Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Highschool Dropouts - Best Dressed

Hey everyone, it's Marie and Michelle. The Highschool Drop-outs party was great! From normal chit-chat and dancing to pools, bubbles, contests and so much more! Ahh, Thanks to everyone who showed up, especially as we sent the invite just an hour before the party, haha! It was a great party, now, let's see if the outfits were as great as the party itself!
Hunnigall - The school slut
Marie: Alice looks hawt in this 'im slutty but still look great' school uniform. If the skirt was any higher, I wouldn't be able to see it, Lol! This is one of my favourite outfits of the night, Loves it!
Michelle: Alice is a realy nice and fun girl, and her outfits are usually fun too, but i'm not a huge fan of this outfit. I understand that she went for the Slutty uniform outfit (Emberresing if she hadn't), but its easy to rock this look and she wore it in a pretty boring way. I adore Alice, but not this specific outfit.

Carmenchu11 - The school nerd

Marie: Sophie is a very chic geek in this stylish, nerdy outfit! There were many nerds at the party but this is defiantly one of my favourites! I love the gold and black together and the green trousers and nerd glasses give this stylish outfit a nerdy touch. Very high fashion.

Michelle: Sophie always wear casual chic gorgeous outfits, and in this party she got even better. This outfit and look is something i can easily see in a fashion magazine, because its classic and modern at the same time. This is a beautiful girl with a beautiful outfit!

-Cooldude - The school Goth

Marie: I really love this. The make-up, clothes, accesories.. 100% goth and a tad scary.. but in a good way, Lol! Im glad he added silver accesories instead of all black, it gives it a lasting effect. Overall, a great goth look, one of my favourite outfits of the night!
Michelle: Ohh, this outfit is fun! I like when people go far with their looks and do something totally crazy. Maybe because that's what I usually do! He realy rocked the emo scene "leave me alone" boy that every highschool have. I wouldnt expact someone to go so far with all the chains and make-up, but its a risk that paid off.

Kiwigoesbananas - The individualist / glamscene-kid

Marie: V looks like a rockstar, and a defiate rockstar she is ;D I love the demin dress and the tatoos. The sunnies are hawt but the boots, Im not too keen on. But overall, a very rock-chick outfit. Also, the idea for 'The Individualist' was a great idea.
Michelle: My main problem with this outfit is that i have no idea what it's supposed to be. Is it a druggie, is it a small version of Amy winehouse, or is it something else? I have no idea. Excapt that, the outfit is ok. I realy hate the boots, but i like the tatoos+sunglasses+Gaga hairbow.

Looc123 - The school goth

Marie: Another fabulous gothic outfit! I absolutely love this outfit, so different from looc123's usual pretty medoll. The make-up and layering of the outfit is my favourite things in this outfit and complete it perfectly. Another one of my favourites! Ah-mazing.

Michelle: It's a shame that Looc123 and sean arent a couple. They are goth, they worked hard and took risks with their outfits, and they both look absoloutly awsome! What i said about Sean is what i think about her too, and i even like it more because Marie told me that usually she's girly, and changed everything for the party. I can imagine her with Sean, attacking mean jocks and cheerleaders in a very dark day, haha!

Lxyoni - The nerd

Marie: Another nerd at the party! I love the reds but the accesories are abit over the top but hey, it defiantly adds to the nerdy look! I like the hair, glasses and the red accesories but the accesories should have been toned down a bit.

Michelle: Maybe this dress was cursed by Sean and Looc123, because both of the girls who tried to wear it made a pretty bad outfit. This outfit is messy, and I wouldn't care if it was something realy unique and new, but its pretty boring. I also dont understand which look she's sporting. Good luck in the next party, i hope it will be very soon. Love your bag by the way!

MiSS-SOPHiA - The plastic, fashion addict

Marie: Sophia looks like such a barbie in this adorbale, pink, Chanel top and bubble pink heels. The demin shorts add another girlie touch while the tatoo shows some edge which shows she isn't afraid to speak her mind. The make-up is beautiful and the Gaga bow is a perfect touch!

Michelle: Sophia's outfits are usually unique and edgy, but this one wasnt brilliant. It seems like her everyday outfits are better than the party outfit! This look is cute, but not outstanding like she usually is. I'm trying to say that she always looks amazing and this outfit was a bit disappointing.

Ms.Brigitte - Fashionista (Inspired by Blair Waldorf)

Marie: Very Blair, indeed! The outfit is very stylish and the red tights add a bit of funkyness to the outfit. I think the outfit would look better without the red tights, maybe a pair of opaque tights would have suited the outfit better but, it still looks great. Im so jealous of your hair, which looks fantastic with the outfit. Overall, you look very Blair Waldorf, I like it.

