Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are You Fashion Forward ?

Today I was looking at my stardoll clubs and I was drawn to my club FashiionForward which I hadn't been looking after too well. After some thought I decided to open the club as a Fashion Competition called, the name of the club, Fashion Forward.
The competition will start off with 10-20 competitors (The number will be chosen when the entries are in) and the number will decrease weekly. The competitors will compete in a series of tasks until the final 3 have been chosen.
The tasks will be different every week and at the end of the week there will be either a Runway show, a Photoshoot or a treat for the winner/winners of the task.
I am really excited for the competition to start in May. This competition is just for fun and to let someone who deserves it, to shine. The overall prize has not been 100% decided yet, but will involve 3-5 giftcodes, A rare DKNY piece, a feature in this blog, a feature in a stardoll magazine and so much more.
If your interested, join club FashiionForward by clicking here and fill out the short form in the top topic, 'Cycle one - sign up here.'
Everyone is welcome to enter, girls and boys of all styles, sizes and personalitys.
I hope to see you in the club and maybe even taking part in cycle one ;D
PS.. New limited edition coming soon!

What do you think of the competition idea ?

Are you going to sign-up ?

When do you think the new LE will be realeased ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!


MissDiorFashion said...

I already entered :)

RiRi said...

Its a great idea and the photoshoot and runway thing sounds class. Im defo signing up ;D

Deirds said...

i have to get off the computer now, but ill sign up tomorrow. it sounds great and lots of fun.

(marie, cant wait to see you on friday!!)

Brieee :) said...

Love the idea. I'll sign up right now. And I can't wait for the new LE. I hope it's as good as it's cranked up to be :P

MadWorld said...

i might sign up for a bit of fun..stardolls so boring these days and its a good idea.

coolsista said...

I will defantly sign up!

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

Oof, awesomeness.
I'm in.


Paris.Freche said...

Omg im going to sign up right now!

Anonymous said...

can boys signup?

Babii-Mariex said...

Yeap, boy and girs of any shapes, sizes and personalities :)

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

Whoo sign me up! ;)

Anonymous said...

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