Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wonders Of Animal-Lovers

Yesterday I was really bored so out of the blue I decided to go onto Animal-Lovers and I never laughed so much in my life. The things people say, ahh, Lord save us. I will never say stardoll is boring again, believe me. I have no idea why I didn't join the club long ago!
Animal-Lovers is great for advertising. With one topic, you can attract over 50 readers! It's great for advertising sales, competitions, friend requests, covergirl or other votes and so much more. I asked my friend, Lucé to make a new club and advertise it on animal-lovers to see how many members it gained and in just an hour online it gained 84 members! Point prooved.
Making Friends
Animal-Lovers is so easy to make friends on. With one topic you could be chatting away and make some genuine friendships. Some people just make topics saying 'add me' and yes, it does work, and you do recieve some requests but I think it would be much better to chat to someone in a discussion, see if you have anything in common and build up a genuine friendship.
Laugh until you wet yourself
Yes, I did quite alot of this myself. So many things to laugh at! I can never say stardoll is boring again. From really funny things to the stupidest things which you just end up laughing at, it's all good in this hood. It's so easy to take the piss out of people and so easy to make others laugh too. Smile, it's cautacious :D
Have fun
No matter what type of person you are, Animal-Lovers can be fun. There is some strange, weird, sickening, perverted people who post weird topics but whatever, let them be like that.. ha, its funny to read it. There is fashion talks, gossip talks, virtual life, advice talks and much more. Animal-Lovers rocks, Ha!
So, thats, that. Haven't joined ? Join.. What could you loose ? :D

Do you have any Animal-Lovers stories to tell ?

Have you joined ?

If not, why ?

Do you think Animal-Lovers is a good or bad club for stardoll ?

Anything else to say ?

Tell us in a comment!


Brieee :) said...

It was the first club i joined, it really is great for making friends :D

MissDiorFashion said...

You told me all the things you said on skype, it made me laugh so much, and sounds so fun.

Personally, i havent joined. I joined once and was surrounded by weird topics which i wasn't into so i just left the club but after hearing all the funny stories you told me, i wana join again!

coolsista said...

i spend almost all my time on animal-lovers and fashionclub :) it really is alot of fun

RiRi said...

I havent actually thought of joining it before. I usually only join my closest friends clubs.

LolaRoseFan said...

I advertise my clubs on animallovers! :D

Anonymous said...

i hate the owner of animal-lovers she never replies to me.. BLUHGH

Anonymous said...

i'm going to check it out :D

torangle said...

Im a member but i never really go on it. Maybe ill start ;)


It is a cool club with backstabbers,wannabes,preps,perves and scammers.It is the only club worth going to.I mean i`ve forgotten other ways to socialize on stardoll other than Animal-lovers

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

I was banned from it.
If I was you I wouldn't join, I have been bullied there by many people, and many have insulted me. Some have been fake friends and others have used me.
Thats me judgement about the club.

XxXMissyashXxX said...


Hannahbananaa said...

you have to treat the club the way you wana be treaated. its great fun when you make it fun! :D:D

Lettie97 said...

It's... good/bad.
Some pervs are there but then there's some random, funny people.

I agree witht he advertising thing though.