Michelle: I'm realy not sure if i like or dont like Brigitte's outfit. Its obvious that she was sporting the classic school outfit, but with a funky neon touch. The blue&red mix is confusing, one moment i like it and later it looks bad, and then its fun again. I'm not a huge fan of the shoes&shorts, but i like the tights&jacket.

Yaelalon - The coolest Nerd you'll ever meet

Marie: Eugh! What the heck is this ugly mess? She looks like a stuck-up, dragqueen whose parents was a half breed gremlin. Okay, Im soo bad at lying, this outfit is gorgeous! I absolutely loved it. It looks so stylish yet schoolish at the same time. The coolest nerd you'll ever met at any highschool ;D Perfectoo.

Michelle: What was i thinking when i wore this outfit? I mean, the shoes and socks are cute, but the blazer+skirt+HORRIBLE tie looks just bad. And the worst part is my face. This pink lipstick is awful, and i look like a mad scientist with these glasses. Ohh, and the bag, how can i forget the bag... So many things happened because of this little red Birkin! If you were in the party you probably remember. Anyway, everything down from the skirt is good, the other things are eww... And I thought that I look like a chic nerd in the beginning...


What was your favourite outfit ?

Where you at the party ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!


Paris.Freche said...

hunnigall, carmenchu11, -cooldude, looc123, miss-sophia, ms.brigitte and yealaon are my favs! the things you said on the post about michele were so funny!

Britney ox said...

The goths were my personal favourites! The party was great, so fun!

♥ Уαšмıиē ♥ said...

They looked so stunning! ;)
Yeah, I was at the party, and left because it got... out of hand. :D

- Lady F said...

I like the comparison in Marie and Michelle's opinions, very interesting to read. I agree with yous both on pretty much all outfits. I really loved the Goths, Alice's slut outfit, Sophie's nerd outfit and Kiwi's indivualist outfit!

looc123 said...

I love all the oufits, except my own :P

"attacking mean jocks and cheerleaders in a very dark day" (michelle said)

Reminds me of victoria and james in twilight! LOL

MissDiorFashion said...

Aww the party was so fun! All the outfits are lovely. The goths stood up the best, they did a great job. I loved them all though and Michelle's outfit was beautiful, what yous wrote was so funny.

YaelAlon said...

I can't belive she did it again! This Michelle, what a bitch. She's so heartless, how can she write things like that when I tried so hard to impress everyone? I'm sick of her, go to hell Michelle.
Maybe she will get better if Marie will be her wife. You can't be mean when you are hanging out with such an Angel :D

Babii-Mariex said...

Yeah, I agree that Yaelaeon Michelle girl is such a cold-hearted bioctch.

Brieee :) said...

Love the outfits!
Great review, you make a great team together,

And Marie and Michelle, your so funny! Lol.

Sophie said...

Oh Mary thanks for featuring me,again!
I love everyone's outfit! You people look great and everyone who is not featured looked awesome too!
Michelle,Mary ILY!!

Babii-Mariex said...

No problem, Soph ;D

And my name is spelt MarIE not MarY, it's okay, it's a common mistake :P

coolsista said...

everyone looks beautiful!

YaelAlon said...

Soph, stop thanking everyone! One day you will get destroyed from over-sweetness. That would be a sad way to fashion!

Bella/ TheAList said...

I love Carmenchu11 and Hunnigal's outfits! So amazing ; )

Sophie said...

Ohh sorry Marieee!! :S
Michelle,I cant be NOT NICE! I just cant!LOL
Btw,Thanks Bella!
OOPS,I said thanks again..

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

I liked Carmenchu11 the best. :)

Dei* said...

I loved everyones outfits =o

I wish I could have gone, but it was TOO early for me to have even a chance to make it =[

<3 The commentary XD

Love, Dei*

Sophia said...

Wow, Thanks for featuring me!
And thank-you so much Michelle for the comment about my normal outfits xD
I loved everyone's outfits!
xoxo Sophia

P.S, Michelle did you get off with Style_Magazine?

Sophie said...

WOW! Thanks Sarah!

Heidii_x3 said...

I love Ms.Brigitte's outfit!

Essan_cool* said...

Overall I think everyone looked stunning and really unique! But my absolute fav was ms.brigitte. I loved everything about her outfit.

Keep on writing so fun and fresh posts! ;)

Anonymous said...

All girls look amazing
well done to everyone

Brigitte said...

Thank you! :D
xo" B

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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