100% decided yet, but will involve 3-5 giftcodes, A rare DKNY piece, a feature in this blog, a feature in a stardoll magazine and so much more.
If your interested, join club FashiionForward by clicking here and fill out the short form in the top topic, 'Cycle one - sign up here.'
Everyone is welcome to enter, girls and boys of all styles, sizes and personalitys.
I hope to see you in the club and maybe even taking part in cycle one ;D
PS.. New limited edition coming soon!

What do you think of the competition idea ?

Are you going to sign-up ?

When do you think the new LE will be realeased ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

LE vs Antidote - The Winner

Both Antidote and Limited Edition put up a good fight in the wars between them but, there can only be one winner. With 27 votes between them.. Limited Edition is the overal greatest Limited brand.
Both collections have their highs and lows, but luckily for the Limited Edition voters.. A new Limited Edition is on it's way.. and quick! It looks like a good collection from this image and I hope it isn't realeased when I have 0 SDs, like it always does.. Ha!
That's all for now, I have another post for you all later ;D
Which brand did you vote for ?
Do you think the next LE will be a good collection ?
What do you think of the limited brands ?
Anything else to say ?
Tell us in a comment!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Highschool Dropouts - Best Dressed

Hey everyone, it's Marie and Michelle. The Highschool Drop-outs party was great! From normal chit-chat and dancing to pools, bubbles, contests and so much more! Ahh, Thanks to everyone who showed up, especially as we sent the invite just an hour before the party, haha! It was a great party, now, let's see if the outfits were as great as the party itself!
Hunnigall - The school slut
Marie: Alice looks hawt in this 'im slutty but still look great' school uniform. If the skirt was any higher, I wouldn't be able to see it, Lol! This is one of my favourite outfits of the night, Loves it!
Michelle: Alice is a realy nice and fun girl, and her outfits are usually fun too, but i'm not a huge fan of this outfit. I understand that she went for the Slutty uniform outfit (Emberresing if she hadn't), but its easy to rock this look and she wore it in a pretty boring way. I adore Alice, but not this specific outfit.

Carmenchu11 - The school nerd

Marie: Sophie is a very chic geek in this stylish, nerdy outfit! There were many nerds at the party but this is defiantly one of my favourites! I love the gold and black together and the green trousers and nerd glasses give this stylish outfit a nerdy touch. Very high fashion.

Michelle: Sophie always wear casual chic gorgeous outfits, and in this party she got even better. This outfit and look is something i can easily see in a fashion magazine, because its classic and modern at the same time. This is a beautiful girl with a beautiful outfit!

-Cooldude - The school Goth

Marie: I really love this. The make-up, clothes, accesories.. 100% goth and a tad scary.. but in a good way, Lol! Im glad he added silver accesories instead of all black, it gives it a lasting effect. Overall, a great goth look, one of my favourite outfits of the night!
Michelle: Ohh, this outfit is fun! I like when people go far with their looks and do something totally crazy. Maybe because that's what I usually do! He realy rocked the emo scene "leave me alone" boy that every highschool have. I wouldnt expact someone to go so far with all the chains and make-up, but its a risk that paid off.

Kiwigoesbananas - The individualist / glamscene-kid

Marie: V looks like a rockstar, and a defiate rockstar she is ;D I love the demin dress and the tatoos. The sunnies are hawt but the boots, Im not too keen on. But overall, a very rock-chick outfit. Also, the idea for 'The Individualist' was a great idea.
Michelle: My main problem with this outfit is that i have no idea what it's supposed to be. Is it a druggie, is it a small version of Amy winehouse, or is it something else? I have no idea. Excapt that, the outfit is ok. I realy hate the boots, but i like the tatoos+sunglasses+Gaga hairbow.

Looc123 - The school goth

Marie: Another fabulous gothic outfit! I absolutely love this outfit, so different from looc123's usual pretty medoll. The make-up and layering of the outfit is my favourite things in this outfit and complete it perfectly. Another one of my favourites! Ah-mazing.

Michelle: It's a shame that Looc123 and sean arent a couple. They are goth, they worked hard and took risks with their outfits, and they both look absoloutly awsome! What i said about Sean is what i think about her too, and i even like it more because Marie told me that usually she's girly, and changed everything for the party. I can imagine her with Sean, attacking mean jocks and cheerleaders in a very dark day, haha!

Lxyoni - The nerd

Marie: Another nerd at the party! I love the reds but the accesories are abit over the top but hey, it defiantly adds to the nerdy look! I like the hair, glasses and the red accesories but the accesories should have been toned down a bit.

Michelle: Maybe this dress was cursed by Sean and Looc123, because both of the girls who tried to wear it made a pretty bad outfit. This outfit is messy, and I wouldn't care if it was something realy unique and new, but its pretty boring. I also dont understand which look she's sporting. Good luck in the next party, i hope it will be very soon. Love your bag by the way!

MiSS-SOPHiA - The plastic, fashion addict

Marie: Sophia looks like such a barbie in this adorbale, pink, Chanel top and bubble pink heels. The demin shorts add another girlie touch while the tatoo shows some edge which shows she isn't afraid to speak her mind. The make-up is beautiful and the Gaga bow is a perfect touch!

Michelle: Sophia's outfits are usually unique and edgy, but this one wasnt brilliant. It seems like her everyday outfits are better than the party outfit! This look is cute, but not outstanding like she usually is. I'm trying to say that she always looks amazing and this outfit was a bit disappointing.

Ms.Brigitte - Fashionista (Inspired by Blair Waldorf)

Marie: Very Blair, indeed! The outfit is very stylish and the red tights add a bit of funkyness to the outfit. I think the outfit would look better without the red tights, maybe a pair of opaque tights would have suited the outfit better but, it still looks great. Im so jealous of your hair, which looks fantastic with the outfit. Overall, you look very Blair Waldorf, I like it.

Michelle: I'm realy not sure if i like or dont like Brigitte's outfit. Its obvious that she was sporting the classic school outfit, but with a funky neon touch. The blue&red mix is confusing, one moment i like it and later it looks bad, and then its fun again. I'm not a huge fan of the shoes&shorts, but i like the tights&jacket.

Yaelalon - The coolest Nerd you'll ever meet

Marie: Eugh! What the heck is this ugly mess? She looks like a stuck-up, dragqueen whose parents was a half breed gremlin. Okay, Im soo bad at lying, this outfit is gorgeous! I absolutely loved it. It looks so stylish yet schoolish at the same time. The coolest nerd you'll ever met at any highschool ;D Perfectoo.

Michelle: What was i thinking when i wore this outfit? I mean, the shoes and socks are cute, but the blazer+skirt+HORRIBLE tie looks just bad. And the worst part is my face. This pink lipstick is awful, and i look like a mad scientist with these glasses. Ohh, and the bag, how can i forget the bag... So many things happened because of this little red Birkin! If you were in the party you probably remember. Anyway, everything down from the skirt is good, the other things are eww... And I thought that I look like a chic nerd in the beginning...


What was your favourite outfit ?

Where you at the party ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Party in TrendLounge- Highschool dropouts!

PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! Date: Tuesday 7th April (Tonight) Time: 7pm GMT Where: TrendLounge Theme: Highschool dropouts Wear: Dress up as a nerd, popular kid, jock, goth, any highschool member! Best dressed list will be posted! In other words, dress up as a highschool creature (my tip, a crazy one), and rock TrendLounge's dancefloor! See ya' there!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stardoll Weekly #1